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  1. johnhere

    looking for a lake in france

  2. johnhere

    Is Your French Holiday Safe?

    Nope sorry Best to email them and ask if they are registered as a French business and if so what is the SIRET number. Once you have the information may then post it on this thread. John
  3. johnhere

    Would you be interested ? Opening Fishing holidays

    You would think seeing you rent a venue in France and take anglers over from the UK to fish it you would realise its not to be laughed at, more so as it state on Facebook you are fully legal. That might well be true for their UK Carp Tours business that is not in dispute, what is in dispute is the French venue not being registered as a business and holding a SIRET number (not one that cane be traced). Tracy if you are the sole company that rent the lake then you need to register it as a French business, (not the owner). If on the other hand the owner also rents to others\sells weekly\day tickets then he needs to register the business. By running trips to a venue in France that is not legal in other words is not registered as a French business and holds a SIRET number makes your UK company operating illegally in France. What has been said on your Facebook site regarding a member of this forum is an absolute disgrace.
  4. johnhere

    Is Your French Holiday Safe?

    Can I just make it clear Paul is not on a witch hunt. When someone post asking about a venue and that venue is not showing up as not a legal venue in France he makes a post making this information available to forum members to help protect them, the same goes for me. If it turns out the venue is legal or then makes itself legal then once it has been checked Paul will add it to the list of legal venues. As venue owners in France we know a lot of English owned venues that are not registered as a French business. Many hide behind the fact they are operating their business from the UK and therefore exempt.....they are not. If a UK owner charges anglers to fish his venue in France then that venue has to be registered in France. If a UK person or a company rent\lease a venue in France then they have to register the venue as a business in France.....not the land owner. When a venue is raided in France we are not talking about 1 or 2 guys turning up, we are talking about a large force including the French Police, they have the right to take anyone fishing that venue tackle off them, arrest them and take them to court. One day this will happen and when it does it will be big news on all the forums............ Please don't let that be you. Likewise If you are a venue owner or renting\leasing a French venue and its not registered in France then please don't make that venue be yours. John
  5. johnhere

    Carp lake - with accomadation

    Its just possible the venues in France are better stocked together with bigger fish
  6. There is a load of rubbish talked about test curves. It all depends on the blanks----tips action or through action and type of line used. For a better understanding have a look at this video. http://bivvy.tv/Carp-Academy/12-03-19.php
  7. Their is no such thing as "The Best Bait" for any fish. Cats will eat anything. I think its fair to say live baiting produce a lot of Cats (and you wont get troubled by Carp). John
  8. johnhere


    Everyone who runs a business in France has to registrar it and is then given a SIRET number relating to that business. In France any person that uses a business that is not registered is committing an offence just as the owner is doing and both are subject to very severe penalties. In the UK it is very common to say ask a builder how much for cash (to ovoid paying tax). In France ask a builder that question and he more than likely to report you and you could will be taken to court. It is important when picking a venue you ask the owners if they are registered and if so for the SIRET number.......its you and your tackle that is at risk if raided while at the venue. A SIRET number does not have to be displayed on a web site, we dont but we do state we a a fully registered Frence Business.
  9. The French are at long last cracking down on UK owned venues that are not registered as a French business in other words they do not have what is known as a SIRET number and are therefore operating illegally. Anyone fishing one of these venues is also committing an offence and if the venue is raided while you are there you will be told to leave and I add with a good chance without your tackle. These venues if raided will also be closed on the spot and any person that has booked stands a good chance of loosing any money paid. In view of this it is vital before booking your trip to France to make sure the venue is French registered. Some do show the SIRET number on their web site but it is not a legal requirement to do so. If you cannot see one then before booking ask if they are French registered and ask for their SIRET number. If they cannot give you this number then my advice is to stay well away.....you have been warned. I have confirmed the above with our French accountants. John
  10. johnhere

    Power at the Bank

    ALDI have this excellent power pack in stores from 1st March. Not only a good power pack it is also at a great price at £35. John http://www.aldi.co.uk/uk/html/offers/special_buys3_23514.htm
  11. johnhere

    Using maggots advice please

    Would not like to be fishing near you with 50 pints going off the smell would be........hell!
  12. johnhere

    bait boat question

    Always open your bail arm or you will end up with massive line twist. When I get near to where I am going to drop my feed\rig I hold the line to stop it with a finger on the spool as I move the boat forward letting the boat take out the bow and tighten the line. Then I release my finger as I drop my feed\bait. A tip for you. It easy to fish the same spot with a boat. Pick out say a tree on the far bank as a marker. When you release the boat start counting till you get to the spot you want to fish to and remember that number. Do the same every time you send your boat out it will be in the same spot.
  13. johnhere

    Etang bertie France

    It was quite a few years ago now. Have a word with Tony or his wife (Jean I think) they will give you all the help you need. Very well stocked lake with island in the middle. Great bar with good food about 5 min drive (well there was lol). The Millers familey owned and run some of the best venues in France. As I said I would go back if only I had the time John
  14. johnhere

    Etang bertie France

    Yes Tony Millers lake. Fished it a few years ago.....lovely venue well looked after and great fishing. Good accommodation fully fitted out. One of the few venues I alway said I would return to but never have the time now. John
  15. johnhere

    Telescopic Rod

    Don't think there is such thing as a nice telescopic rod but plenty to be found on e-bay just type in telescopic rod and loads will come up including one for under £13 combo including p & p