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  1. Line keeps looping up

    I soak the line in a bucket of water until it takes on water and sinks the spool. Usually the line is placed label side up and it goes on well through a little finger tension.
  2. Line keeps looping up

    I liked the original a lot and spooled up with the newer version last year but was forced to replace it with 20lb line soon after, so didn't get the chance to put it through its paces. Good info cheers
  3. Line keeps looping up

    Ayup mate - whats wrong with the Loaded XT? - thats the latest version right?
  4. Snapped rod tip?!? Help

    Ok roughly how wide is the inner at that point? How many ml? If the break is not right at the top where it's very thin, then I can't see why an insert can't be done
  5. Baiting Pole

    I think this is the same issue as people just dropping rigs from a bait boat on a slack line, not knowing what they landed on or how it landed and thinking that's OK, which it isn't. A skilled angler like Mr Hearn tightens up before releasing the hopper and feels the lead down and will not leave it if he didn't get a good drop, to me the same applies here, tighten up before turning the spoon over and feel the rig down. Bait up with the spoon afterwards IF you got a good drop.
  6. Snapped rod tip?!? Help

    How close to the tip is the break? - shops can glue in a carbon insert into the tip section under the break and then whip over the break. You'll see some whipping but the rod will still be the right length. Just depends how thin the rod is at the point of the break.
  7. What is your newest purchase

    Yes mate swims 16 and 17 😊
  8. What is your newest purchase

    Trakker XL floatation sling - hopefully needed for Italy later in the year!
  9. Does hemp go off??

    Stuff Tupperware I'm coming with you @nigewoodcock - headache and bad dreams! Yay 😊
  10. Does hemp go off??

    I didn't want to say owt but I thought Tupperware was standard lunch box talk - ageless surely!!! Party anyone?
  11. Hemp seed.

    I use Hinders for my particles, hemp is £22 for 10k which hasn't changed much in many years from memory Think I usually get free delivery at offer times or if I purchase some other stuff with it to make the order cost up
  12. Does hemp go off??

    For me if it stinks wrong bin it, I like my particle fresh, I don't go along with the thinking that its best when on the turn or however you want to put it. If in doubt chuck it out!!!
  13. Rucksack what one?

    This is nice - Avid make great kit https://www.avidcarp.com/Products/Luggage/Ruckbag Also I'd back up the Aqua @sharpy86 suggested 😊
  14. Rucksack what one?

    Look at Cotswold Aquarius - not sure if they have a rucksack that suits your needs but still - nothing is carpier!
  15. Snaggy river rigging

    Like I said before look up people who proper snag fish, from what I've seen they are using heavy braided mainline maybe 80lb, Size 2 wide gape hooks, 50lb Armacord for a hooklink and some serious mono leader. I'm using 20lb mainline on a pond just to deal with weed, your talking rocks, trees and a combine harvester ffs!!!