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  1. Pure fluke finding that hey - the tackle shop guy listened to what I wanted it for, thought and went to an old drawer and pulled that out, legend! The net station is the only alternative IMO Someone should make what I've got but with a ratchet for the arm so it clicks into place instead of the thumb screw. Get on it Ridgemonkey!!!
  2. My smart phone - best buy, cant believe I went so long without one tbh - take great photos considering and watching films on long nights is a bonus. Also found a funky landing net holder - that's banging, as is the new rubber bung on my weighing pole - small things, please a small mind lol The Rhino light is great for night pics, although I want 2 ideally. edit: Good buys - Ridgemonkey, light and throwing stick Poor buys - various brands of pop-ups that all failed longevity testing in the kitchen and never made the bank, I'm not naming names but highly disappointing with a few brands!!!! Got about 8 tubs of failure baits that could be used as sight toppers I guess, smell epic but cant go the distance
  3. Noisy kit has to be the worst thing hey, opening lids on spooky lakes is a blooming nightmare - I like your rubber lids comment its perfect. I've got the ridge monkey square buckets and they are loud and so are my round trakker buckets.
  4. The False PB Joints

    lol I know that gets to you but it shouldn't, I'd say a real angler never rests on his laurels boasting about a fish I'd say they push onto the next target and rarely look back IMO. I think that at the point where someone thinks they've cracked it and relaxes boasting about captures, they are on the crest of a run of blanks that will put them firmly back in their place lol To me its about consistency within a time frame, an odd whacker doesn't say anywhere near as much as someone doing well season after season.
  5. The False PB Joints

    Did you say there were dancing girls?...
  6. The False PB Joints

    Personally who cares? Let them do what they want and you do what you want - there's plenty of venues to suit everyone and if you think their PB is not a reflection of their skill and status or whatever you're thinking, they wont give a toss. Its a fish at the end of the day. My best captures and fish are not necessarily my biggest and its totally personal to me why I rate them so highly. Out of my current water I picked a mid sized fish just from it's name - and the elation when I caught it was much more than with bigger fish I've caught. I know what your getting at but you have to let it go lol
  7. Unfenced lakes

    What he said!!!
  8. Unfenced lakes

    Probably because they haven't even started scratching at the surface of what carp might be in Cananda and America. Sure there is a little bit of carp fishing going on but compared to the opportunities available in terms of water volume and sheer carp numbers I cant imagine they have got anywhere near to catching their biggest fish. Most of the countries listed have been extensively carp fished (pressured) for decades. Just my take on it
  9. Fishing log apps.

    Why do you think I was in there lol It was either Fridge or spots from the Mill so only one choice lol Its bad enough BB gives your spots away without publishing them on the tinterwebthingymebob
  10. Favorite bank side music?

    Radio X on DAB, because its the only station I can get lol Does play some good music thankfully
  11. Fishing log apps.

    Microsoft Onenote Found it on my phone last year, had a mess about and its bang on for what I need, I take photos of the swim and close ups of far bank markers, then write the wraps and any other detail down under or above the pics. You make a file or page per swim and name the file as the swim name. I can go back into the files and edit data if the spots change and save and send the pages to mates as pdf files if they are being noddies and want your info. Its just like my old notebook, but better
  12. How important are bobbins

    Hey don't diss my Mk2's there Nick The gate design is banging and they can be zeroed - there's a cut in the weight that allows it to be pushed back further. It's a bit advanced for you MK1 boys to work out lol
  13. Dying a lake

    Well that's not dye its pretty normal and swimming pools are clear just a hint of blue not that colour
  14. Dying a lake