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  1. kevtaylor


    Looks pretty bloated to say the least, probably more chance of it going belly up than recovering imo. You say it's come out a couple if times which isn't good either. I had one like this a couple of years back and it went belly up some time later that year. I think that if it was retained and a koi expert telephoned, maybe they could inject a hormone and strip the eggs out, never heard of this happening but can't see why not if it's a prized asset to the venue - maybe not possible. Fingers crossed mate
  2. http://www.fisheries4sale.com/
  3. I think you need to do some proper homework on this buddy, I cant see anyone being able to help you with something like this but could be wrong. You need to get out there and look, speak to people and the local land agents, you wouldn't get to lease a house through a DIY forum would you? Have you done any research into possible lakes yet?
  4. kevtaylor

    Bait "sprays".......your thoughts???

    If the sprays do nothing I'd be surprised, one of the Nash bug spray smells just like squid boilie flavour, I'd confidently say it is just that, but could be wrong. Nah Does it do anything, well the zigs still stink when they come back in maybe 12 hours later and all my zig bugs still stink years later. Squid's a strong smell it lingers fact. I'm more confident on a sprayed zig than I would be using plain unflavoured foam.
  5. kevtaylor

    Channels to watch on YouTube?

    Thecarpcatcher - Steve Whitby, the original blogger and probably the best.
  6. kevtaylor

    Checking out a new lake and being a weird-o

    If on doubt 13 wraps - usually a winner lol
  7. kevtaylor

    Checking out a new lake and being a weird-o

    Book me the next swim! 😂
  8. kevtaylor

    Checking out a new lake and being a weird-o

    lol thought better after posting but too late to delete lol I did try. Yes Frank is probably Mr Sanity in comparison 😂
  9. kevtaylor

    Checking out a new lake and being a weird-o

    Sorry Frank - I agree wiv your mate - nut case! lol I have a few lucky rituals that have never actually bought me any luck but I still feel that I must do them all the same - lucky spray with deodorant during bite time, must be Adidas - makes me laugh whilst doing it and saying lucky squib coz it isn't lucky, and counting the tent pegs back into the bag, seems just sensible but I'm thinking lucky peg counting and re-start if I realise I'm not counting properly coz that's not lucky either. This started on the last morning of a Kingfisher trip when I was literally praying for my first take from the lake. Well I got that take, nearly crapped my pants and landed a tench which was obviously disappointing when I was a trembling nervous wreck. I've also kept the 'Noddy and Big Ears' flannel in my food bag from that session, it has escaped several kit tidy ups and scale downs. 3 lucky things that bring me no luck whatsoever but if I don't do them??? I thought my dog brought me luck but he didnt come at the weekend for the first time in his life and I bagged a brace - his fishing days look numbered.
  10. kevtaylor

    Self Awareness

    I find it staggering that people will get out of bed during bite times to recast and even spod on top of what they have already put out - despite it being bite time and the food is still there, they haven't caught anything yet. Whats the point in finding spots, baiting and doing the leg work to then stuff it up for yourself and anyone nearby when you should be sitting on your hands - it beggars belief tbh I believe a lot of anglers would really benefit from going day only for a good while, light tackle and stalking in the edge, you'd soon learn about the effect of your presence on the fish. Watching how they will come in have a quick mouthful, buzz off in fear, come back tiny bit more, do the off and so the cycle goes on until competitive feeding takes place, mostly hours later. Any noise during the wait and its game over.
  11. kevtaylor

    How often do you switch baits?

    Thanks buddy 😊 The boilie mix has been upgraded over the years as better ingredients have come about, increased glm and such like. That's helped me to feel that I'm not being completely left behind in terms of quality so I didn't jump ship. It's so confusing anyway - they all sound the same and claim to be the one. Something I found very helpful in the last couple of years was speaking to the guys at the bait company, telling them I was thinking that maybe I should try something new, but instead of trying to sell me a more expensive bait they recommended a stronger attractor package to counter the heavy weed and silt. Again that worked from the off and because it's basically he same thing I had no reason to doubt it. One thing I know from my early days is that it doesn't pay to go from one thing to another. If your bait is from a trusted source and comes recommended just stick with it and worry about location and the rig end. My problem then was not buying in bulk and the shops never had the same things two weeks running- you have a poor day and can easily blame the bait because you've not caught on it before and miss the point, you were fishing badly for whatever reason. Because I generally fish Saturday nights when I can not long regular sessions I don't prebait or put enough in to say it is in any way established. What I like about my baits is that it's a fast breakdown so it's leaking off attraction straight away, after 20 mins they are pretty much an off white and have started to soften and swell. I feel like my baits look like they have done 24 hours plus after just a couple it's great and we know carp prefer soft baits, well I believe that.
  12. kevtaylor

    How often do you switch baits?

    I've been using the same boilies for around 20 years. I have thought about changing many times (every year) but when every company says theirs is the greatest thing since sliced bread I find I cant decide whether there is anything to the hype or not and just stick to what I know. At the end of the day I've caught everywhere on my current bait, busy pressured specimen day ticket or busy pressured syndicate, its a basic fishmeal and it catches fish simple as that. Am I missing out on something amazing that will turn my catch rate to being top rod, when I only do odd overnighters NO. As I catch my fair share in the available bank time and always have, I have to be happy with my bait it must be pretty OK.
  13. kevtaylor

    Popping my French cherry

    Best of luck Chill - hope you have a great time 🙂 Lake looks very nice
  14. kevtaylor

    Fishing whilst spawning??

    I think the fish spawn in the social or year groups they hang around in, on one of my old waters it was completely clear that the small fish went first, then the high doubles and low twenties together. The big girls stayed well clear and had their go weeks later. Whilst I watched the 20's going for it in a bay, my mate was down the other end playing the big-un. IMO he did nothing wrong there whatsoever.
  15. kevtaylor

    Weight size for long rigs

    I will look up the guy who does wicked swivel less leads and send you a link 😉