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  1. The carp society membership

  2. The carp society membership

    Apologies for crashing this thread but I'm after tench advice of any shape and form for Horseshoe please ? I don't do so much carping now (I had one of the original 15 year Horseshoe tickets), but I am a mad keen tencher. PM me if you don't want to take up this thread with off topic tenching ! Thanks !
  3. July Catches

    Jeez, that's some tench ! Well in.
  4. the z word

    Saw the thread title and hoped it was about Zander...
  5. Stage stands

    +1 one for the Matrix stagestands, very good and well recommended.
  6. Anyone fishing?

    I'll be out at some time over the extended weekend, hopefully for a night and if I'm lucky either a short evening or morning session too.
  7. Benn Interesting year so far . ...

    Nice story and pics.
  8. Very private/ Un fished French venue!!

    Cheers Jerry.
  9. River Season

    Outstanding, Beanz !
  10. Ghosts and ghouls

    Brilliant !
  11. baa members

    I've been fishing there for 30 years on and off, and funnily enough was tenching there this Friday just gone. Otters have been passing through for years, with it being next to the river. We can't do anything about it.
  12. River Wye Carp Or Not?

    As has been said, yes, they are carp in the Wye but they are very few and far between. Hereford is your best bet. Personally I wouldn't be driving from Gloucester to Hereford for a carp, but would be on the W Avon. But good luck whatever you do.
  13. South Cerney Angling Club

    Ashton Keynes AC own the Thamesmead pits, not South Cerney AC.
  14. the baby koi and friends.

    Lol !
  15. the baby koi and friends.

    I was a member there from '95 to about '05, and looking at your pics I wish I still was !