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  1. I've blown up two spod rods before but never cracked off. The tips about Keeping your upright and using a mono shockleader are good points.
  2. Deffo tea for me, either Yorkshire or Twinings lol
  3. I had a set on test for a while and to be fair they worked well. Certainly had no problems. The receiver worked really well in some thick fog and the setup did what it was supposed to do. Which is why I've seen no reason to buy them. I have a set of MK1 delks that I use for perching....if I need to, and a set of Nash r3's, along side a pair of old Fox Sx's. The delks with the vibration sensing work really well, especially with species such as perch which hate any resistance. They also work perfectly well for carp, tench, pike etc. My old Sx models are war torn and battered
  4. Fair point. In that instance, just let the run ring, run over the tubing.
  5. At the risk of being unpopular.... It sounds as if you may be trying to run before you can walk. Your catch results are 99.9% more due to location of fish than rigs and baits. The tackle you have is more than capable of fishing up to 100yrds and landing very large fish. Countless 40lb carp and larger catfish have been landed on 2.75tc rods etc. A running rig needs to be kept simple. Ditch the tubing. You need a hooklink with hair rig, terminated via a swivel. On the mainline, thread on a run ring, to which you attach your chosen lead (0.5 to 3oz ish depending on distance a
  6. Phil

    Hi all

    I'm good thanks CM. All Christmased out though lol
  7. Phil

    Hi all

    I decided I needed to visit you all. Everyone ok? Anyone had any luck this Christmas? Phil
  8. Drennan subfloats work well to be honest. Depends how you want to rig them up.
  9. Synchro loaded is a nice line. Although I do prefer my GR60, deffo my line of choice. The Sensor is a good choice though, especially for the price. Just be sure to load in on properly and remove any twist in an open field. It will treat you as well as you treat it.
  10. Stalk em' Travel light, bait up a few spots close in and spend time trying g each over the course of the session. Much like I would when chubbing on a river.
  11. Awesome post Nigel, turned into a really good thread. I've not a massive amount of experience with zigs but used to fish popped up mixers and bread alot. Also loved bunches of popped up maggots, if you can keep spraying the wrigglers over the top the action can be brilliant. You'll need a lot of grubs though.
  12. Fresh line, more bait and I keep looking at rods....Like I really need those..
  13. Not fishing g at the mo but have been putting a few handfuls of bait onto a few spots as well as a good spread on a lake I shouldn't... He who dares Rodders! Also, I've been feature finding on a lake that doesn't seem to hold much, if anything at all but could be worth a super secret ninja session.
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