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  1. Going Bluebell tomorrow for a night will try to get info on what's been eaten so far this winter, mid-December I heard 2 x 30's from Kingy.  Has to be a LOT more by now.  Trev might not tell me any more, I already know too much lol

    1. yonny


      The number of bigguns in there the otters don't seem to touch the sides!!

  2. I agree with the others, new kill. Fence the lake or this is the future! Sad times
  3. I used to feed the carp bread in my lunch break around the weir at King Power Stadium, sitting on the lock gate, fish were often there, some good ones too. Wanted to fish for them but didn't feel comfortable in the area. Said to have done a 40lb fish and I believe it possible from what I've seen - many years ago mind! Unfortunately lots of evidence of predators south of the City, not sure what the score is in town?
  4. December is fast becoming my favourite month - just booked the wrong week off - this week is banging!
  5. No more fish through the night but what a great session and waking up to this view you have to feel blessed! Thanks for the comments guys 👍
  6. 11.10pm - well actually a double take - was still on after landing the last one- thought I had crossed lines - anyway 15lb
  7. I ain't done yet mate 🤣 11pm - 24 12lb
  8. 10pm 4th fish a mid double - on a roll - need food and sleep - been a busy day!
  9. Just had another about an hour into dark - same rod 27.8lb - happy with that 😊
  10. Another mild spell, so another 24 hours - should be shopping but couldn't resist. Same lake, same swim - and again I saw bubbling late morning and the rod placed on that went off early afternoon - resulting in an 18lb mirror, hopefully more to come - fingers crossed
  11. Thanks mate so good to have quiet banks at long last! 👍
  12. Had one more late morning whilst packing up, a low double certainly a looker for the future.
  13. Carrying on from November catch result - I'm still here and its now Dec 1st, woke up and moved my 2 rods in open water over to the causeway bank where last nights fish came from - all 3 now on the very back of the wind. Not long after and whilst eating well earned breakfast the new right rod was away and it resulted in a bigger fish of 23. 4lb - fingers crossed for one more whilst I pack up but no complaints - more than happy. Oh had a giant bream as well last night - absolute donkey no pics though sorry.
  14. Just got one in for November last knockings on 30th. I've got the week off but only this mad mild 36 hours looked worth a try so off to bluebell lakes I go for 24 hours; arrived around 10am I got on the lake I wanted and furthermore it was empty, the whole complex is super quiet, ended up in the same swim as last Dec when I had a few. 6pm the tight hander ripped off - the rod I moved towards the causeway after seeing tiny patches of bubbling late afternoon. 18lb and ounces, been a while it felt massive at first. 🤣
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