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  1. Any updates on this fishery please? Is it still run by James Cook?
  2. 10 degrees Celsius and above use fish oils and hemp oil when it’s is colder.
  3. Get the 13mm for multi rig with size 4 hook. Works fine for me.
  4. Awesome! You won’t be disappointed. They are most buoyant non cork ball pop ups I’ve ever used. I recommend the coped squid, black pepper plus, choc orange and devils dung.
  5. I used to roll bait and found main line base mixes really easy to use as they really mill them down fine. Baits direct sell them by the bucket 10kg. Then you can customise. I rolled Activ 8 and added garlic.
  6. What about Mistral baits? Their MB1 is a nice milky bait.
  7. Boilie crumb/chops, liquids and pellet. Also gonna try frozen bloodworm soon.
  8. Hi all, Considering finally upgrading my Fox Warrior XT after about 12 years but not sure where to start. I want bigger eyes and 3lb test curve or higher. I did start looking at Century but they may be out of my price range. Would love to hear your thoughts and recommendations. Thanks
  9. Premier Baits - Quad CCMoore - Live System Mistral - CM1 Mainline - Cell Sticky - Manilla Dynamite - Monster Nut Urban - Nutcracker
  10. Why not get them dry and uncooked? You can get 5kg dry for about £20 maybe less... As good a bait as any...
  11. You've only got to look at catch reports. If you ask here you'll always get the typical response... Use with confidence and concentrate finding the fish and presenting your rig well.
  12. I am tempted to try the ESP Trighammer hooks with a multi rig...
  13. Thanks. What low stretch mono would you suggest then? Would you say Korda Touchdown be better than say Gardner GTHD?
  14. I think softer boilies are way better. If they are hard then their leakage would surely be lower. Good soft baits would include anything from Sticky or CCMoore. Mistral Belachan and Shrimp is another nice soft bait. Baits with coarser ingredients tend to be more leaky and softer.
  15. Lots of good baits on the market. Sticky Krill has done really well in recent years, you only need to look at catch reports. Heard good things about ABS baits too...
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