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  1. Andy i wouldnt worry about it. Follow the guidelines on the flavour bottle to the letter and you wont go far wrong. I always go on the adage that if you can smell a hint of the flavour in the full mix (be it 500g or 16oz) but NOT in a single boilie, then you are on the right track. Also i would add try and keep the boiling to the absolute minimum. 60-90 seconds is all that you need. Any more than that and you are in danger of boiling out the flavour and denaturing the actual ingredients in the bait.
  2. I wouldnt forget it as such, but what i would say is make absolutely sure that the fish are there. Its pointless racking your brains in trying to get the extra distance if the fish dont actually feed on the bar. They may just use it as a highway to another part of the lake, pretty much how we use a road in the car
  3. Fish like this makes me want to hit the River Nene this year..... lovely carp Paul. You see, this is what im on about. Its a cracking, gorgeous fish..... nomadic of course cos its from a canal and its a very respectable double figure big plated mirror. But do you think that a fish like this is worthy of a place in the monthly mags? I do, and im certain you guys do but the mags dont think the same! Just because it isnt 30lb plus it doesnt get a look in. I would rather see fish such as this (and i would rather catch fish such as this) with true character and something special about them than some bloated football shaped 30lb+ carp that was caught from a ready made hole in the ground. Keep it up Paul, you have caught some cracking looking fish from that canal of yours and every single one would be a very welcome addition to my own photo album.
  4. The PVA bags even though they are compact WILL cut down on your distance..... FACT! But its all swings and roundabouts, you want the extra, maximum distance but you also want the anti tangle factor. You cant have your cake and eat it. You have got to sacrifice one for the other. But saying that using single baits with a flouro hooklink could help the anti tangle problem. Like i said, i would love to see anyone cast 170 yards with a fully ready to go baited rig and small PVA bag cos that is some cast on 3.5lb TC rods.
  5. Personally, even with shelf life boilies and pop ups, if i havent used them up inside 12 to 18 months i will blitz them all up in a food processor and use the powder (which is almost the same consistancy of groundbait) in my stick mixes or to stodge my spod mix up. I actually done this at the weekend. I have now nearly 3kg of foul smelling groundbait to use as i see fit. And you want to see the attraction of a stick mix as the PVA dissloves and the small pop up particles fizz out of it and rise to the surface. Very carpy
  6. You only have to watch some of John Wilsons rigs in his TV programmes to agree with this Paul. I saw him use his "shock" rig on an old estate lake and the lead was tied on with a so called "rotten bottom" straight to the mainline. If the rotten bottom didnt snap, they was no way that the lead would discharge from the mainline after a break. He also put on 2 SSG shot about 1 and 2 foot away from the rotten bottom knot on the mainline to act like a backlead. If any of us tackled up like that nowadays we would get shot.
  7. If its true that you are hitting just under 140 yards using small bags, then that is a good chuck in anyones book. So to gain extra distance i would say completely ditch the PVA bags even though they are small and fish singles, and change your mainline to 0.30mm diameter or less. To be fair though, i think hitting 170 yards with a carp outfit effectively could just be asking too much for anyone TBH. But i maybe wrong
  8. So you are just using a normal run of the mill stick mix then, nothing different in that
  9. X-Line is the best mainline for running rigs/slack lines cos it sinks faster than the Titanic, just as long as you dont need to hit the horizon cos the casting properties of it is rubbish.
  10. Personally i think the mags are partly to blame. Newcomers to carp angling see endless pics of 30lb+ fish in the gallery pages and think that that is the norm. They see it as all you have to do is just turn up to your local hole in the ground, throw out some ready made "kits" as you call them noknot, use the latest bait that has just hit the shelves and wait for the fish to crawl up your rod blank. If they see it has easy has that do you really think that they care what rigs they are using, dangerous or not? I dont think they do. They just want the "big fish" on the mat cos that is what the mags have brainwashed people who dont know better into thinking. To be honest its nothing short of peer pressure. It seems that a lot of anglers who see these gallery pics are just on the look out to get one over on their fellow carp fisherman just for bragging rights. So they will risk anything just to try and past the imaginary finishing post first, regardless of the consequences.
  11. Im making my own bait for summer. A 50/50 mix of 2 base mixes, Robin Red, GLM, Betaine HC1 and a fish oil and an amino compound with an awesome smelling fruit flavour with a touch of sweetner just to round off the after taste of the flavour and an essential oil for the label. And i just know it will catch cos the chosen company that the ingredients are from have never let me down.
  12. Any chance you could join our club? I wouldnt mind having to deal with anglers who have this attitude cos it would make life a whole lot easier
  13. I feel sorry for Baliffs as there suck in a 20/20 situation, if they ask to see every anglers rig they'll be seen as interfearing, but they have/need to look after there stock I was on a quick early morning session yesterday down a local club water and i when i was packing up there was a guy just recasting and after a quick chat i told him that i was a bailiff and i asked him to see if i could see his rig and thank goodness, he didnt mind at all. Even better, even though his leader was leadcore and he was using a semi fixed clip arrangement which i personally dont like to use on leadcore leaders, the clip did dump the lead quite easily. I just told him to make sure that the tail rubber wasnt on too tight and he took the advice well. But i could imagine some anglers not taking the advice well and wondering why they should listen to someone like me and in no uncertain terms telling me to get lost. And its bound to happen at least once.
  14. Years and years ago i used to use an absolute classic of a flavour from SBS and that was their Cornish Ice Cream on an ethyl alcohol base. It was a winning flavour and smelt well lush. Im not sure if SBS do it anymore now though.
  15. Try a grinner then. It will stay on the bend of the hook with no problems at all.
  16. Im confused cos you have just answered your own question. It is as simple as you have just wrote, a fine mono hair tied to the bend of the hook..... and thats it. Pretty self explanatory really
  17. Yes but we are fishing for them for sport, not food. Just say some numpty who had the same attitude as you apparently have went on to catch Benson or Two Tone then treated either fish badly and it unfortunately suffered a fatality at the hands of the angler, are you saying that its ok cos we are top of the food chain? Thats ridiculous to the point of insane. What about caring for the fish to the best of your ability so someone else has the chance to catch it in the future?
  18. Who knows, you will have to check the log book for that But i know Tim Paisley wrote a 2 part article on Redmire Pool for Carp world a few months back and he fished that in the height of summer. I seriously doubt he had to book through the "normal" way though like you or i would.
  19. And at least when you make your own you can tailor your bait to your exact requirements and can be very sure that your bait is original
  20. As long as you are happy fishing it during the winter cos etting a summer date is a near on impossibility Fishing Redmire between the opening week in June till October is reserved for the carp fishing hierarchy and mere mortals such as you and i have to fight over the scraps..... and that is a fact! i thought it was auctioned off to the highest bidder The opening week is auctioned off but after that, you have got very little chance of a summer date..... regardless of what the Redmire forum says Yes there might be the odd weekend here or there but im sure the Richardson family give the big names preference first, then any other days are left for Joe Public to fight it out. After all i remember someone on here saying that they once got through to the powers at be on the opening booking day in January just 15 minutes after the phone lines opened and the earliest available date was in November. There is no way on earth that ALL the summer dates are taken up in that time so something untoward must be going on. I mean, do you really think the big names have to take a day off just to keep hitting the redial button to try and get through? Of course not, when you are a carp fishing "star", it does has it privileges But then again Redmire Pool is the Richardsons property so they can pick and choose who they want to fish it and when cant they?
  21. Sorry Coops my mistake, read my text wrong I got a tad over excited for you for a moment i think Awesome result James, well done
  22. As long as you are happy fishing it during the winter cos etting a summer date is a near on impossibility Fishing Redmire between the opening week in June till October is reserved for the carp fishing hierarchy and mere mortals such as you and i have to fight over the scraps..... and that is a fact!
  23. Ive just had a text from Jamie and hes had a right session. Hes had 3 fish out of his syndicate. A common of 23lb, a mirror of 26lb and a new PB mirror at over 38lb Well done Jamie.
  24. Speaking of things like that, have you seen the new Fox Quattro 2 rod pod? It incorporates 2 spirit levels to make sure you have everything nice and level. After all, if your pod isnt level then you are not gonna catch are you? What is the world coming to?
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