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  1. If you're unsure whether the bleeps are liners or pick-ups change your rigs over to something that will tell you if you've been done, such as a multi-rig or blow back with silicon down the hook shank. Reel in after an occurrence you look at the hook end - if your been done you'll see straight away, if everything is normal it wasn't a pick-up, so a liner or trailer. Just a thought 👍
  2. I'll be trigger - let's go for a pint Rodney 👍
  3. Well that was aimed at someone in particular - I.e not you, just someone who argues the toss no matter what's said. 👍
  4. What I was really saying is that different rods have different attributes and will be better for some situations than others, and that going for shorter rods as an all rounders is a mistake IMO, that was my only real point. On accuracy it's just an opinion like yours is - I believe a 12ft will be more accurate than a shorter rod - certainly for me, or we could go for roach poles and drop the rig exactly where we want it - so yeah the longer the better if we're gonna get silly with it. Taxi for Taylor he's done.............👍
  5. That makes no sense, must be how you've written it. What I can tell you is that the difference in accuracy from my old rods to new was noticeable from the very first cast, a quality rod in any length will make a difference as the rod snaps back into position quicker. Give me a 9ft rod and a 12ft and I believe that I would be consistently more accurate with the longer one, probably only marginally granted.
  6. In my mind a bigger casting arc has more controlled direction, I cant explain further, seems obvious
  7. Great - and if you were used to a 12 - 13ft rod you'd probably find yourself being even more accurate 👍
  8. I'd love a couple of 6's, 9's, 10,s and maybe 13's coz they all have a place. I used my 12's for stalking and didn't really struggle or think at the time if only they were shorter, I had never seen anyone using shorter rods back then. I have however since seen situations where the 6's or 9's were needed in at least 3lb or higher TC for stalking out of trees and such like and wish I had some. My mate stalked a 66lb mirror from under a tree on hols and to say a shorter rod would have come in handy is an understatement, what a struggle, we asked everywhere for a 9ft rod and no joy. Theres deffo a market for shorter rod sets, but I'd question anyone buying them as a fashion or thinking they are the normal all rounder.
  9. Good one Nige, however I am more accurate with a normal claw type hammer, which again proves that in most situations the middle sized or 12ft rod is best/more versatile. That being said, all hammers/rods have their place in the tool box/rod bag for a given job/angling situation. I'm here till sunday!
  10. My 12.6 Torrix TE's are players rods and they can cast long and accurate that's for sure. Does 12.6 ft make any detrimental effect on playing and netting fish NO imo. On weedy waters (nearly all waters I fish) the 12ft or more length helps extract them from the weed beds. I want short stalking rods just for under trees where you cant lift the rod upright coz it's too long. I dont understand why you think a shorter rod casts more accurately, I'd argue the opposite is true
  11. I'm considering buying a couple of short rods but for stalking ONLY. I'd never use those for my general fishing IMO 12 to 13ft rods are better for casting, playing and getting them out of weedbeds. One member on my previous syndicate bought the Scopes for fashion purposes only. He said to me he massively regretted it because he was hopelessly under gunned for the water and he lost fish because of them, weeded up - no backbone no length.
  12. Struggling to recall this and I think I've watched all things Hearn ten times over, is this the little winter syndi lake where he had a fish called the Little Grey?
  13. Maybe the fish were entering the baited area from left to right so they picked up the left rod first. When that rod wasn't put back then the middle and right rods came into play. You'd think all have an equal chance but it depends on what I've said above. If they pick up bait from the left side they are chewing that whilst passing the middle and right rods, probably why people talk about a spot within a spot. What you could have done is move the right rod over to the far left possibly giving you more quick takes. Just a theory 👍
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