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  1. Love that - The Toxic Maggot, sounds like the contents of my underpants! and a banging idea 👍
  2. LOL - I used snail meat out the cans, stuffed it into a real shell with a cork ball in. Took forever, the shells are so fragile, anyway it looked banging, I had found the holy grail No bites not a sniff - useless!!! As Yonny says maggots and worms lol
  3. Yeah it is (Hi-S Tree Creeper) 6ft 3lb - considerably cheaper than the Nash things 👍
  4. You could get the Freespirit Creeper for half the price - no brainer surely?
  5. kevtaylor

    May catches

    Lovely common - mad shape! Well done mate 👍
  6. lol - many times I've swerved on the road when I'm driving past water, its impossible/rude not to look.
  7. You can fly there, they'll pick you up, rent you the kit and do you a food package. The service and showers etc have improved a lot since last year - they are getting there slowly but surely.
  8. It isn't that bad mate - easier 2nd time for us, saved easy 2+ hours on the Austria to Italy leg with 2 inexpensive tolls, rest of the journey is toll free. Coming back we left at 10am ish and got back home at about 5am the following day, drove slower - no speeding, no dramas, lucky by not missing our train back. First trip it was 24 hours +and we got a speeding ticket You can always stop halfway or something, but we got a B&B 1 mile from the lake. I'd go again 2moz 👍 maybe we should look at a lake booking in the future
  9. Few of my purchases for the week long session abroad, where being comfy is on the agenda: Cooking table with storage to keep flies off your food Bivvy table - better and cheaper than a fishing one Bluetooth speaker for your holiday playlist Coolbox - stored 20k of boilies and my food and drink
  10. Someone had to pull him up on it lol - Tel is THE Angling God, full stop.
  11. My mates got the black lightweight JAG pod with all the extras, very expensive but very light and looks sick!!! I'd never buy Stainless - crazy heavy, not even suitable for fishing if were honest.
  12. Wow Leonard you've really stuck your head out there - cussing the legend that is Terry Hearn Happens to be my angling hero, always will be. I wont put my rod butts on the ground or on bricks, dirty Torrix are not carpy one bit!!! 😊
  13. Yes mate very lucky indeed, looking back he cannot believe he fell for it. Swerve of the year!
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