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  1. http://fishingchiangmai.com/bread-bread-bread/
  2. I like it to see how the rig sits and getting some cool carp footage but that's about it.
  3. yes sir I got them from dragoncarp plus my local tackle dealer sells boilies
  4. Nice bring me some crab! I'm heading towards spring bay area in my kayak as soon as my back's better.
  5. I also use halibut glug with lobworm and it makes a difference for sure
  6. I bought an amino liquid from a health supplement store and mixed it with molasses. Got way more runs than plain boilie. It's all about the signals
  7. Yes my time is pretty open unless I've planned something with the kids. I've got summer off.
  8. Nice. I hear they have been in the koi feed industry for years.
  9. How about using a capsule as a measuring cup? Just a thought
  10. Any one here tried the marukyu credence boilies out or heard if they're any good or not from a mate?
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