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  1. Hi All, Does anybody know if Huntley Carp Pools is still running? I've had no response to a couple of emails and the phone is never answered
  2. On my travels with work I often bomb up and down the M40 and have noticed that there is a fishery right by the Northbound M40 by the Thame junction. It has those wooden wigwam type shed thingies round it! Anybody know what it's called and whether its got a website?
  3. not for me, got to take 2 11yr olds and need somewhere where they will get a take or two
  4. Hi All, Anybody ever fished Pixley Pool near Ledbury? Any info greatly received!
  5. exactly travis! all the rich boys will be there! leaving us to the normal priced proper waters! lol
  6. A small farm pond (less than an acre) close to where I live has a few nice commons to scraper 20 in it. The farmer was always dead against night fishing...until now....he has placed what can only be described as a garden shed on a farm trailer next to the lake (he calls it a "Luxury log cabin" lmfao!) and now you can night fish if you hire his shed! Only trouble is.....he wants £40 per night plus £10 for your fishing! what planet he is on is anybody's guess! I couldnt resist pointing out that you could nearly do 48 hrs on Linear for that much!!!! YOU HAVE TO LAUGH!
  7. Why doesn't this surprise me? Nod club trying to run a carp water with absolutely no clue! Great shame and perhaps the current committee should think about standing aside and letting people who know what they are doing run the shop!
  8. Yes it is in the grounds of a private house and the chap who owns the house will not let anybody on it
  9. The fish are in a complete state due to the poor fish handling I have witnessed! Owner (who hasnt got a clue IMO and cares even less!) has a stupid boilie ban but then doesnt insist on unhookinh mats! Ive lost count of the amount of rows Ive had with idiots who were letting carp flap around on hard ground there! The island is a fish magnet but they are all small...........I always did very well to the left of the car park and about 5 swims up...and then only about 3 rod lengths out Zigs would rip that place apart I stopped fishing it about 2 years ago as I just couldnt stand the nod element and the poor fish care.
  10. any basic info really. what works what doesn't etc
  11. Hi All, Does anybody have any info on Clattercote? PM me if you prefer.
  12. The pool by the road to Witley Court is not the Washing Pool, the Washing Pool is up the track to the left. NEITHER of these pools hold 40lb carp as just stated by the previous poster!
  13. The clam type boxes full of artificial baits are produced by Anchor Tackle Ltd under their Bait Logic brand. As part of the fieldtesting team I have witnessed these baits catching carp up to just under 60lb and what has to be the biggest freshwater fish caught on an artificial bait a 71lb albino catfish. These baits are not the run of the mill baits and much time has been spent getting the make up correct so they are critically balanced. I have the baits on all 3 of my rods at the moment and fish with 100% confidence in them. The clamshell packs are also excellent value and give you all the options you need to ring the changes in one box. www.baitlogic.co.uk Also check out the group and page on facebook
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