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  1. Premier Baits - Quad CCMoore - Live System Mistral - CM1 Mainline - Cell Sticky - Manilla Dynamite - Monster Nut Urban - Nutcracker
  2. Why not get them dry and uncooked? You can get 5kg dry for about £20 maybe less... As good a bait as any...
  3. You've only got to look at catch reports. If you ask here you'll always get the typical response... Use with confidence and concentrate finding the fish and presenting your rig well.
  4. I am tempted to try the ESP Trighammer hooks with a multi rig...
  5. Thanks. What low stretch mono would you suggest then? Would you say Korda Touchdown be better than say Gardner GTHD?
  6. I think softer boilies are way better. If they are hard then their leakage would surely be lower. Good soft baits would include anything from Sticky or CCMoore. Mistral Belachan and Shrimp is another nice soft bait. Baits with coarser ingredients tend to be more leaky and softer.
  7. Lots of good baits on the market. Sticky Krill has done really well in recent years, you only need to look at catch reports. Heard good things about ABS baits too...
  8. Hi all, I was considering a switch to sinking braid mainline to get better lead feel down and better bite indication but braid is not allowed on my water. I have been using Gardner GTHD line which is a low stretch mono and I have no problems with is whatsoever. BUT, would a fluorocarbon be the next best thing to braid or should I consider other low stretch monos? I see the technology for fluorocarbons has got better and looking at the Ultima Power Carp lines. Just wondering what peoples thoughts are with my query or if they could make any recommendations? Thanks - Ed
  9. Their are no real secrets in bait production just some companies giving you the impression they have found new ingredients but if you look on CCMoores you'll see a long list of ingredients that most or all bait companies use. Hype and marketing sells baits and many anglers jump on the band wagon. Look at the cell bait, probably half decent bait but the only reason it 'was tearing waters apart' was because 90% of anglers use it.
  10. Thanks. Having two small children I am probably limited to day ticket for the time being. I live in Norfolk and most of the better waters in norfolk are syndicate so just looking further south. Just looking for waters with plenty of 20's and good chance of a thirty. Have spent a bit of time on Swangey lakes in Norfolk but just looking for a change.
  11. Has anyone used these or know if any baits contain them. I'm talking about the Haiths version of course.
  12. How do you edit a poll?.. I put N Gage on the poll but it has gone?
  13. Can anyone give me suggestions for suffolk waters close to norfolk border. Thanks.
  14. What's your favourite CCMoore boilie with any significant reason or story.
  15. You want your baits to be softer and this probably indicates their solubility and therefore ability to release those all important attractors. The Meteor bait they do is the softest but again the most soluble considering its a fishmeal/meatmeal type bait. A few companies (inc CCMoore) never get slagged off on forums as they are very good.
  16. Anyone got any contact and fishing info on this place please. thanks
  17. Can anyone give me info on Broome pits near Ditchingham/Bungay. Is it day ticket?? Contact number woul dbe useful since they have new owners I think????
  18. Ring CCMoore and they will make you a mix and select some liquids to go and formulate a recipe for you.
  19. All lakes are different but these tips may help. At the beginning of winter shallows cool quickly especially at night so then target deeper water on the back of the wind. If you are doing days only then fish in an area with shelter from wind and where the sun shines espceially if high pressure day. It may be a good idea to choose an area of the lake which has shallow water next to deep water so fish dont have far to go to be comfortable with the other consideratios ive given. Bait wise any freezer bait that has been applied would be good. Also maggots or maize as long as not too many bream etc.
  20. Like Nick says B and F are as good as anyone. I have had Nash Scopex Squid from them with various goodies and it was and excellent package. IN recent years I have been using premier baits stuff which I have to say is the best I have ever used. Just works like magic.
  21. Does anyone know whats happening with Bawburgh Lakes nr Norwich???
  22. the liquid version by Solar tackle is meant to be good. I suspect CCMoore do a good version.
  23. That is nearly as ridiculous as something else I read on here where someone suggested using Night-Nurse for glugging boilies!!!!!
  24. Dyanamite baits crushed hemp in the green packet is the dogs danglees. MOJO is meant to good too.
  25. Tiger Nut Oil should be fine just stick it in your fridge and it should not solidify. Dynamite Baits Tiger Nut oil is pretty good and fairly cheap.
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