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  1. Mate its not that much of a biggie,diversions are ok or just plan ahead and avoid or allow an hour on your journey,I`ve been through 4 times since the closure,I would`nt lose sleep over it
  2. Yes mate,quite a pretty water with lots of pads. well run,decent breakie deliverd to the swim I fished it a lond time ago so not much point trying to give tips but sure you will have a good time. Just make sure you book on the main lake and not the other pool as its very small,I wouldnt want to turn up and fish a pond for a week
  3. I dropped my 16 yr old there last week early(6ish) and they let us drive round to the speci to unload all his gear,the ground is rock hard at the moment so its not a problem as long you dont drive like a rally driver they dont mind lol He blanked though !! Ha ha
  4. Maybe a sea fishing forum would help ???
  5. http://www.ultimatecarpandcats.com/index.html Not sure about the dog although it doesn`t say "no dogs" so should be ok. Maybe worth a look???
  6. http://www.carpfishingholsfrance.com/ This place is a good runs water with fish to high thirtys. Roger is the bloke who owns it and he will do weekend tickets or midweek or a combination of both , it dosent get fished much so the fish are proper green !! Approx 3hours ish from Dieppe , Easy drive. Just don`t try and book it on 25th of May as we are there having our annual Dads-N-Lads bash,
  7. Long wheel base Transporter... Seriouisly,I would always recommend tunnel over ferry if going to that side of France...
  8. Mate,honestly I wouldnt worry about it,done tunnel countless times,never a problem,so easy aswell... always have van packed to the rafters,do it !! I go 3-4 times a year and mostly travel ferry because of where i am but tunnel everytime if I`m going over that side of France..
  9. Yeah because they are the quality ones...lol... And there is always a local ALDI...?... l m a o...
  10. Deffo batteries. Trust me batteries are stupidly expensive in France !!!
  11. Mate I always use 2 way radios in France,even in the motors if there is a couple of you you can keep in contact in transit. Sod using the phone unless I have to.... Unless its to ring in and report another FIFTY...Ha ha....
  12. Up to you mate but there is a fair amount of silvers in Marolles,worth a go on one rod I would say
  13. Well done Smudge How about that then? Not just beating your PB,Smashing it in style !!! Well in......
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