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  1. Guys im not going to bother with this. Carp.com has just lost its flavour. Im moving on...
  2. OK my last post on this thread. I dont think im the forum police at all. I have an opinion and im allowed to voice it. I didnt think it was right to join a new forum tell us naff all about yourself and ask an immediate question about syndicates. I do post a lot of replies to questions and you have a choice to read them and disregard them or to take the advice and use it in your own situations. Niall to answer your first question there are three syndicates that I know of in OUR area the first is at Clifton Lakes on the edge of Rugby (not my first choice and I wouldnt even bother t
  3. Oh join in then Jason im hitler now am I. Have a read of my post properly and have a think about it before you go gobbing off.
  4. Guys lets not paint me as an ogre, I have already welcomed Niall to the forum. I just don't think its right to ask for syndicate info as a very first post that's all. What's wrong with a bit of a chat first and then ask? If you think im pig headed and harsh then so be it, I don't mind.
  5. James its not harsh at all and if you think it is then you need to read it again. Yes it is a forum and we do share info and learn stuff but to join, tell us nothing about yourself apart from you've just returned do you think you would be a good syndicate member? I wouldn't vote for you to join mine. Join in the questions and answers, take part in the banter,maybe even attend a social get to know us and let us get to know you first. I will ignore your request to jog on, I don't run for anyone...
  6. Oh no doubt there is someone on here that knows the better syndis, but why should we spill the beans to someone we don't know? Your first post and your asking for info that only goes out to trusted members and even then it will be by pm.
  7. I was watching the free dvd that was stuck on the front of the fishtec catalogue and watched marc Coulson tie up some solid bags. He had green sticks in all his pre tied bags. I normally use a short length of lead core leader about 8 inches (I take the lead bit out first) but these sticks save all that hassle. I went to Banks and Burrs and found them under the Avid stuff. I can now tie up at least 15 pre tied bags which is great for the day ticket venues I normally travel to. My point being that I saw it and decided to give it a go. If they help me land a few more fish then great. Dont
  8. Keep your pellets dry, oil up small amounts as you need them.
  9. I suggest wychwood 75s then. Welcome to the forum.
  10. Borrow a couple of four year olds and arm them with a small brightly coloured net on a bamboo stick and tell them they will get some sweeties if they collect more snails than the other one. Whilst your sitting back watching them hunt snails you can fill in all the health and safety forms required for water activities and sharp bamboo splinters. Failing that have a look at CCMoore or pallatrax websites and buy some.
  11. Hi Noob (have you got a real name?) I always put a splash of ground nut oil (peanut oil) into my bags of boilies before I leave for a day session. The oil wont soak into shelf life boilies very much as they seem to have a tougher skin, but it will leave a nice slick on the surface which means that there is oil droplets rising up in the water column. In the good old days I used to get really excited when a flat spot appeared above my hemp and corn bairted spots as it meant there was a wicked big fish mooching around. Oh the tension, no need for alarms..... Hemp oil is expensive, sup
  12. Sweets or a dinner. Sweets everytime for me no matter how hungry my body is.
  13. Well there is no night fishing at this place, and he seems to show up in the afternoon and catch, so he isnt really there for a huge length of time. He always chooses a different location to us so its hard to watch him unless we get there first of course. I didnt say anything about night fishing. Of course hes going to choose a different location to you if your there first. But if hes there already then choose a spot where you can see what hes up to from a distance. You dont have to be sat in the very next peg or smack opposite in order to get sight of how often he is casting etc.
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