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  1. Pack 4 lbs.- Wheat Bran 2 lbs- Wheat Germ 2 lbs- Cracked Bulgar Wheat 2 lbs.- Steel Cut Oats 2 lbs.- Flaxseed 2 lbs- Hempseed 2 lbs.- Hard Wheat Berries 2 cans- Cinnamon 5 cans- Whole Kernal Corn 1/2 can- Coffee Creamer MIX In the biggest container you have dump all dry ingredients (not the creamer yet) and hand mix well. After mixed together add one can of corn at a time until all cans are gone. Make sure you mix all the way through Add the creamer and water until you are satisfied with the way it packs(DO NOT USE TOO MUCH WATER, YOU CAN ALWAYS ADD MORE, BUT YOU CAN'T TAKE IT OUT) This bait will only get better with time, the more soured it gets the better it is Each time you use it if it is too dry add corn a little at a time good luck
  2. bran bait: 1-box wheaties 1/2-bag coconut shreds 3-boxes lemon jello 1-box lemon bars mix(just bars mix, not crust mix) 1-can mandarin(sp) oranges 1 jar lemon curds potato flakes until desired hardness the mixture will be damp after you mix it put in fridge until u go fishing this bait has won a lot of money this year works better in the lake i fish after dark close to the bank i use it as a break down ball(less flakes)
  3. here is a good casting bait 1 pound hamburger 1/2 pound chorizo bulk sausage 1 bag shredded cheddar cheese 1m jar limpburger cheese 1/2 bottle vanilla butternut extract add potato flakes until you get the texture and hardness you like you can also add whole ker. corn(no juice)
  4. I am new to paylake fishing and I am very hooked on it. I can catch a lot of "flippers" but have trouble catching bigger carp. Everyone here uses "pac" as bait and catch tons of big carp ant help will be greatly app. and tightly guarded. thanks coltsphan@aol.com
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