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  1. hi mate.. you can buy a tube threader for a couple of quid from most tackle shops
  2. you have some wonderful pictures there .
  3. I have not voted as you are two young anglers who are putting a lot of time and effort into the sport that you bot love and enjoy so much
  4. tut tut courtz your spelling is not up to scratch again
  5. keep it up mate . when you get another question from canada ,ask them if they want some simmo,s
  6. On that subject i have had two fisherman from Canada email me asking for advice on safe rigs get in there .. courtz goes world wide
  7. well said . kids of your age are the future of carp angling mate .keep up your good work
  8. so what shall i put if not sponsored by They have given you something to wear/use in the video. This is NOT sponsoring. This is free advertising coarse they will, if they think it will be seen in a video. Companies sponsor people, ie Give them free tackle for a year or whatever the agreement.Bait, they give free bait for a year or so. Not a t shirt to wear. The sponsored person gets payment in money or goods to relieve the financial burden in what they do. All you are doing is free advertising for them, with nothing in return. If they had given you a camera, say, they have helped in your p
  9. beer by the gallons:D
  10. all wonderful captures very hard to pick one.rob yorks are cracking fish ,nice scale patterns, but i have to agree with jemsue and say pezza,s pb is the top one at the moment
  11. brill idea only problem is mate .ROD HUTCHINSON used it over 20 yrs ago nice to see that your thinking tho:) try it you may be surprised;)
  12. i know quite a lot of poles and i can tell you that they DONT eat carp,..please do not tar all people the same
  13. have a look at hutchy grippa,s;)
  14. divorce seems a good option:D
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