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  1. Trust me its the same stove with a Trakker badge on £55 quid ish. Yes I bought it in a rush as no choice at the time but massive error on my part, could have got 2 bullin's for the money - not impressed by Trakker ripping us off massively!!!
  2. From what I've been told a few of the features are very useful, but I've not looked it up for myself, but check this out, you can take the sensitivity down to like -1 as you would in a storm, however if you were snag fishing you'd still want plenty if beeps to get your attention so you'd turn the beeps up, you can't achieve that with the older ones. Also adjustments by remote instead of having to go outside when it's [censored]ing down 👍
  3. New Delks look good and some interesting features, wish I could upgrade to them tbh
  4. Thought this place had been filled in for property development or is going to be filled in soon?
  5. Not caught one but did fish a lake with them in last year and had them in my water. From what I've heard you want to be on veg food i,.e. tigers and/or maize/corn. I avoided them with boilie hookbaits The other advise I was given was to draw them over the sling instead of netting them, they will destroy your net otherwise. Good luck
  6. Yes if you get considerably higher temps after a period of sustained cold that's good. What you really want is for low pressure storms and milder temps to go with that - bingo! Good luck
  7. I'm no boat expert but I'd be thinking whats the biggest boat I can use and get from venue to venue, safety first! Good luck
  8. Thought so - thanks for confirming and good luck 👍
  9. Do you have to do a year on 7/8 to get on 5/6 eventually?
  10. Here's my final entry - caught in Oct during a pretty tough week in Italy. I love the look of this fish and it came 30 mins after the most gut wrenching loss ever, so I went from devastated to elated on the next cast. Happy days! 😎
  11. Ditto all of that - well said mate.
  12. I like your way of thinking and if these otters were not illegally hand reared then maybe inner city areas would be safer for the fish, however these damn creatures are not scared of humans and have been known to take koi from gardens in housing estates. They are on busy day ticket lakes in daylight, they have no fear of us. IMO nowhere is safe for long, they have done lakes near me that are nowhere near a water course, on paper I would have said no way will they have otters!!!
  13. Bad times mate 👎
  14. Yes mines otter fenced and the price is going up, that's not the reason I'm not renewing though, I may go back on next year. Me and my mate have been talking about how it's going to go for a couple of years and it was obvious, supply and demand, safe stock = charge what you want!
  15. Yes mate swims 16 and 17 again 👍 Can't afford the syndi whilst saving for this trip but no regrets, there's always day tickets, canals and rivers - should be interesting 😎
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