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  1. Very enjoyable weekend and was great to meet you all, some for the first time. Thanks to Andy for arranging the social and sorting the food out, Miles for allowing it and the use of facilities, Hel (Andy's wife) for making the Curry, Karl for doing the BBQ. I left on Sunday morning and believe only 2 fish were caught, well done Phil and Dayvid. Anyway, great social and looking forward to the next one.
  2. Mick I am sorry to hear of your loss and would like to offer you and your family my condolences. The last social I attended was Sandhurst, some years ago, and really enjoyed it, I'm sure this one will be no different and looking forward to it. This morning on erecting my bivvy so I could repair a broken tension strap and noticed the top seam is coming apart and by the time it was erected the seam completely split, so it looks like a new bivvy is in order for the future, but for now I'll have to go back to using my old brolly and over wrap, hopefully it'll do. Apart from that all is
  3. Andy, thanks for putting me on the list, even though you got a number wrong As for the curry I'm easy, Helen's cooking it so will be spot on. How do you want paying, PayPal ?
  4. Thanks for the welcome guys. As Andy says, I am retired now.I closed my garage last July, just couldn't afford to continue, work went a bit thin and I spent a year paying overheads and not earning enough to keep my head above water, ended up spending most of our savings as well. So I decided to throw the towel in, close the business and retire.I have a wonderful wife and family who helped and supported me right to the end. I'm not happy about waking up in the morning and not going to work, worked all my life and just can't get used to the way things are at the moment, but, importantly,my r
  5. Ok,I'm not new on here nor am I new to Carp fishing, but I haven't been on for some time now, in fact a long time, so I've decided to come back. Used to be Mach3 but now have changed to Malc1950. Anyway just saying hello.
  6. Just like to say what a great weekend I had with fantastic company, really enjoyed it. Pleased that Nige and Guy caught, especially Guy after his tumble, I didn't laugh, honest....lol. Unlucky Andy for loosing 2 fish, it happens. Me, well I blanked but did have 3 Bream, these things happen....lol. Look forward to the next time lads.
  7. Berkley Big Game for me, used it for years and never let me down.
  8. It's not the first and won't be the last time you see this sort of thing. With ALL the help and information there is at hand you would think Anglers would have some sort of education and knowledge of how to fish safely. Unfortunately there are those who aint interested in learning and aint got a clue, and never will have, about what they are doing, this can only be bad for the fish and Angling as a whole.
  9. It's amazing how bait boat threads always seem to get silly. Really glad I do my own thing in my own way, with or without a bait boat....lol.
  10. What's a bus??? Lol Apparently something to do with Carp
  11. Hi mate, just Google South Cerney Angling Club and you will get most of the info on their site.
  12. When I decided I was able to attend the social I had arranged for my Son to cover for me and keep my garage open and do the work booked in.He has just phoned to say he can't help me,not prepared to go in to the reasons, so it means I can't turn up today or tomorrow morning. However, if I can do and finish the work I might be able to turn up Fri late afternoon.I am gutted, was hoping to get there late afternoon today.Everything is in the car ready, gear, food,bait, full tank of fuel. If I can't get there hope you all have a great time. Neil, pm me your paypal addy and I'll sort you out.
  13. Well done Nick, nice fish.
  14. I predict that J. Shelly will become a mega super star....lol Robson Green will get eaten by a Shark....lol Otters will have the run of any lake they choose. As said, rivers will flood more frequent. The weather will get worse.
  15. Malc, you should be ok, slightly higher ground and larger swims. If you decide to use the offered Transit you can park pretty damn close to the back of your swim, maybe 20 ft from the water's edge. Bring the van, stay out of the mud. I'll see you in the Bar. Ian Thanks Ian If I don't get the Transit a bivvy will suit. Only problem I might have is finding the bivvy at night,big white van would be easier to find
  16. Ian I'm on 13, will I be able to park near the swim, been offered the loan of a Transit?
  17. No comment That's not what you first said
  18. I'm a well behaved young angler and never get any abuse from elder anglers.
  19. Man caused the near extinction of Otters. Man has reintroduced the Otter. Man will need to sort the problem out before it's way out of control. The latter will not happen any time soon.
  20. I would recognise you anywhere Del, as long as I'm sat and not stood up
  21. So, I take it no one is going to recommend Uncle Jim for a Knighthood for his outstanding contribution to the world of Carp Angling
  22. I'm good thanks Del, apart from having to go back to work in a mo. Christmas was good, just had the 2 days off. Hope you're on the road to recovery. Happy New Year to you as well.
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