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  1. nice fish care there pal
  2. in the warmer months very long zigs would be my choice
  3. well in nick good to see you catching again nice couple of lumps there can see that 28lb mirror growing very large do you still fish down the ardleigh resiviour mate?
  4. hi lads, havnt been doing much fishing in the past year for various reasons but thats all changed now and have managed to get back on the bank and starting to bag a few. recently just got my ticket for my new club got loads of waters with some real crackers in including some of the biggies from the snake pit and layer pits if any of you no these waters you know what the standard of fish is like 6th may 2010 As the weather was cracking i took fall advantage of this and got my rods out for a quick overnighter and what a result i had! I'd been baiting this particular area for a few hours with a bit of particle and 3mm halibut pellets and a few Heathrow bait Awesome boilies another hour or so went past and then i started notice abit of movement on top of the baited area, so straight away out went a single grain of maize to the right of the baited area and double awesome boilie to the left of the baited are i was fishing both hook baits about 8ft away from each other another hour or so went by and i was starting to get a few knocks on the maize hook bait. Then a sudden drop back on the left hand rod and then it roared into action stripping 60yrds of line within seconds after lengthy battle a real cracker graced my net and her she is not the biggest at 23lb but an absolute cracker! 10th may Just a quick day session this time but what a result it turned out to be! got to my chosen lake at 6:00am and to my suprise there were 6 other anglers on lake 4 of which were on a 48hr session and so far 24hrs in without so much as a knock! ounce in my chosen swim fist a small amount of bait went out within 30 minutes there was abit of movement on my baited area so out went the rods this time the right hand rod was being fish with a single tigernut and the left hand rod on mainline fusion dumbell. 2 or so hours went by and all was good a few of the other anglers had started to catch a few including 32.8lb common one of the most amazing fish ive ever seen! 10:13am the left hand rod ripped into action a short but hard fight was over and another cracker graced my net this time an immaculate 25.6lb common her she is that was my last bit action for the day and for every other angler on lake as far as i know! Im back out on 20th so wish me luck fellas and tigh lies.
  5. if i was you mate let the person charge know that barbless are more dangerous and then just use a micro barb just a thought
  6. i meant i was fishing from the far bank nearest the woods
  7. the souce boilie with a bit of pop up corn over a spodded are which consisted of mixed partcle,corn,chickpea,the source, pellet powder in the middle of the two islands on the far bank which i had a few pick ups on.
  8. blanked on the predator on a 24hr but missed a massive screamer
  9. Essex possibly, not to sure really
  10. how do mate, i fish paxmans, alresford lake.
  11. Well done mate i hope to see some pics in the carp section, whenever i fish in the rain always during the heaviest part i get a run
  12. you missed the bracket on the imag tag but i sorted it for ya
  13. i give the fish a small amount of time for the fish to take the surface bait before i strike and set the hook i use this controller float in a helicopter style rig
  14. my scaled down day session kit courtersy of argos and my overnight kit also courtersy of argos
  15. got to admit though matt that does look very good Heres one of mine and this was before i got my new rods just imagine what im like now
  16. every fish in that lake including the tench and bream are very dark LUVVLEY
  17. for me its got to be these to commons both at 17lb
  18. do you use them because my grandads workshop is right next to them and can get me a good deal
  19. cheers mate but not wanting to travel to far so looking for in colcheter
  20. hi all, does anybody no of any websites of animal feeds in colchester Cheers in advance Ethan
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