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  1. try 40- 50 fish tops lovely lake, small ,tree lined max depth about 5-6 foot but 3 average lots of weed ,biggest fish to my knowledge prior to spawning 27 ish. all mostly ghosty commons.
  2. have you ever used a boat to drop baits ? mmmm wait untill the wind starts blowing
  3. was fishing today and after observing a few fish near some snags i moved swim ...... bad move , listen to this one for a laugh . posistioned my first rod with pin point accuracy 3 broken baits over the top job done . ( trying to make minimal disturbance ) next rod was baited and a little underarm flick to the snags ... this is where it goes pear shaped . as the bait landed the hook caught on a branch ...doh it happens to the best of us , i pulled, flicked, but eventually i had to go for the break , so now im left with an anoying bit of christmas decor in the bush .. as im watching and thinkin about how i could possibly remove it mr mallard comes up and somehow manages to get it off the branch he then swims with his mate and leadcore trailing deep into the snags where it wraps round something and he then hooks himself . he manages to free himself and dissapears leaving my pop up just on the waters surface and everything else wrapped round a stick ( proper tether situation ) so i have to get trusty spod rod out climb through the brambles and try and get my rig back ,which i add i did , i wouldnt leave it there for anything even if i had to get in the water among the branches ,so u can imagine where theese fish were now that i manged to track down ....yes you got it noware to be seen . So when things dont go quite to plan think about my little story and chukkle, i had to otherwise i would have cryed .So close to getting a fish , would have been the first from that lake since i had one 31st nov ,,, hehe all smiles
  4. best ------- daiwa sensor ,best line for the money jrc sti --------- still going strong jrc stealth bedchair ------- well comfy shimi 8000's --- the original and best none of this double handles balls worst daiwa emcast evo ---- line clip is pants ,handle fell to bits wycwood rogue freespin --- pants ,handle also fell to bits anti insect candle , gives off more soot than a coal burning powerstation
  5. hi there.... do the fish fizz in the silt whilst feeding ? also i fished a paricualar lake with gravel bars in it and various other features which people hammered , i baited with hemp and sweetcorn in the silt ( the smelly stuff as well) and the fish fizzed like mad on it ,could i get a run on a pop up? nope , seems funny but when i fished a straight bottom bait ( no bag or p.v.a) the runs started ,in fact i ended the year with 37 fish to 25lb 4 0z . When reeling in you had to pull quite hard to dislodge the lead from the silt as well , messed about with presentations etc but ended up back on a lead clip with a 3 oz lead and 6 inch hooklink , doesnt make sense does it ? made me think how much i had to pull the lead to remove from the silt the effective weight of the the lead and the hooking propertys it had ,the fish must have been ripping the bottom appart . Ended up in the top 3 on that lake that year the others being fisherman ,doing longer and more sesions ? no one else fished the smelly unproductive silt either , so when peeps say it Doesnt work thats only a generalisasion ,dont take it for gospel .
  6. hi nick happy new year chap , thanks for your response , was on ron middletons for 2 years , the water where iv seen some specials was nearer the kings lynn area , where are you based ? maybe we could meet up for a beer sometime and talk fishing lol , have you done a degree in a fish related subject ? sure sounds like it sometimes ,iv read through alot of the posts and i am liking the koi/carp pellet with semolina/soya seems like why try to find the correct nutritional values in a boilie when there is perfect fish food out there ,just needs turning into a boilie shape .......
  7. cheers lidoman uv been a star ! lake is rarely fished ,was quite lucky i had the chance to join a 30 strong sydicate ,2 lakes ,first one i told you about second is a runs water of about 3 acres , i like the idea of a 50/50 mix using ground pellet in it with molases was thinkin about getting some base mix from quality baits , the hnv is sooo much more expensive , was thinkin about the amount you said 100kg now seems like sod all so i may have to up the stakes a bit just didnt want a boilie costing 7 quid a kilo . Will hnv be better long term ?, surely i can get a 50/50 and add stuff to make it more nutritious ,? i want to get the fish on the bait , not just picking up a few fish here and there , this year will be my first real year on there as iv been on a sydicate for last 2 years cambridge way . I was told when i joined the sydicate people dont really ever leave it , dead mans shoes type of thing ,most of the guys fishing it have had children soo they cant get out to fish .average weight i would say according to peeps is about 20lb . i winkled a 26lb common last may on a short sesion but i saw somit special when i was there ,so you never no .
  8. thanks for your replys guys , little bit more info, lake is 15 acres 200 carp present just shy of 40lb's , its a farm resevoir . quite a few silver fish as well , i can spend up to 100 quid if gun is good and is going to save me time . i can use an air compressor if needed .
  9. hi ,before i started to attempt to make my own boilies i need to know a few things .... which bait gun is best , im going to be making 100kg plus this year so i need a good one . ?also is hnv base mix much better than a 50/50 mix ? your thoughts please . I intended to have an inclusion of ground carp pellets in this boilie as i feel iv had such good results with a particular pellet ...your thoughts again , thanks john
  10. how big would u all say it is in acres barring mind a footie pitch is a bout 1 ? 4 rods yes too much but id fish 2 without any problems . remeber how big is redmire , ashlea withy pool etc
  11. i would have thought they will have someone electricuted eventually ( supplying 240 v to a tent ?) , bit gutted they dont suply you with electric reels and a gilly so u dont have to get off the bedchair,bivvy heater pmsl ,whats wrong with gassing yourself anyways . wait for the price list hehe. Maybe a rent a hoe service would have been good too ,just a thought
  12. i want to fish next to this guy sometime ,hehe ,may have 2 ask him to do some piccys ,rub it in a bit , its been done before ,what you caught mate ?
  13. johnla22

    Self takes

    my camera is on a tripod set on continus takin a shot every 30 seconds , so when its raining camera set up in bivvy(mode selected) ,a bag is put over camera and tripod when set in place so camera is happly taking pics of the inside of the bag lol ,this is when i get my fish out of the net and care for it ,last thing is to do pic simply remove bag of tripod and away u go ,then delete unwanted pics
  14. what we need is a zero gravity unhooking tent
  15. my dad made me an optonic bite alarm in about 1992 , worked fine with latching led that had to be reset , ill get him to dig out the circuit , weather you can figer it out is another thing ,it took him a while and he's an electronics expert . Dont know weather he designed the circuit or used one he found ,knowing dad probably the first .
  16. havent seen the picture ,will have a look , does that mean Chris yates is a bad fisherman , or john wilson ? iv seen wilson lay carp on grass , is this wrong providing theres not any stones or twigs etc ? i use a mat all the time and the fisheries i fish at requires that ,and i would even if they didnt .or is it a case of drawing a line somewhere .
  17. takes a good angler to fish well with 3 rods. unless you are fishing a water thats highly stocked,an its a case of just chuck it anywhere,when was the last time all of your rods rattled off?
  18. backleads are ok but i would avoid using them with overly slack lines unless im fishing a snag and weed free enviroment, sometimes a fish can kite the line pivoting on the backlead to the left or right, personaly i make sure my mono is de greased in wahing up liquid every few sesions which helps it sink like stone ,and as said before i peel line off letting it sink with a nice light bobin,avoiding the use of a backlead . tight lines may not effect your catch results on some waters ,be an angler experiment and find what suits you .
  19. my response about t.v's is that ,its fine having creature comforts and things to make your stay more enjoyable ,as long as your t.v's volume is kept well low,same as radio .I'v fished before and heard other peoples t.v's grrr . if your mates come over to watch the footy,i take it you are in a double swim or are they are reeling in? . When im fishing in decent weather im fish spotting and planning my next move , so t.v is no real benefit ,more of a hinderance .Remeber seeing or hearing fish crash or show in any way on lower stocked venues is vital to results . Just being on the ball can find you new natural larders and improve your fishing .
  20. james what about chod rigs mate ....you not meant to tie the lead onto the mainline on theese rigs ?
  21. the original method of this used a normal hooklink with a slightly crushed swivel eye so the line passing through this has enough friction to hold it where it is on the line and not 'slide any closer to the float ,but the balance between crushing this swivel just enough and not too much is key,, hooklink flys away from the float and lead on the cast aided with a 'flick'in the casting motion ,a small light p.v.a bag helps seperation of the float and lead ,3 way swivel is a proper no no ...
  22. being classed doesnt bother me , its for my personal reasons i fish the way i do , i wouldnt set up away from the fish ,but if i knew their movements at that particualar lake i may jump a few pegs ahead ,i agree with what you said about not setting up on the fish for fear of being a sheep thats daft .
  23. lol iv done it too funny isnt it how everything part from fishing goes out of your head like where you are sleeping .
  24. stalking is best , if you can see your quarry you are ahead already ,as for previous captures i agree to a point but prefer to be a pioneer rather than follow the crowds , how many other fish are in the lake nick ,have you seen this fish alone ? also are you the only one targeting this fish ?defo possisble with homework me tinks no carp is safe hehe
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