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  1. Nice fish mate, well in - result on days - they all are! I've got out more than last year already - 5 nights over 2 sessions mid April - too cold blanked like a good-un lol👍
  2. The Nash one - a bit expensive but you can go really long with extensions. Only used twice but I love it - very stable in use, no fear of it tipping, well not yet anyway.
  3. There's certainly many pluses to them, particularly the ability to put tiny amounts of bait in super accurately. I can see me choosing swims based on the pole options rather than where the fish are lol
  4. I've bought a poor man's bait boat - the baiting pole. Love it, gotta put a few more fish on the bank each year I reckon. 👍
  5. Pretty standard here for us to catch nothing but commons at certain times of the year, cant remember whether its pre or post spawning but on waters I've fished nobody caught anything but commons for weeks,all mid sized fish, not the whackers - probably all males..
  6. I use a blow back rig with ring as my first choice, been using it for 20 odd years, if it ain't broke! I've landed quite a few where they have blown the ring right over the hook eye onto the hook length - seemingly impossible because you cannot get it to go back over again, you have to scrap the rig and start again. Just shows the force they can blow with and that's why the rig works a treat. I strip the last 5 mil for free movement.
  7. Got the AVID Ascent 2 man bivvy - its a decent bit of kit, masses of room for 2 beds, you can actually get 3 in no doubt (I have). With 2 beds pushed to the sides there's a massive gap in the middle. I like the inner lining which you leave in, works a treat, outer fabric is top notch. I also have the Ascent Brolley Mk1 - fabric on that is unbeatable - proper quality. No complaints - AVID gear is the business.
  8. Look like normal Common Carp to me - definitely not Crusians as their fins are convex (outwardly curved) not concave like you see in the middle picture. They could be a match type hybred F1 or whatever they are called which are stunted in growth.
  9. I've not used it yet, a lot of money for what it is 🤦‍♂️
  10. Nice 👍 Cobb BBQs are £150 - just saying, more MUST have kit lol
  11. £150 or another 3 mystery boxes? Could he win the missing 3rd Large Method Feeder? you know it makes sense 👍
  12. lol - that's made my week, what were you thinking? That's an expensive pack of hooks, and some other stuff that nobody ever wants lol Sorry mate but you've been had there 🤦‍♂️
  13. I've got nowhere to go carp fishing, everywhere is an hours drive minimum for me so too far unfortunately and most are closed anyway. A canal Perch if you're lucky - I should move down south tbh Good luck to those doing a bit 👍
  14. Unlucky mate - I go for smelt, they seem to be really good bait 👍
  15. No I've not bought the trolling motor or sonar yet - no rush with lockdown, the ressies are closed anyway. Good luck down the canal 👍
  16. Well in - great stuff 👍
  17. You've made me try the theory, it don't work lol - always thought it would if I could find the damn thing but it's a bit tight for the Korda stuff I'm messing with and that's easy to thread anyway 🤦‍♂️ forget it get the Gardner one if it's made for the job. 👍 The pole threader is just a 1+ metre wire with a loop one end, might try it on some others I can't usually get line through
  18. I've just found my pole elastic threader from years ago, a wire with an eye, no more struggles treading tubing 👍
  19. These are one of the hooks I've started using on a weedy barbless venue, on the face of it I think they are great and cannot see any downside, but if that changes I will update it on here 👍 Clubs hey 🤦‍♂️
  20. Sorry had to - these ones look sick lol Just for the fans x
  21. I must be an influencer - kill me now lol
  22. Very true, this is because people see pictures on social media, don't understand the reasons behind the set up and copy like it's a fashion. I see a problem and buy kit that gives me a solution. i.e. additional long sticks for the front of the pod. If I can get my rod tips under the surface, that's first choice - less wind disturbance, bird life disturbance - and you cant see where I'm fishing. 👍
  23. The function of having the tips high is so that your line is entering the water past the surface marginal weed - pretty obvious, but it does look carpy though doesn't it.
  24. Oh god yeah - especially on my first couple of years on there, seemed like they were always under the power lines.
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