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  1. What is your newest purchase

    Found this in a relatives garage so had it away, great fun hearing the mozzies meet their doom 😊 Battery powered and doubles up as a bivvy light lol
  2. Must admit I plan my arrival looking at the weather trying to avoid rain if possible😊 I've learnt to keep the groundsheet and bivvy separate so I can load the barrow chuck the ground sheet over the lot and then barrow round to at least get a swim and wait for the rain to pass a bit before setting up - most importantly beating someone who arrives after you to the best peg! Barrow race πŸ˜‚
  3. Lol - no one likes packing up in the rain fella no matter how dedicated
  4. Sorry but if you chose to fish when the conditions say the carp will be having it rather than when you find it pleasant to be out there - you'd catch plenty? Catching not camping - just saying
  5. What is your newest purchase

    Will do buddy no worries
  6. What is your newest purchase

    I cant take credit for finding it chaps, my mate did it in 10 mins - kids of today hey Well at least we have the proper name for it - maybe ebay will have some?
  7. What is your newest purchase

    http://viyoutube.com/video/IYm3CCNZ3qU/osprey angling developments rod saver
  8. What is your newest purchase

    bit of black paint and that's pretty good 😁 not that I'm tarty at all! πŸ˜‚ It's by far the nearest match I've seen so far
  9. What is your newest purchase

    The net station looks too bulky for me but if I didn't find this thing I would have considered the station or a nash locking rest, although he said that wouldn't lock well enough?
  10. What is your newest purchase

    Sorry Yonny it came in a clear box no labelling. I cant find it on the web either. Like Ian says I think we are looking for some kind of boat rod lock? I will go back to the shop later this week and see if he knows more or of any alternatives. If no joy we should get these made - you'd sell a few I reckon.
  11. What is your newest purchase

    Banks and burr tackle in rugby, it's made by 'Osprey' and think it's prob advertised as some sort of rod rest. If you struggle to find one I can go back and ask if he has any more - don't think so because it came from a box of odds and sods.
  12. What is your newest purchase

    This tidy little device will go on a bankstick and hold my landing net secure whilst I rest a fish - broke my old device this is perfect for the job 😊
  13. Autumn come early?

    A shoal of huge Bream?
  14. Autumn come early?

    One year I had a shed load of frogs die under the thick ice on my garden pond. With the thickness of the ice I can only assume they awoke very early like Dec/Jan, got in the unfrozen water and got caught out. Sad and very smelly to deal with I can assure you! yuk
  15. Autumn come early?

    I've looked forward to Autumn for what seems like many years and only been dissapointed, been in what would appear to be the right swim in wicked conditions for 4 nights and not a sniff - its baffling, unnecessary and hurtful! Weather wise the seasons are completely mixed up - the plants and animals don't know what they are doing, spring flowers appearing before Xmas and so on...