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  1. And how do you know them particular brands of boilies are not already being used? In your infinate wisdom, if you think the fish are getting wise with boilies then why are you using boilies in the first place?
  2. Tell you what, some of us will meet you down there and we will set your tackle up and cast your rigs out for you while you have a hard earned cuppa in your car if you want.
  3. When i fish over spod with particles i sometimes use an artificial piece of corn on the hair and i also put it on the hair length ways. I do it with normal cooked maize as well because i think it lays better on the bottom. Whether it does make a difference i do not know but im more confident when i set it up like that.
  4. We used to catch them at Knossington Grange years ago. Such great fun and fantastic looking fish.
  5. Sam do you know whats been going in to the venue in question? Cos TBH if you knew a certain boilie was going in in great quantities like its going out of fashion, then frankly speaking you would be an idiot to try anything else cos the fish will recognise it as a food source and would be well and truly on it. Years ago in the 80's just as the boilie revolution started it was Richworth who dominated the carp boilie bait market. And i think it was on Longfield (memory is a bit sketchy here) that their Tutti Frutti boilie was going in by the barrow load. Everywhere the fish went, when they opened their mouths, there was a Tutti sitting there. And you would be daft to be on anything else because you couldnt get a take on anything other than a Richworth Tutti Frutti. Obviously i dont think it did the fish much good cos like ive said, the nutritional value is neglidgable but in them days you didnt have the full blown, food source boilies that are available today and boilies where a comapartively new thing and the chemistry and science behind them was still to be fulfilled.
  6. And made from all the products that Fox market. Ive seen it and TBH its an abomination of a book. Totally unneeded to the beginner of carp angling, but a great marketing ploy from Fox
  7. Ive said it before and i will say it again. If any beginner can get hold of a book called 'Practical Carp Fishing' by Julian Cundiff, then that is well worth a read and will give you a great understanding of carp fishing. It is discontinued now cos it is years old but you can still get copies from eBay and the info it contains will stand any beginner in good stead cos its still valid stuff to know even today. The best thing about it is that its not product orientated which todays carp angling has mutated itself into. Its good, honest, sound advice. It done me no harm at all and was a god send when i first started out.
  8. But i wouldnt buy 2.5kg of the Tutti Fruttis cos they will last you donkeys years. Baits such as these are best used sparingly becuase they are just attractor baits that use the power of the liquid attractors to draw the fish in. The semolina/soya base its made from serves very little nutritional value whatsoever so once the liquid flavours have flooded out you are left with literally a ball of dough. Use these as singles, in a bag with a few crumbed baits or on a stringer and thats it, you dont need anymore than that to get the best results from them.
  9. A 23lb 8oz fish is a very good PB to have. Im sure there are anglers that have been fishing much longer than you that havent got a PB like that but im sure that all they are interested in is that they still enjoy their fishing and if a new PB comes along, then they will accept it when it comes. So whats the rush? Now this isnt aimed at you in particular but i blame the magazines that seem to put pressure on anglers that only the "biggest is the best". After all, apart from a young child showing off their first carp, when was the last time you saw a single or a low double in the press? Not for a while and if ever. Simply because that doesnt sell copies of the magazines.
  10. Could we do it another day, im feeling a tad tired
  11. Fantastic news fella, very well done. Cracking fish as well.
  12. I was merely making a point fella. If you want me to bite your head off it can be arranged
  13. I would say fill the spod with pellets to just over half way and then add some crumbed boilies over the top so the spod is about 3 quarters full and press it all down. Before casting out, dip the spod in the water and that should hold the contents in just enough for casting.
  14. Have a look through this thread..... http://www.carp.com/carp-forum/viewtopic.php?t=34096
  15. And thats coming from someone who thought i was not giving out sensible advice by recommending using pop ups as bottom baits. But then again, what do i know eh?
  16. One of the lads at work knows Sam very well and today he told me that Sam has had a big un out from Jigsaw at over 39lbs. He doesnt post on here much anymore but im hoping that he will post the pics up soon. Well done fella
  17. One bit of advice i would give is be prepared. Have everything at hand so if you need your headtorch, scales or slings etc, then you know where they are if you need them.
  18. Century FG's..... yummy!
  19. I cant see how anyone can go fishing with pre-conceived ideas anymore! I used to fall into that trap then wonder what you are doing wrong when you dont catch. You are using 2 pieces of artificial corn. I admit thats a good hookbait but then you ask what hooklink to put it on? How can we answer that when we dont know the nature of the lakebed? Surely that is the sole factor for deciding what hooklink on the day is best to use for the given spot in your swim?
  20. I had a 18lb 4oz mirror from a local club water but unfortunately i couldnt get a photo cos it was really playing up on the mat. The fish seemed to be tensing up a bit too much for my liking so i decided the best thing to do was put it straight back. Its a shame really cos the fish had some character to it cos it had a scar at the back of its dorsal fin and i have never seen it before.
  21. First off well done to you for sticking to your guns and having faith in your approach to constructing your rigs and like yourself i do agree that we sometimes over complicate things. Some of these "wonder rigs" are designed by the angler in question to catch one certain fish in one certain scenario. Now to your question on why do the mags and books suggest complicated rigs..... its because maybe the angler writing the article is sponsored by a certain tackle manufacturer and the more bits and bobs he endorses, the more the angler reading the article will go out buy the said components thus lining the manufacturers pocket Regarding the hooks, each different pattern of hook is suited to a fishing certain situation. Some people use different hook patterns for fishing bottom baits, pop ups, chod rigs etc.
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