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  1. Nick, i found i had fewer pick ups too especially when i fished it with boilies on the hair, i think it was due to small fish picking up the maggot and knocking the hook around, blunting the point as the waters i did fish contained quite a few smaller fish. I did find it was an advantage when fishing the method though, with 2 fake maggots mounted length-ways along the hair aswell as the fake maggot mounted on the hook over the eye (i did not use the special mag aligner versions for the hook eye, because i felt the normal fake maggots negated the weight of the hook due to being semi b
  2. yeh, i agree with carpsman... i dont really see anything wrong with them except the price
  3. I think one of the main reasons i only carry 3 hooklink materials is to try and stop myself from getting caught up in confusion over which hooklink material to try. as a you angler i also dont own a marker rod and therefore have to feel the lead down to try and gauge what is on the bottom (most of the time i have a good idea, and can always jump up a tree to make sure). Because of this i find sinklink is perfect as it is suitable for all lake beds. For example if you whacked a coated link onto a thick silt patch - it will look terrible, likewise with weed, and possibly clay, wheras a supp
  4. I use sinklink in 12 or 15lb for 90% of my fishing - when im fishing method feeders and lead setups with boilie or particles. It suits my fishing perfectly (with relatively snag -free waters) and sinks, is well cammoflaged and is supple so it doesnt plug into soft bottoms and stick up at funny angles. The only ever problem with it was tangling on the cast, but i used to coat the hooklink in sugar syrup (water soluble) which added just enough stiffness to the hooklink without tangling it. I think that pva foam was a poor choice with supple links, as the bouyant foam causes the hooklink to sta
  5. And aswell ... he didnt start off by using free bait, it was earned on merit! i dont understand the slagging of people without knowing them - its happened a fair bit on here recently (ie the thread about who is the most annoying tv angler), jealousy plays a huge amount in carp fishing IMO.
  6. for the carp definately stick to boilies only, as any pellet etc would cause the bream and tench to flock over your area. if its a south weterly or you know the fish follow the wind try getting on the end of that? as i believe carp follow the wind more than most species. goood luck
  7. when i used to go with my mate he had an obsession with making cheese paste for everytrip ( ). i sometimes wrapped the odd hookbait with this stuff, on a few of the runs waters where making up a few bags took too much time. it really did work, and probably was a bit of an edge as hardly anyone was using it! also hinders of swindon released a bait called cheezy tuna a few months back, so the cheese is possibly making a comeback??
  8. pepparami is a brilliant bait! i used to fish a small section lengthways on a hair topped off with a piece of fake pop up corn (just to negate the weight of the hook) with a small bag of mashed up pepperami - the oil leakage was pretty awesome!
  9. ive found them to eat everything. i believe the key is in not attracting them into your swim! for example not using pellet and particle and just sticking to boilies - preferably larger than average - but if the bream wants to eat your 20mm+ bait - it will find a way lol another way is fish the margins or shallower water - bream are known to frequent deeper areas more than shallower areas.
  10. i can also remember discoursing with someone about the use of condensed milk in a spod mix.. its a winner though mate... so get on it lol
  11. well the threads already been started so might aswell carry on. about the dessicated coconut. Its a trick match fishermen use to break up balls of groundbait quickly when they are on the bottom. Dessicated coconut is very active under the water (much like grilled hemp i believe??) which would be good in a spod mix as it would add a little extra attraction. Coconut milk - i have never tried, but i found condensed milk clouds up the water fantastically and seems to hang around the bottom layers clouding everything up perfectly. To my condensed milk i always used to blend a tin or two or
  12. i believe courtz uses it a fair bit, so hes the man in the know ive had a look at the stuff, but never used it. Im a supple hooklinks man personally, but it did look good, and gave you a few more options than just the usual "coated braid".
  13. lol "the crafty third rod" it depends on water size really, if its a small water then three rods is a bit over the top. i mainly fish with two, but on one of my old waters (which was tiny) i only ever used one, as i thought the presence of an extra line would spook fish out of the swim.
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