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  1. Yeah can't get out on the bike with a bust wrist. Luckily there's 6 months before the British National Hill Climb i'm hoping to qualify for. Keep debating getting the rods out again, maybe on the Trent come open season now i live close to the banks.
  2. I've posted once in the last three years. Felt the need to log in to tell the original poster he's talking out his backside. See you all in another 3 years P.S. Hi Kev! Hope you're still banking some whackers!
  3. Nicely done! Looks a bit sparse so far then...
  4. They all blanked then i fished the next day in the one swim that wasn't fished and had 3 upto 22lb
  5. courtz

    Nice brace

    Nice brace there Kev, proper lumps! Loving the leather and dog shot too!!
  6. Scraper 20 common this morning, second night I've fished since Sandhurst
  7. Nice work dan, the cast for that one was spot on!! glad the pictures came out well having to shake those batteries Probably four more 20+ commons in there to have a crack at, along with some great mirrors. I need to get back down
  8. That brings back so much laughter!!! Can't believe Theo didn't click on though
  9. courtz

    1st of the year

    Top result kev!! Nice lumps for sure and what a way to kick off
  10. Nice photos! Shame no carp came your way Are you down there this week? I'm getting a few nights in
  11. Haha 19.30 on for the next minute is the best part of the video, cracks me up over again, nicely editted in
  12. Just watched it. Very good. Glad you and edd are the only ones in it Would have been funny to get some of the antics on film. We were planning 'blanker watch' but nige had packed away when we got around
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