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  1. kevtaylor

    What is your newest purchase

    That's great thank you 😊
  2. kevtaylor

    What is your newest purchase

    I've got the older greys spod in 12ft, no probs with it as such but I imagine it's gonna give up fairly soon, and I'd like better. I got the 13ft grays marker rod - hate it, so tip heavy, just doesn't feel right, very disappointed tbh bag of s.... (stuff)
  3. kevtaylor

    What is your newest purchase

    That's great much appreciated 👍 My mate hired rods abroad and got a Free Spirit spod rod, think it was ctx or something like that - said it felt really good and a reasonable price and did well in Magazine comparisons for the price range. I will also look at the Torrix.
  4. kevtaylor

    What is your newest purchase

    Which Spomb/spod rod you bought? Might be looking for one myself next spring 👍
  5. kevtaylor

    Could somebody please enlighten me????

    As far as I know the German is a very basic bottom bait rig, no breaks in the hooklink coating, just a knotless knot rig with a hook swivel and bead, worlds apart from the Ronnie or whatever its being called today, which is a pop-up rig
  6. kevtaylor

    New water

    Pink - that's irrelevant IMO, this is not 'The Key' as you put it. As others have said they will eat anything on the right spot at the right time. Its about knowing where they feed and why, where are the natural food beds, where do they go in certain weather conditions, wind directions, hot and cold temps, how do they respond to angling pressure, getting a clear understanding of your quarry in that particular lake. Then with appropriate baiting, hard work and determination you might find the key to consistent success on that venue. Its never about being on a certain bait, because without all of the above you're still likely to be in the wrong area to begin with - best bait in the world or not. 😉
  7. kevtaylor

    Topping up at first light?

    Its a tough call, but I'm only re-casting around morning bite time if I feel I have been done or should have had a take because fish were on me for a significant amount of time. If I have other rods on the spot I might not recast the done rod in case it ruins the chance for the other 2 rods. I think the biggest issue here is stock density and how spooky the fish are generally, there are waters where it would be a no no and others where it wouldn't matter or could even be beneficial to re-bait. You hadn't mentioned the rod knocks before and that shows that you have fish at least checking the area out and quite possibly feeding. You say you fish short sessions and also like to put a decent amount of bait out, results not great. On short sessions I'm fishing for a bite not a red letter day, maybe you'd do better, catch more quickly if you fished far less bait to begin with. 😉
  8. kevtaylor

    Topping up at first light?

  9. kevtaylor

    Topping up at first light?

    Why do you assume you've been done? I've said this before and my views haven't changed, it seems absolute madness to me for you to get up nice and early before you're perceived bite time, only to get impatient and let doubt creep In, should I check my rigs, have I been done, is there any bait left? Then you proceed to pull the rigs up, most likely spooking anything creeping into your area, then smashing them back out - definitely spooking any not spooked first time. Better still I'll bait up messing it up for anyone nearby too. Why make and check rigs that are, anti tangle, re-setting, tried and tested, spots good enough to present on, bait up carefully - then just when you need to sit on your hands and do nothing......... You know the rest, and you said the results ain't great! Stick to plan A and be confident 😊
  10. kevtaylor

    Surface fishing on the bottom

    Floating bread is very likely to get taken even if they are cagey about mixers and surface feeding. Also slow sinking flake is an absolute winner on the right water, cast a few yards in front of cruisers and they will often follow it down and take it. My first carp came on ledgered bread, nearly pulled the rod in - epic!
  11. kevtaylor


    I don't know much about Willesley but my gut feeling is that its a bit over priced, its nowhere near the standard of other similar priced venues I can think of, based on stock sizes and bank maintenance, however its supposed to be a lovely lake to look at.
  12. kevtaylor

    Rod Shots

    Catching is over rated, all that wet kit to dry etc etc - who needs it? It leaves little time for rod shots and scenics 😊
  13. kevtaylor

    Rod Shots

    No don't think so lol 😂
  14. kevtaylor

    Rod Shots

    Ok didn't realise a rod shot would start a discussion lol A) they are storm poles not 2ft snag ears. B) I was fishing wide left and right, the pod couldn't be pushed into the ground and would have been pulled over with a savage take. And it does look banging 😊