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  1. Yeah some rules are made to be broken. I do recall he had the big common from the big pond, which must have been a club record back when he caught it. Terry could have only been a teenager lol and his face was a picture. Maybe he will write about it one day?
  2. The FAL rig is not a new rig unlike the pebble rig, I dare say it will not be long before someone claims to have invented that! The FAL rig fell foul to his writing on his fishing as a syndicate member, the rig used was something he tinked with and named due to the "FAL culture" on that venue . FAL is not really his style at all, he is constantly tinkering with baits and rigs, casting out every 20 mins in most cases and results in some very good fish capures. When he does get the chance his writing is some of the best I have read, the trouble is with his sponsorships and consultan
  3. I think the Fal rig was one old Ronny (Bless him) forgot about, lets not forget he has been carp fishing some 40 years. And the state of his barnet shows he was one of the first to use the hair rig lol He certainly has not re-invented or re named any of his rigs, as he is worth far more than that in the public eye, lets leave those antics to todays wannabees not yesterdays pioneers of fishing. 40 years catching carp lads is not to be knocked, this chap started out fishing spuds, sleeping on sacks under trees just like Yates and all our other fishing heros from the past, I was there the
  4. Does anyone have any info on the carp tournament mid march 2007 NC area????? If so please get in touch
  5. Try searching the Atlas Mountains
  6. There are a fair few lumps in Garda natas, the mincho runs from guarda into the po at mantova. There is a big fort / castle on the lakes shores and it is a fair size water. Garda has its own website, I will pm you it so you can have a butchers, good luck and dont forgwet to wind in when shes walking down the aisle lol
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