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  1. Genesis without a doubt. Excellent facilities your wife will love. On top of that a great lake and superb hosts.
  2. There's no other place I'd go to after being here.
  3. Genesis without a doubt. Great food and great hosts. Lovely lake, nice fish. So quiet you'll think you've died and gone to heaven.
  4. Eddy, You ain't been digging have you mate to mess up the phone lines? Get the house finished before my boss comes over checking!!! Val, how's the grandson?
  5. Go for the whole package including food. After a week you'll leave a few pounds heavier, the meals are great and plenty on the plate. Other places we have gone to we have usually had a bite to eat between breakfast and dinner, not the case here... no need cos we haven't felt hungry. We went last year for a week and going again this year for two weeks. The facilities are unbeatable and spotlessly clean and Eddy & Val are superb hosts. Once you go here you'll go back.
  6. That's what the dogs are for Keith, rumour has it they pull an old roman chariot around with the old boy in it. He was apparently given it by the roman guy who made it!
  7. Another vote for Genesis. Great hosts, superb food and facilities that can't be beaten. If you don't try here you miss out on a bit of paradise
  8. As already said there's Broadlands Lake, just off junction 2 off the M27. They have a tackle shop and toilets / showers. http://www.broadlands-lake.co.uk/ Or there's Orchid Lakes in Dorchester, near Abingdon. They sell small items of tackle and have male and female toilets and showers. Plenty of local takeaways who deliver to the lake. http://www.orchid-lakes.co.uk/
  9. Anybody fished here or know anything about Oaklands Lake in Limousin. [edited to remove link]
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