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  1. I've just splashed out on Jag Prolite 2 Plus 1 buzz bars, 6 bank sticks and stabilisers, plus if I don't want to use those set-ups I also got the compact pod base which works with all the other stuff. Basically this covers all situations I'm likely to face: singles, 2 rod bars, 3 rod bars or pod all in one compact case which fits in my rucksack. Very pricey but I'm worth it lol
  2. Putting the 2 plus 1s to use
  3. You really have become fan boy 🤣👍
  4. Doesn't the (Plus) mean the inclusion of Robin red in the Matrix mix? I went onto the Aminos Plus - but can't remember what the extra ingredients were.
  5. I've just bought the Solar P1 Black version - 1st test - 2 out the snags locked up, no probs - too early to recommend but they are easy on the eye.
  6. No I was there throughout wasn't as bad as they suggested it might be, Sunday was dry for packing up which was a nice bonus 👍
  7. With the weather forecast showing rain Saturday and temps in the mid teens after Friday a scorching 30 degrees it seemed perfect for me - and maybe a bite, I felt I had to give it a go. An early start Saturday was rewarded with 2 fish - one late morning and another early evening. This cracker was the bigger of the two.
  8. For my margin stalking I mostly use halibut pellets, tiny one's for the fizz and fast breakdown attraction and a few bigger ones and samples of the hookbait. Lots of attraction - very little visible food with it mostly being dark, works for me 👍
  9. I agree with your sentiment and most often fish over small amounts of bait, fishing for a bite if you like, however I've also fished over big beds of mixed stuff: tigers, boilies, mixed pellets, maize, particle mix, hemp etc and had some good hits, the fishing improved day on day and they demolished the lot in a few morning hours. They can demolish huge amounts of bait when they want to. I'll be doing that again this summer if conditions seem right, depends on the time of year and many variables. When I go on a busy venue it's common to see people putting far too much bait in seemingly without any reasoning, just because they see others doing it, all year round too - it's frustrating!
  10. Awesome knowledge there Blue, very interesting - many thanks
  11. I've got some tubular steel rods - how old do you think they would be?
  12. How did you get on with it - any complaints? I also recommended to someone else and they bought it round last night so I could show them how I set mine up. Needless to say I was well impressed, it's hard to recommend a new version you don't own but I knew it would be great and I was not wrong IMO - I love it. A big 1 man, better poles, groundsheet, peak design, inner layer front panel addition (we took that out for now), new colour, lovely fabric. Saving up for this myself as the 2 man is a bit too big for some of the swims, this is the one for me for sure, will take by big bed, all kit and dog crate - bingo!
  13. Thankfully I've not come across this yet, they are banned on Bluebell and cannot see anyone using one at the new lakes - just annoying!
  14. I've got one spod rod I use for both, 30lb whiplash to a 50lb braid leader. Just tied a clip to the end to swap from lead to spomb, or use the big loop method as described above.👍 I dont think I need the 50lb leader but I just had it on a pike reel so used it.
  15. Yes Frank I'll be posting lots more pics for sure 👍
  16. Risk it - you can always go to the park lake if things change? If they are not showing signs I can't see that changing this week with these temps. Could be June or July; I've seen it mid August I guess this lake is deeper than the others? Most of us are responsible enough to make the call for ourselves, annoying when you can see its not the right time for a particular water
  17. The fish I've seen in 2 syndicate lakes are showing zero signs of spawning IMO, yet one was closed whilst I was there, which is annoying, fish simply following a new wind and mouthing fluff off the surface have either spawned already or are not even close to it - yet some wise guy says they are gathering!?!? We disagreed! Moved on to another lake and found fish slowly moving around the snags - again spawned already or not interested. If you're gonna make a call to close - try to get it right, the last week has been far too cold IMO and that's obvious. If you get a week of near 20 degrees and night time temps in double figures and see decent fish splashing about close then, not early because a couple of pasties have gone for it, what does that achieve - nothing at all!
  18. kevtaylor

    Dogs and fishing

    More carp dog practice for Max - he is easier to handle at fishing than he is at home tbh - so far so good, this week I tried both dogs off lead whilst I barrowed to the swim - any fears he would run off were soon gone as he followed me close behind all the way - impressed! George wandered off as usual - not far but got told off several times, think he is trying to escape Max the poor old boy - not used to sharing.
  19. 2 nights 2 lakes due to spawning closures - no fish caught but a major carp home found - can't wait to get back and explore some more.
  20. I'd go for 3.5lb will still play fish well but have that bit of extra backbone if required.
  21. My travelling light days seem to be long gone - I've got nothing for you there man, maybe get the family to take less 🤣👍 Seriously though have a great time and remember it is a holiday, I think a lot of anglers would do well to remember that - have fun 😎👍 Oh and ditto what Yonny says
  22. kevtaylor

    Dogs and fishing

    Are they siblings mate? My neighbor has cocker spaniel sisters, the red one attacks the black one every day. I heard somewhere that red ones can have Cocker rage? I think it's just a lack of exercise and discipline in their case though.
  23. kevtaylor

    Dogs and fishing

    Just take the plunge mate - what can go wrong 🤦‍♂️🤣 A walk round sounds good - we did that but not intentionally - was also my first walk round. On the first fishing session Max jumped out my car window at the car park gate '- wasn't expecting that and forgot on the way home and he did it again lol - luckily he just ran over to me but what a mad man!
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