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  1. kevtaylor

    Carping without coarse fishing...?

    Huge congrats!
  2. kevtaylor

    Carping without coarse fishing...?

    Personally I think you miss out on a massive amount of knowledge, skills, experience and more importantly enjoyment if you go straight into carping without progressing towards it in some way. I loved my time match and pleasure fishing, pike fishing etc Every species and situation meant learning and practising skills that in some cases I still use to this day.
  3. kevtaylor

    Spomb stick or catty?

    Always carry the catty, stick and spomb and more bait than I imagine I will use just coz you never know. My best sessions ever have all come to mass baiting tactics, here and abroad although its not always the one, sometimes however it is absolutely the way forward.
  4. kevtaylor


    Even my mum watched John Wilson, loved his laugh. I liked the Big Pit Piking episode with the boat on the roof of his trusty old Lada - quality memories 😀
  5. kevtaylor

    Pre bait costs

    Well worth getting the bulk sacks, they all love the pellet and to me it's very good value and they keep for absolutely ages.
  6. kevtaylor

    Pre bait costs

    Good call Sir Skrettings and Coppens both do good pellets for similar cost: course, carp, trout and hallibut etc all good 👍
  7. kevtaylor

    Bad fishing days....

    Yeah I know what you mean I've read that too. Think the same night I've just talked about was the night I heard loud footsteps getting nearer and nearer until it stopped right on me, I daren't look up, I honestly have never been that scared. Still now wtf 🤤 makes me shudder
  8. kevtaylor

    Bad fishing days....

    I did a Thursday night on a local pit, booked the Friday off so I could pack up around mid day, was the only one on so felt a bit spooky. I had a hit that night over my prebait and lost what I thought was the biggy. Anyway as the fog cleared I recast after a fish, sank the line, then reached out to clip on a backlead. Next thing I know I'm diving head first in the drink. Gutted coz I had no spare clothes but at least there was no-one there! Except the 3 guys standing watching it all from a point swim nearby, who just so happened to be having a wander round lol Wasn't happy driving home in just a coat either! Very dodgy 😊
  9. kevtaylor

    Rod Shots

    No this was a while back, but thanks for the heads up lol, I cant get down till Nov 👎 Looks like the first autumn its fished normally and I've missed it all - typical!!!
  10. kevtaylor

    Rod Shots

  11. kevtaylor

    Bad fishing days....

    I was cooking in my bivvy on 2 single burners the type with the can screwed on the bottom, rice in one pan, curry in the other, my mate was in the next peg waiting for dinner. The gas runs out on one, I unscrew it, out with a new gas, I should go outside me thinks, it'll be ok you're well fast at changing bottles - no gas ever comes out me also thinks 😊👍 So the gas comes out fast - I pull a Noooo face and woosh a flash of flames, the bivvy is ruined, I'm on fire, my new fleece is roaring with me inside and I'm still holding the stove lol I drop kick the stove under the closed door and get out, patting myself out and generally going wild trying to extinguish myself, flapping all over place. Must have looked epic from the opposite bank - I would have booked tickets! I finished dinner and took it to my mate - he didn't hear a thing, he looks at my frazzled arms, black tar look top and we duly roll about laughing, then and for weeks later. H&S people - be careful out there! 😂
  12. Missed it too lol gutted
  13. I use wafters, hardened bottom baits and pop-ups cork ball and normal. White features heavily for me but I also match the hatch and use dull yellow and bright pink on occasion.
  14. kevtaylor

    What is your newest purchase

    Cheers guys good tips 👍 I did cut the line onto a point and tried stiff bristle filament but neither worked. I wasted enough time trying to thread the tubing for me and my mate, coz he lost the plot with it - I could push it through upto an inch from the other end before it jammed, then the same trying the other way round? If I then cut an inch or so off the tubing it still jammed an inch from the end!!!!!! Where's my pole elastic threader when I needed it lol Never have probs with the Korda stuff at all.
  15. kevtaylor

    What is your newest purchase

    ESP tungsten tubing Found it to be just as annoying as the Nash stuff i.e I cant get the damn line through. If you typically need a threader tool, why not sell one and say its required on the packet? Should have stuck to the Korda or looked about for the Rig Marole stuff recommended by Yonny. Until the next venue requires it tubing is dead to me lol