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  1. trigga,source and them dark coloured grange pop ups have served me exteremely well especially with matching oils/dips
  2. sale isnt too far from middleton about 20-25 mins and you can nightfish heaton parkwhen nightfishing heaton you can move your car as close to your peg as u can get it but it must be back in the car park by the time the gates are opened again oh and once your locked in your not getting your car backk out that nigt
  3. c,mon people theres got to be more info tha this judging by all the bivvies that have been on there recently
  4. f ished two short days last week at heaton BLANKED.Its 3 qud for a day ticket there are no bait bans and use as many rods as u like or that is what the baliff told me you can also night fish if you desire.does anyone know how may fish are in there and too what size they go
  5. does anyone have any tips or info on this water (boating lake)fished two short day sessions just to get the feel eo the place and blanked but did see a couple of decent fish any pointers would be greatly received .
  6. couldnt agree more ,simplicity is the key ive tried hinged rigs shrink tubing etc etc but i always end up tying simple rigs and seem to have more confidence using these but each to his own as they say
  7. thats just crazy how many fish are there thanks for those links
  8. i was watching sky news today and they had a short feature abou t these fish anyway these fish heard the engine noise off the boats and started juming out of the water ,people were trying to catch them with just nets (no rods allowed )this thing was amazing to see as it was not just 5 or 10 fish but multiples at a time .the funny bit about it was the guy who copped a broken nose and black eye by a flying carp at the end they reckoned theyd caught 1800 fish in 3 hours between 60 70 boats.they also believe these fish ar pests as they were introduced only 10 to 15 years ago and have overrunthis stretch of river , did anyone else see this
  9. ive caught a dog lead (dog wasnt atteched)a welly and a big floppy rubber jerkbait all on the same water .i thought the welly was a long standing angling joke .some of you fellas have some luck a century rod and shimano reel ,id have been buzzin with that one
  10. if tou have waders you can step out and place a stone onto your line to weigh it down
  11. used to use ready tied rigs ,but lost fish using these, since tying own rigs ifeel more confident with end product therefore iam fishing more effectively and not fretting about whether rig willdoits job
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