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  1. Right I thought as much. I reckon I'll stick with it, as it seems to be different from the other anglers. Good to be back on the forums
  2. chrisjames


    Evening all! Just started fishing again after life got in the way. A number of people at my club run tubing up the line just beyond the swivel. I've never done that, but not sure if it's something I'm missing? I like the rig tied to swivel tied to line with the weight just on the line. Am I missing something? Cheers
  3. had to laugh at this thread...is there something im missing?
  4. i cant believe i spelt loan wrong. must have been tired sorry people
  5. tut tut, what do you think your Student Loan is for?!! Its how I got my new alarms!! If my sounder box made that noise everytime I got a run, it'd very soon be saying hello to Mr Lump-hammer!! dont have a student lone...college student give it a year
  6. i have the same alarms..i dont really care 'cos the only time they make a sound im getting a run... im a student and cant afford £100+ on alarms
  7. thanks mate unfortunately, guest tickets are only available from 1st september till 28th feb chris
  8. Ta mate. Do you know of any lakes similar to batchworth i can get in on with a day ticket? i cant see the point in starting a membership with uxbridge rovers now only to be finished at the end of april and having to pay full price cheers
  9. i used to fish this lake a lot when i started out carping, my club is now on close season and i am planning on joining uxbridge rovers (who own batchworth lake) i was just wondering if you are still able to get day tickets for it 'cos i am hoping to go fishing during my break any help would be great thanks chris
  10. in the two years i have been carp fishing, i have never had to set up in the dark. Tonight however it is looking like i will be if i go im just a bit worried lol. are there any tips that might help me? thanks chris
  11. smaller prettier fish..anything bigger is a bonus really, would much rather catch consistantly
  12. i came across this on another forum, and i thought it would be interesting to see your opinions
  13. Maybe a little discount on the reel Ss for the 2 carrier bags. I had to get new forceps as I gave my last pair to someone who hadn't got any as he was unhooking a Chub. Then add onto a particular bait soak and a "few" deadbaits for keeping in freezer, another new maggot tub cos I forgot one and then maggots for today, and while I'm in there I'll just get my next spool of line, a packet or 2 of hooks to try (Trakker TH1's). I went to write a list of what I needed to remember, but forgot to write the list but as long as you remembered everything, thats ok
  14. my 1st carp was a 24lb mirror carp and it is still my pb lol
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