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  1. What a view, looks awesome mate - lots to like 👍
  2. This looks the business 🙂 Powapacs Atom
  3. Not sure how you can get in a mess tbh - you just pull the little tag end created then feed the lead back through the loop - couldn't be simpler, what are doing to get a tangle lol
  4. The heli set-up should be OK with either stiff or subtle. The only problem I see is if you want to chuck the bag straight in the weed, then you might need the hook link completely inside the bag. For a couple of years I often used the long bags from ESP because I was using coated braid and didn't want the rig curled round in the bag, they are long enough to fit the lot in straight just depends how far out you're fishing coz they make a weighty parcel to chuck out. Think they were about 2in x 8in, should still be available. Thinking back it was a very successful method, I had a great summer and a PB mirror.
  5. Silly Club rules - I feel your pain You could fish Heli style, put the lead in the bag but have the link starting above and outside the bag, you can still hook into the outside of the bag to cover the point and your hook link can be kept straight between the bottom bead and bag. Not sure that's described very well without a picture?
  6. Must be pretty rare though, could be more likely he has misread the rules? There are some strange rules out there though no doubt! 🤷‍♂️
  7. You might find it's a main line braid ban not hooklinks. Can't remember seeing anywhere banning braid as hook lengths - seems a bit odd tbh
  8. I'm looking at getting Powapacs Atom. Might be worth a look?
  9. That's a great fish mate - well in 👍
  10. A view from the bivvy door 4am saturday - quite a gathering 😍
  11. Lol thought so - sounded too familiar not to be 🤦‍♂️🤣👍
  12. Do I know this guy - seems strangely familiar?
  13. Happy to get delivery of my leads from Taylor's Lead Lounge, 4oz flat pears and 3.5oz dumpy thingys Impressed with the quality and price from these guys - nothing to do with me, but it is a good name! It is my second order from this company - the last ones were powder coated and very good too 👍
  14. Send it back mate - if its not right it's not right, you can't be expected to fix a new reel with washers! Shimano has obviously gone down hill a bit with the quality of their reels. My new spod reel ceased up on it's first outing, I got it moving again but really not the point, I have the expectation now that it will happen again mid session, didn't think I would ever be bad mouthing Shimmy but a sign of the times., I should have sent that back but didn't - you've reminded me what a fool I've been.
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