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  1. I've not used it yet, a lot of money for what it is 🤦‍♂️
  2. Nice 👍 Cobb BBQs are £150 - just saying, more MUST have kit lol
  3. £150 or another 3 mystery boxes? Could he win the missing 3rd Large Method Feeder? you know it makes sense 👍
  4. lol - that's made my week, what were you thinking? That's an expensive pack of hooks, and some other stuff that nobody ever wants lol Sorry mate but you've been had there 🤦‍♂️
  5. I've got nowhere to go carp fishing, everywhere is an hours drive minimum for me so too far unfortunately and most are closed anyway. A canal Perch if you're lucky - I should move down south tbh Good luck to those doing a bit 👍
  6. Unlucky mate - I go for smelt, they seem to be really good bait 👍
  7. No I've not bought the trolling motor or sonar yet - no rush with lockdown, the ressies are closed anyway. Good luck down the canal 👍
  8. Well in - great stuff 👍
  9. You've made me try the theory, it don't work lol - always thought it would if I could find the damn thing but it's a bit tight for the Korda stuff I'm messing with and that's easy to thread anyway 🤦‍♂️ forget it get the Gardner one if it's made for the job. 👍 The pole threader is just a 1+ metre wire with a loop one end, might try it on some others I can't usually get line through
  10. I've just found my pole elastic threader from years ago, a wire with an eye, no more struggles treading tubing 👍
  11. These are one of the hooks I've started using on a weedy barbless venue, on the face of it I think they are great and cannot see any downside, but if that changes I will update it on here 👍 Clubs hey 🤦‍♂️
  12. Sorry had to - these ones look sick lol Just for the fans x
  13. I must be an influencer - kill me now lol
  14. Very true, this is because people see pictures on social media, don't understand the reasons behind the set up and copy like it's a fashion. I see a problem and buy kit that gives me a solution. i.e. additional long sticks for the front of the pod. If I can get my rod tips under the surface, that's first choice - less wind disturbance, bird life disturbance - and you cant see where I'm fishing. 👍
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