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  1. Hi Justin Where do you live ? If you can answer that one, i can tell you where to get fish meal from. As for fish flavor it has to be monster crab it is very stinky so be careful where you use it.
  2. Hi i make all my own boilies and flavor the corn i use, with the corn i soak the maize corn for 48 hours in water and sugar cook until soft but not to soft, wait until it cools then add the flavor, these by the way are just hook baits, use some of the water you cooked the corn in then add about 5ml of flavor, use a plastic tub screw top and leave to soak for as long as you like. Boilies i could write pages and pages about how i make them and what flavors i use.
  3. For maize it has to be scopex or pineapple, boilies i love to use crab and a bit of spice
  4. How about using an unhooking mat, i hope you like sand paper rubbed across your back becacuse thats what it would feel like to a carp/buffalo carp. Sorry to gripe but if you you enjoy to fish, please look after the fish you catch. Swim wild, Swim Free
  5. Hey Buzzbomb thanks for the information you sent me. I just hope i put a fish into my landing net. All the best David
  6. I am off to green bay Wisconsin in September, can anyone help me as to where i should start looking for carp i have being reading up on the carp fishing in this area, so far i have found out the fox river that runs off lake Michigan is good a bet and also lake winnebago is also a good bet. I have bought boilies to use as hook baits, what can i use a ground bait to get the carp feeding, in England i have used a dog food called Vitalin which i made up from flaked maize and other good ingredients that when water is added it makes a great ground bait, will i have much trouble with wdnr with re
  7. I did see Michigan at Kenosha and Chicago, went up John Hancock centre that was awesome. The following weekend we went to Duluth on lake superior that too was awesome in total we did 3000 miles in two weeks We also did a number of lakes one that sticks out in my mind is lake st crouix i may have spelt it wrong but that too was awesome I just wish i was there it hurts been away from your beautiful country God bless America All the best David
  8. I shall be moving to the usa and i will bringing my own tackle, what in the way can i bring in the forms of bait such as base mix and flavours, i like to make my own bait and like using fishy flavoured baits i have a feeling that channel cat fish are going to take a liking to my boilies esp when i rap paste around the boilie or will i be able to buy such supplies in the us. I shall be moving to Wisconsin Le Crosse area. Please can you help me. Thankyou for reading this David
  9. Wow im so in love with Wisconsin, the place is awesome, im back in the England and i hate it, two years time my wife to be and myself are going to move to Le Crosse. My other half is American. Your sport shops are out of this world i visited a bass pro shop in Illinios and Cabelas in Prairie du chien, i bought a number of lures and two mad bomber hats. I have never seen so much water i was lost in paradise, i long to get my lines in those rivers and lakes, i must have a crack at muskies they look awesome. I spoke to a number of local fishermen living in Fountain city they thought i was livi
  10. Hi Lee - Thanks for the response. We'll be staying in the Fountain City area, which is north of La Crosse, for a good portion of our visit. When we head north, we'll be staying in Solon Springs, about 30 miles south of Superior. My girlfriend tells me there is a State Park just north of Fountain City that has some shallow bays. There's one bait and tackle shop in town, but we have a feeling no one there's ever heard of catch and release carp fishing. Will be worring about the sniffer dogs in Minneapolis if I bring any of my own gear! However, will PM you for more info on re
  11. Hi Lee and all, I found this web-site whilst looking for information on carp fishing in Wisconsin, and have very much enjoyed reading this thread. My American girlfriend and I will be visiting her family in Western Wisconsin in September. I'm a long-time carp fisherman from Birmingham, England, and am looking forward to seeing the Mississippi River, which is just a few hundred feet from her mother's front door! I'm not going to be able to take much of my tackle with me and don't know yet how I'm going to accomplish this, but would like to show her brothers a few things about carp
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