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  1. I would advise using a bait best suited for this time of the year and there can only be one bait you should be on right now and that is a good quality fishmeal with around 20-30ml of a good quality fish oil included into the mix.
  2. Bill, i think you may have got the wrong end of the stick with your friends comments. Nutrabaits market a specialist base mix that they call "The Granite Mix" which is used for your hookbaits.
  3. Then what have we been arguing the toss over then for the past hour? It seems to me that you have realised that you was talking tosh and now you are doing a quick U turn. Either way ive voiced my points of view so im not treading back over old ground cos i feel if we both carry on then we will be going round in circles and i really cant be bothered to do that. Like ive said countless times..... Education is the key. But if the anglers in question are uneducatable or just dont care cos they have a "must catch at all costs attitude", then all the education in the world isnt going to help
  4. How on Earth can you say that it is not a fixed lead?!! The lead is securely fixed in one position by the tail rubber. Thats funny, you have slated me for saying that a properly set up lead clip is still a fixed lead set up then you say this..... Make your mind up mate cos from where i am sitting, you are going round in circles and have started to forget what you have actually wrote.
  5. Did you actually read everything I said? I'll remind you, I said that some that some carp sit there and do nothing, not all. So i take it you are saying then that when a carp gets hooked but has no contact with an angler (the mainline has suffered a breakage), and the lead has not yet snagged on anything, even though the fish is free to swim around and feed as normal some fish will just sit there without moving until the day it perishes?
  6. Fortunately i havent come across a dead tethered carp, but i know people who have. But once again you are blaming the rig in question instead of the angler who actually puts the rigs together. We all know that a lead clip is supposed to to release the lead once it gets snagged, but if the angler pushes on the tail rubber too tight then obviously that might cause problems. But once again..... whos fault is that? If the clip and rubber is set up as directed, then you can not call it a fixed lead set up.
  7. First off you say this..... Yes i agree that a carp can get wise to the usual semi fixed lead set up because they can use the pivot point of the lead to "throw" the hook free. But i dont agree with you when you say that a hooked carp will just sit there until the angler reels in. Then you say this..... Personally i think you are confusing the issue of 2 different sets of problems. If an angler does hook a carp then have the misfortune of the mainline parting then its upto the correctly assembled rig to shed the hooklink when the lead finds a snag. The fish will only get tethered if the hooklink can not free itself from leader if the lead gets snagged up. A few weeks ago i caught a fish that was trailing a poorly tied helicopter rig and a few yards of line. The fish was fine, it was in good condition and i think it was feeding well even though it was still hooked and was trailing the rig around for god knows how long before i landed it. Im glad the lead didnt get snagged because there was no way the hooklink could part from the leader because the bead was put on too tight. But thats not the rigs doing, the angler in question was to blame. But it showed that the fish didnt just sit there and do nothing like you think
  8. And what has this thinking of yours got to do with a tethered rig? Please explain cos i think you are getting things slightly mixed up here.
  9. Im sorry i dont agree with this thinking at all. If the fish gets pricked with the hook, it will spook, shake his head which will either throw the hook free, or he will run thus giving you a screaming take or a violent drop back. To say that the fish will just sit there nice and quiet until the angler reels in and then realises that he has a fish on the end is utter rubbish IMO.
  10. Im at a loss to see what the feeding habits of a carp has got to do with the bead moving if and when the lead gets snagged
  11. But surely once again like its already been said, thats down to the individual angler in question to make sure the bead moves. If you are some dimwit that superglues his bead in place or even threads it onto the leader sideways with a needle, then you are not setting it up correctly. Blaming the helicopter rig is not the way to go, blame the angler himself is more of the best conclusion.
  12. Feel the lead down and it should kick it out a bit.
  13. I do think a steadily applied, quality food bait will outfish anything else in the long term. But a high viz, high attract bait fished as a single or on a stringer of a few freebies will still have its day and catch its share of fish.
  14. Chick peas Maple peas Partiblend Peanuts Groats Maize Black eyed beans Dari seed And there are more available than that
  15. Not your fault fella. These where posted before noknot left the forum, maybe you just didnt notice them before now
  16. Thats all well and good but its only a forum and the normal run of the mill, well punctuated English with proper spelling will suffice. You are not writing an eassy for an English literature A level test paper Ive heard of Tolstoy, have i read any of his work..... no! Because if i had to read 150 words of a book just to understand something that can be written in 15 words then im sorry, that doesnt interest me at all. Yes i agree it will be beautifully written, but thats not the sort of thing i would like to read. Now im not saying because of that, that makes me thick or stupid, its just something like that doesnt float my boat. Well he must be doing something right cos his books sell by the shed loads and TBH, your post above, quite frankly sounds like a bit of jealousy on your part. Yes and i can take on board your opinion but once again, trying to MAKE us believe in your opinion is the right one is a bit too much to take. I dont read much, i find it hard to find the time. In fact i very rarely read novels but i read Angels and Demons on the strength of The Da Vinci Code because i enjoyed that, and once again i enjoyed this book as well, if not more. If an author can keep my head in a book till the conclusion then thats all good and is all im looking for, the author has done his job well IMO. If you dont like Dan Brown, or this novel..... then thats upto you, i couldnt give a damn either way. But all i was trying to do was write a review on a book that kept me entertained because im sure someone else would enjoy the book just as i did. But for then to have my thoughts torn apart by some jumped up would be writer who then tries to compare Dan Brown to a so called "great" like Tolstoy is a tad over the top IMO. Its along the same lines as trying to compare a Sunday League football player to Pele. Im certain Dan Brown would himself would say hes not in the same class as Tolstoy, but then again, would he lose sleep over that? I very much doubt it cos im certain thats not his objective in the first place. He is writing excellent, easy to read and understandable novels with fantastic storylines..... and hes getting paid for it. Which is what a lot of todays authors are doing
  17. These where posted nearly 2 weeks ago
  18. Well thats obviously your opinion and you are welcome to it, im not gonna sit here and write something to try and get you to see my point of view cos thats pointless. But all i know is that i think he is a damn good author and both of his novels that i have read have hit the spot with me. Like Beza has said, i also found it hard to put both books down once i started reading them so for me, thats all i expect from a book. Im not looking for anything else TBH. I know you see yourself as a wonder with a pen and the English language, some of your threads bare witness to that and like i said you are welcome to your opinion, but failed writers see themselves has good critics IMO. If and when you get anything published yourself be sure to let me know..... cos i will be right here on the edge of my seat waiting to read it And by the way..... Thats all very good, but if i wanted to read War and Peace i would.
  19. Is the Tyne Bridge had it because of all the Geordie fans throwing themselves off it?
  20. Less is definately better Yes hopefully. I want to do 2 nights but im looking for a new carp wagon cos my Pug 306 is..... well..... had it. The gearbox is on its way out so i may spend Saturday having a look to see whats about and go fishing on Sunday till Monday morning.
  21. But dont use too much of it, else it gets all sticky after a time.
  22. And why would you want to go to the hassle of doing that? Surely it is best to choose a certain hooklink material in a certain length for a certain bottom you are fishing over (taking into account your baiting pattern and the actual bait you are using) on the given day. Apart from my choddies, i do not tie my rigs at home anymore. I get to the swim i choose, decide what bait im fishing with and the bottom im fishing over then tie a rig to suit the situation. I feel doing it that way you are more flexible in your approach.
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