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  1. Thanks for the input guys. There are a couple places in the States that carry Carp gear. Think I might go for the 42” Fox.
  2. Was actually just looking at the Fox 42” Compact Warrior net. Has a 2 piece handle. Would you know if a one piece is stronger than a 2 piece? The net I’m using now is not a mesh. My fake corn on the hair sometimes slips thru the openings and gets tangled. Is the mesh on these newer nets small enough to not allow the corn to pass thru?
  3. Looking to upgrade my landing net. The one I have works fine, but it’s getting old. Total length of the net is 5’ with a round opening. Not a carp specific landing net by any means. Want to get something that is sturdy, but won’t break the bank. Not opposed to a 2 piece or telescopic handle. Any suggestions?
  4. I think I'm gonna try the Mitchell. It's a dual drag system also. Have a good one.
  5. Thanks for the tip. I'll check them out. I actually have (2) Mitchell 300s that I bought new about 40 years ago. Still operational. Very basic. Very sturdy. I've seen Mitchell's being sold in discount stores here in the States for years. They look and feel a little flimsy. The Avocast appears to be better made. But I'll stilll check out the Sharky's. Thanks
  6. I'm looking to pick up a couple smaller reels to match up with a pair of Sonik 10' 2.75 TC rods. The setup will be used in a smaller lake with casts no more than 50 yards or so. Leaning towards the Mitchell Avocast FS 2000 . Has anyone had any experience with this reel?
  7. Haven't pulled the trigger yet on the rods, but I do have another question. Catapult or throwing stick? Not liking what I'm hearing about the durability of a pult, but obviously much easier to carry around. Looking to fire out boillies upwards to 75 yards. Whichever you recommend, can you give me a decent brand and model to look for. Don't really want to spend over $50 unless I have to.
  8. Thanks for the quick reply and the info. I'm 61 years old and never used a rod over 7'. I thought I'd go 10' & 12' just in case I didn't like the 12'. But I guess once you get to 10', what's 2 more feet. I was concerned that the 3.25TC might be too stiff and take the fun out of playing the fish.
  9. Long story short. I've been carp fishing for a lot of years, but never had a true "carp rod". I plan on ordering a couple rods in the near future but was unsure as to what TC to get. One rod will be a 12 footer, the other a 10 footer. I'm leaning toward a 3.25 TC on the 12, and a 3.00 TC on the 10. Manufacturer would be Sonik. I normally fish large lakes. I plan on using ( for the first time) PVA bags and sticks. Any suggestions? Thanks
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