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  1. Thanks Steve, Greenwood looks spot on and providing all goes to plan I think I will give it a go one evening next week.
  2. Hi All, Could do with a bit of advice, going to be around the Warrington area for a couple of days next week with work and was looking for somewhere to spend a couple of hours in the evening. Been on Google Maps and seen Sankey St.Helens canal, not sure of stock,fishing rights or area though. If anyone has any up to date information on with this place or somewhere else local it would be much appreciated. Not too fussed on fish size, and too be honest if there is a bit of river fishing local for barbel/chub I wouldn't mind that either. Thanks in advance, Matt.
  3. Definitely worth the money, as soon as I move back over that way in the next month it will be the first place I go. I've fished it on and off for the last 16 years but haven't been a member for a couple of years due to living in Coventry so can't give you much in the way of tips yet.
  4. Well if I get a chance I will post up any results on here when I get back.
  5. I will be doing my first full day session since my lad was born on Wednesday (been doing 4hr morning sessions). Not 100% sure where yet but kingsbury water park is high on the list.
  6. Just use resealable food bags from the supermarket. Works for me and I've not had any leak yet.
  7. I fish it the same way nige, which I why I couldn't understand the issue. Having read beanz' post it makes a bit more sense though.
  8. Surely if a standard rig is used the lead will be the same distance as any other rig presentation, be it bolt or running?
  9. Not been there myself but I know korda have featured the complex on a couple of thinking tackle episodes. May be worth a search on you tube if you haven't already. Good luck for the trip as well.
  10. I defrost 2kg bags of mixed particle most weekends. Just leave it in a sink of water overnight. It takes around 8-12 hours
  11. Another way I lengthen the hair is a piece of dental floss threaded though the hair loop. Thread the bait on then tie off with a bait stop.
  12. Spent a few hours stalking on Saturday morning, watching several big carp hoovering up my freebies whilst completely ignoring my hook bait. A few of the smaller fish did pick up the bait but every one of them got away with it. Very frustrating and a rig rethink maybe needed for the next session.
  13. Just ordered a DPM poncho for my stalking sessions. Will keep me and my gear dry without the added weight of lugging a brolly around.
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