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  1. i asked for advice not foolish replys, iv been on this forum for years but its full of idiots now so think il be another one finding another forum.
  2. its unhooking them thats the problem
  3. how long can prepared tiger nuts be stored and whats the best way to store them cheers lads
  4. setting up a trip wire outside the bivvy then pulling the alarms hahaha
  5. i used to worry about that but if you cut it down as thin as you can theres no probs at all.
  6. i couldnt really find what i was after by searching i know salt shouldnt be added to the particle untill after boiling because it can prolong the cooking time, what i want to know is weither there was anything else that could be detrimental to add in to the mix before boiling? cheers guys
  7. because im sure almost every one who would fish a spod mix would fish a maize/corn hook bait
  8. i think il try hammering it with particles and fishing a cut down pop up with a shot on the hair.
  9. right lads ive just re joined a syndicate i fished afew times around 5 years ago. Back then the going method was small tuti fruity pop-ups and apparently "nothing else works" sure enough it did work and i caught afew. now it seems the going thing is still exactly the same 5 years on and the lake im going to be targeting gets hammered, hardly a peg free at weekend and always afew on in the week. Now to me fish under such pressure and other than the odd angler the exact same tactics surely would have wised up ? whats peoples thoughts, buck the trend and try something totally different like a
  10. i dont think you can go wrong with trakker mate, by far the best for bivvys and luggage. ive got the tempest and its faultless. i am a bit of a trakker tart though.
  11. oooh the choices :s hmm like the sound of dave lanes i think . might have to get 2 books n tell the mrs we need to go on another holiday haha
  12. want a carp fishing book to read on my holidays and was wondering if any one had any recomendations. was thinking maybe chillys book or dave lane. saw ali hamidis book which looks good and abit more recent but i bet its one giant advert for korda.
  13. i used to use the whychwood gear thats not bad really for beginers
  14. iv just got the trakker tempest, quality piece of kit up and pegged down in minutes
  15. iv done that afew times too mate lol
  16. You will never catch anything if the handles aren't lined up, the pod isn't level or the hangers aren't lined up.... that's not forgetting matching rods, reels and alarms....oh dear god im sad and if were gona blank we may as well look good doing it
  17. i never used to do anything to sort of bring luck , but s good mate of mine and a good fisherman said all your reel handles have to match or you wont catch lol so i humoured him and 10 minutes later off it went lol so thats something i have persisted with. iv not gone into any more of his lucky tricks though... he sucks his lead before every cast haha !! loser
  18. I can't see a problem either..... unless you forget to set your baitrunner/clutch properly. that could cause a problem haha , it makes you paranoid though
  19. i fished for years on concrete landing stages with various pods n never had a problem
  20. id imagine curiosity plays a part to start with. carp can only investigate things with there mouths so even before a boilie would be an obvious food source to them i think a bright yellow lovely smelling pop-up would cause some investigating from a carp thats only ever eat the naturals.
  21. yeah mate , in my opinion a pop up is either used as a one bite tactic like a single very attractive hi viz bait, or its used to aid presentation in a general fishing scenario , which would be a pop up matching your free offerings as closely as possible fished just off the deck over a scattering of baits. over a bed of bait youd want a fairly short rig fished on the deck, obviously with a bait matching your spod mix . maybe critically balanced corn, 2 bits of plastic corn one sinking ,one pop up. thats just my opinion though.
  22. any one ever done much on the dynamite shelflife range? iv picked up afew bags of the birdfood pineapple baits on the cheap. cheers fellas
  23. if your on the choddy you want to be fishing over a scattering of boilies, the idea is to get the fish moving between baits, eating comfortably so your hookbait wont get any unwanted special attention
  24. haha cheers guys , if it looks to good to be true it usually is
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