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  1. To me this post strikes me that you are a somewhat, dare i say it..... lazy angler. Yes i agree that sometimes i like to just go out fishing, throw out my 3 rods on buzzers and put the brolly up and just relax. But sometimes i like to just take out 1 rod, go for a few hours and try and catch a carp and get a bend in my rod. No disrespect to your good self Dale, but to me it seems you are more interested in looking the part on the bank set up in your bivvy, behind your rods with the mountain of gear a carp angler needs to carry around with him, than actually trying to catch a carp that you can actually see feeding inches from the bank. Cos if i saw carp swimming and feeding over any margin then im afraid i would be on them like a shot. I dont need to be asked twice cos it would be like looking a gift horse in the mouth. But on the flipside i think whatever form of carp angling you like, be it stalking or behind buzzers, it all depends on the travel time and mileage to your lake. My syndicate is a hour away, about 35 miles give or take from my place. Now in this day and age where i seem to be counting every penny that comes into my household, i cant afford to travel to my syndicate just to stalk a carp for a few hours. So that means when i fish my syndicate, im going for 2 nights minimum, even an overnighter is at a push. Any less than that then i cant justify the cost in petrol.
  2. You cant beat taking a minimal amount of tackle and one rod and trying to touch up on your "hunting" instinct and catch a carp whilst stalking. I think catching a stalked carp, whatever it size, will always be more satisfying than catching a fish whilst you are static, under your brolly or in your bivvy and behind a battery of rods.
  3. Forever. Thing is though it will become rock hard, and i do mean rock hard and will shrink slighty.
  4. Not sure. Because of the low light conditions and the glare on the water, you only seen them when they broke the surface. But the afternoon before, they where all grouping up in that exact bay and let me assure you there was some right lumps sitting there
  5. Yes it was. My swim is just beyond the reed lined margin on the video and the buzzer you heard was from my receiver.
  6. Very early on Monday morning whilst i was fishing my syndicate, i was woken up at 2:30am to the sound of a fish crashing out, so i thought. Thing is it wasnt a fish crashing out but the sound of the carp on my lake starting to spawn. I crept round to see the commotion and saw an amazing sight, one i will never forget and one that i feel so priviliged to have witnessed. So i went and grabbed my camera and recorded a short clip to share with you guys.
  7. Daryl, thats because im certain some misguided carp anglers from the UK see fishing in France as a holiday and mistakenly presume that the fishing is easy. Just because any certain lake may contain 50 or 60lb fish, it doesnt mean to say that they will catch them. I still think you have to work at it and make the most of your time while you are there to reap the rewards. After all 50 and 60lb carp are monster fish, lets make no bones about it. But they are also big for a reason, because they eat shed loads. So if they can avoid being caught by eating anglers baits (if they even need to eat anglers baits to survive) then they are not gonna be caught by the lax attitude of an angler who doesnt really want to put himself out cos hes on his jollies.
  8. Have you noticed that commons do look bigger than they actually weigh? And mirrors actually weigh more than they look? Why is that? Or is it just me?
  9. Del..... your back! How the devil have you been fella? Its been a while since ive seen you online, i hope this isnt a flying visit.
  10. You make me smile Do you honestly think that i take ANY NOTICE WHATSOEVER of a map such as that?.... Really?.... The first time i saw it i took the info on it with a pinch of salt. Thats why my marker rod is ALWAYS with me when i fish. As for permission to use it, if it wasnt there for people to take notice, then why would the syndicate manager put it up in the first place? After all he gives out pictures of this map to anyone who wants it and remember, this is a syndicate im fishing here, not no rat race day ticket water where its every man for himself. On my syndicate, every angler is there to help each other. If one catches we are all pleased for that one person, if they lose a good fish, we all feel for him. And by the way, i used that photo purely for the cover of the Heron album, you could say for artistic purposes only..... so na na na na na
  11. Slightly off topic so my apologies..... Thats an outlook that ive always wondered about Dale. I started a thread not long back about catching trailing fish..... http://www.carp.com/carp-forum/viewtopic.php?t=40866&highlight=trailing+fish When i released the fish i wondered if it would grace my net on my own terms sometime in the future. Im now 99.9% certain that the fish in the above thread, was the same common i landed yesterday morning at 18lb 9oz. Was this capture just to say "hello and thanks, im doing well now", or just total coincidence that i happen to catch it again? To me there is no right or wrong answer, its however you want to look at it but i do believe in karma. If you do the right thing, then the right things will come to you. Now back on topic..... Whatever way you look at it, catching such a prestigious, no doubt very cunning fish such as Heather is a real achievement so well done to Gaz Fareham for doing so. Because we just see the capture, we dont know the hours behind the capture that Gaz has sacrificed to land her. But then again, was he targetting her in particular, or just fishing the lake itself with no care in the world of what he hooks simply because he likes the atmosphere of the lake and he is proud to fish such a famous, English, premier carp fishery? Cos like Nick has stated, you really must be "on top of your game" and be 100% confident in your own abilities to sit out the hours on such a difficult venue. Im sure Gaz knows this as well. To me thats an achievement in itself, even if you dont catch. With my limited fishing abilities, i could only dream of being confident fishing on a lake such as the Car Park. I know it would take me in, chew me up and spit me out without a care in the world and just snigger at me while i run back up the M1 with my tail between my legs.
  12. Heres a couple from this weekends session on my syndicate. Being as my old man was fishing, i decided to fish the swim next to him for the social side of things, dont know why, he can be a right moaning old soak sometimes He was installed in a swim called 'Bricks' and the next swim along is 'Plateau' and with the fish showing on the opposite bank i was daft not to fish there anyway. So without wanting to get the marker rod out to see what the fish where showing over and risk spooking them out of the area, i decided to just throw out a couple of choddies. One on a single, and one over a light bed of bait. The third rod was placed with a single high attract bottom bait on a clear area i found and with that i was fishing and looking forward to some peace and quiet. 3 hours later, around about 4pm i was chewing the fat with the old man when i heard my clutch squealing. i got to the rods and the bobbin was slowly dropping, then it tightened upto the rod blank and the rod tip bounced a few times. Well i didnt need to be asked twice. I tightened the clutch, wound down until i felt the weight of the fish and lifted into it. There was an almightly boil and spray of water as the fish immediately came to the surface (the joys of using 1.5oz leads). The fish was soon coming in nice and easily and apart from when it went over the line on my middle rod, and a few powerful surges down the shallow margin, it was soon ready for netting without any major problems. At this point i could see it was a mirror, and a linear one at that. When i tried to lift the net i knew i had something special and when it was on the mat and i parted the mesh, i knew she was big girl. I immediately said to the old man, "Its a three O". On the scales she went 32lb 6oz and is one of the Heron 'A Team'..... the Big Linear. A new PB, and my first 30..... The Saturday night passed uneventfully until around 10am on the Sunday morning when i had another fish, but it was only a small stockie of around 5lb. It was soon unhooked and swimming happily away. Nothing else happened due to the warm weather and the rising temperatures but it was clear the fish were ready to start spawning cos they was all grouping up and this morning at 2:30am, they woke me up with their amorous antics. I do have a video on my camera, when i have the time to upload it i will show you cos it was great to watch. I watched the fish spawning for a bit but decided because i was back at work today, i would get some sleep so i went and hit the bag again until i was woken up by a belting take at 8:30am which resulted in a lovely common of 18lb 9oz. Once again my own 'Samcav' pop ups doing the business..... I was well pleased and over the moon with a great weekends fishing
  13. Don't you treat your fish as individuals Tony? I have never caught "a normal run of the mill" fish. To me, they are all individuals and deserve to be treated as such. Of course i treat my fish as individuals. Im just saying on this point though i think the fish is just a common carp as opposed to a ghost or a koi.
  14. What is your definition of "a proper 100% ghostie" Tony? Like i said i could be wrong, but to me it hasnt got that gorgeous, creamy coloured sort of photo negative look about it. Yes its got a marbled look around its head but the rest of it to me just looks like a normal run of the mill common. But i have seen that sort of colouring on carp before on a club lake of mine. We thought that it could have be due to the fact that the lake has a very sandy bottom and when the fish are upto their gills searching for bloodworm etc, the sand was actually discolouring the fish. Some of the carp where so discoloured that they where very nearly orange around the head and mouth I could be way off the mark, but this fish is very similar.
  15. And dont forget the nuts and peas etc in it are not prepared, they are dry
  16. You dont want much do you? Why on earth would someone who has taken time out from his or her life to map out this particular lake to get the best out of their fishing, give out such valued information so easily to someone who quite frankly cant be bothered to do it for themself? I understand that you have limited time, but do you really think that you are the only one? We ALL have limited time. But to make the best out of the time we spend bankside, we put ourselves out to go that extra mile and try and tip the odds in our favour. Even if that means forsaking a fishing session for one weekend just to spend the day with the marker rod, paper and a pencil. I suggest you do the same and not to expect things put on a silver platter for you
  17. Andy, i love Warwick Castle. In fact i love all castles and the history surrounding them and Warwick Castle is a beautiful place to visit. I went a few years ago with an ex and we had a great time, i must go back again cos it is a great day out and its only about an hour away from me. I recommend it to anyone
  18. No Brian im being serious this time Its a corking long, lean fish, but it doesnt look like a proper 100% ghostie to me. Obviously i could be wrong though.
  19. I dont think its a full ghostie mate to be fair, it looks like a cross.
  20. Like Brian says, after 4 years i would dump them and do some fresh ones. Surely you would be more confident using decent fresh bait than something that really should be at the bottom of your wheelie bin!
  21. What ever gave you that impression? Im merely pointing out that you should have known that you had a fish on the first rig, before the fish picked up the second. Which you obviously didnt. Ive had fish kite on a tight line myself even before i have known anything about it, these things happen. But im merely pointing out that with a bit of thought by using a different rig, you would have known straight away that you had a fish on. Advanced? What are you bleating on about? If you stay around here long enough you will soon find out that i dont believe you need "advanced" rigs to catch carp. In fact i try and keep things as simple as possible..... and for me that means simple running rigs are my first port of call, depending on the amount of weed in the lake.
  22. And i bet you was using a semi fixed lead clip as well. On a running rig you would have known instantly that you would have had a take, whatever way the fish would have bolted off.
  23. It just goes to show how rubbish your bite indication was then. Im betting that it picked one baited rig up, carried on feeding until it picked the other baited rig up, then rattled off and thats when you knew you got a take. In truth you should have known it had picked the first one up long before the second one rattled off. Im guessing you was using "standard" semi fixed lead on a clip of some sort as well
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