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  1. I gotta admit ive never crimped anything (apart from my wire pike traces). So i really cant comment on this im afraid. All i know is that Wychwood do, or did do a crimping set. Thats all the advice i can give.
  2. What? I had a right to question your post. It was just that considering your post was after mine i thought it was aimed at me. Quite natural really. Anyway, back to the thread.....
  3. Thats great noknot thanks, will give it a go, still think it was for Tony though Thats why i got on the offensive. Cos when i use a choody rig, im using the lightest lead i can get away with just to get the required distance, my lines are slack and the bobbins are hard on the deck
  4. Is this pearl of wisdom aimed at me noknot? Not at all the post ^^^^^^ by bissami, And tell me if I am wrong Tony. Gotcha (crossed wires there fella on my part )..... yes that is correct. I agree with what you say there
  5. Is this pearl of wisdom aimed at me noknot?
  6. One question? Have you ever used a chod rig? You may find that a small piece of plastic and a bit of foam is not bouyant enough to hold up a size 5 Stiff Rigger and a Bristle Filament hooklink..... FACT! Not even most shop bought pop ups can do this. The only ones that are bouyant enough are the Richworth Airo and the Nutrabaits Alternative Hookbaits. Believe me ive wasted enough money to find this fact out the hard way. Why do you think that i now make my own pop ups at home, tailored to my own exact requirements
  7. Just how small is the lake? Any chance of a link to the website?
  8. If you want to fish the chod rig, the ONLY way to fish it is by using pop ups and baiting with a scattering of boilies over a wide-ish area. You MUST make the fish pick a bait up, move off and look for another. Think about it..... You are using a pop up which on a chod hooklink could be between 2 or 3" off the deck, but you have a small tight pile of groundbait, chopped boilie and pellet on the lake bed. How unnatural does that look? It immediately makes the fish suspicious of the pop up boilie, so much so that they will ignore it. Its the same principal of anglers using a stick mix or PVA bag on a normal pendant or inline lead set up, but then deciding to fish over the top of it with a pop up, i really dont think the tactic works. Some people say it does and they have caught by doing so, but i think the pop up is taken long after the stick mix has either dissolved and dispersed around the swim, or the groundbait has been eaten. If they had just used a pop up on its own without the stick mix, im certain they would have had the take and caught the fish much sooner. Do you understand what im saying?
  9. Did or did i not answer this question in this thread?..... Stik Mix
  10. I never said that did i? No not at all, im just saying you are yet another in the long line of Danny clones..... all doing the very same thing (with most probably the same haircut as well). This in turns makes it easier for the thinking angler to be different. So please DO carry on
  11. Nice slant on the thread question there
  12. Ive just seen these pics and ive just thought the same.Yanks
  13. Out of interest, what would you class as a carp fishing "star"? And how is this different from the supposed carp fishing "expert"? Cos in my mind a carp fishing expert does not exist.
  14. Obviously you will have difficulty if the boilie chops or pellets are too big, but in a stick mix, you dont need to use large pellets anyway. I use a mix that ranges from small 1millers upto 5mm pellets. With your boilie chops, run them through a chopper and chop them down to about the same size as the biggest pellet you use (in my case 5mm) and you will have an attractive mix of boilie chops down to a much finer dust. Dont forget you dont need a massive stick mix for it to work. You are only trying to attract attention to your hookbait, not feed the fish. Cos of this i only use the thin 'Long Chuck' PVA mesh and have my stick mix an inch, to an inch and a half long. No more than that. When you use a choody, it must be a bouyant pop up. With the Bristle Filament hooklink (which doesnt tangle) you dont need to use a stick mix on these anyway. And you will find that with using a leadcore leader, or even a thin silicon tubed leader (whatever your preference), the size 11 ring swivel that you use on the choody hooklink will blance the pop up anyway and make everything sit on the deck. If it doesnt and it raises your leader slightly, then use a small piece of Heavy Metal on the swivel just to balance it. But i find you only need to do this on BIG pop ups like 18 or 20 millers.
  15. It feels so much like the old times on here just recently. Feel the love people, feel the love
  16. Why not? Ive never had any problems in the past of using pellet or small chopped boilie in a stick mix before So you are yet another dedicated follower of Mr Fairbrass then i see From Wikipedia.....
  17. I would ditch the granules all together mate, its useless. I tried to make some pop ups using a bit of my base mix and some cork granules in the same VOLUME ratio and then top it up with the Mainline Polaris pop up mix just to give it that extra bouyancy and to be fair the results were poor. It only took a bit of weight to sink them. And given the fact that water pressure is greater the deeper you go, im sure my pop ups would have been bottom baits at any depth more than 3 feet. Not good. You only have to look at the Dynamite and the Quest pop up range to see that they use cork granules in their production and they dont seem to be bouyant enough for my needs. Also with the granules, the baits where still quite soft, even after 2 days drying out time in a air dry bag. My advice to you is ditch the granules, get some Mainline Polaris pop up mix and do a bit of experimenting in the kitchen trying to make a boilie that looks exactly how your normal base mix bottom baits would turn out. Its easy getting the liquid attractors the same, the difficult bit is colouring them so they are as near as damn it to your freebies. The Mainline Polaris mix is really good TBH, its very bouyant (so why arent the shop bought ones the same? ) and my own 14millers will easily keep up a size 5 Stiff Rigger and 20lb Bristle Filament choddy hooklink. The only shop bought boilie in that size that will do that is the Richworth Airo ones.
  18. Thats a corking ghostie mirror mate
  19. Tim Paisley was my hero along with Julian Cundiff and Bill Cottam. Bookwise, anything that Tim published i tried to read along with the Carp Societys' bi yearly magazine Carp Fisher and the early years of Carpworld before the influx of mass advertising and product placement. But as for the question "How did you learn the art", im still learning
  20. How about one of them baggin' waggler jobbies that the failed carp anglers..... (sorry commercial matchmen)..... use to good effect?
  21. I remember watching the episode of 'On Course with Dean Macey' that featured Terry Hearn and he said that the big common from the lake 'next door' as he put it was his next target. God knows when that was filmed and recorded but it just goes to show Frank like you said, how much work it must have been involved in getting that fish onto his mat. Its a fantastic fish is the Burghfield common, and it takes a brilliant angler to catch it. Well done Terry H
  22. It was around 3-4am fella and it didnt seem to stop the fishing either cos i had a 18lb 9oz common a few hours later at 8:30am.
  23. Nice one mate, Merrington is a great place to angle. I would like to take the old man there one time cos i think he would like it.
  24. We done the Indian take away jobbie on the carp.com social @ Mallard. Top nosh and once again thank you to Jake for walking down to the gate to pick it up for us
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