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    Canal Carp

    I've been told about a canal that gets electro fished by contractors to the Relevant Trust - removing the Zander apparently, so it's legal. Said contractor runs a carp syndicate - lovely mixed stock apparently 😒
  2. Could be a free membership- point is its recordable. So if as you say a baillif spends 30 mins with someone and is concerned about the ability they can record that and advise he goes on a more suitable pond for a while to build themselves up - get to know people. Easier said than done obviously
  3. Very true lol I'm thinking of a membership of sorts. You pay an initial fee - say £100 to get a numbered membership card. Any probs, agro, rule breaking you get advised/banned and this is recorded on a database. Phone bookings for a space on one of the lakes not specific swim bookings and online payments. Keeps it in-line with Tony's ideal - whackers on a day ticket.
  4. Yes mate, dodgy ground indeed fingers crossed they are lucky. Yes management have made a few mistakes trying to please a massive wave of new customers, but overall you have to blame the anglers for fitting in anywhere and putting in too much bait. Isn't spring supposed to be about singles and zigs, not piles of bait when it's 30 degrees and they are in pre spawn limbo. How do you police it, no noddies? It does say experienced anglers only but that's self assessed!
  5. Wow bad news. Kingy was bad last year as well or the year before, I seem to remember Lee Birch almost begging people to stop piling it in, fish zigs or margin traps nothing coming out in the open water and showing a video of loads of old bait littering the lake bed. He said it was close to being a disaster then. With the current temps I bet they are right on the verge of a fish kill. I also heard that the 'Z Fish' was ottered, they didn't say that part.
  6. You couldn't write the timing on my part lol Now you have to collect a bucket off them - get a sticker with your name and reg on and off you go to find that killer peg that's not available! Brilliant - like a game show, running round wiv buckets, moving other peoples and pinching their peg lol Can you imagine the agro ticking off, pressure for pegs and extra noddies galore. My mate had free pegs either side of him on the first sunday on Mallard, I've no idea why he wanted 50 buckets! 🤣
  7. It's not for me at the moment sadly, I don't do long sessions, so queuing up for a decent swim in a few days time is not the one. I generally do OK on there because I'm happy to fish 4 of the 5 lakes and can usually get on fish on at least one of them, but when all 300 pegs are taken you're fitting in not choosing. It's pretty un-heard of tbh so I intend to return when the holiday campers have got bored and hung their rods up for another year.
  8. I'm setting myself up with a lightweight roving, and mixed species day kit. Given that my plans to fish Bluebell properly this year have been ruined by a massive influx of campers I've had a rethink and buzzing for it, first off was a local canal Perch next up a river Soar Barbel.
  9. This morning will stay with me forever, watching the fight from afar and wishing whatever it was into the net, go on son! The shout of all shouts went out, electrifying I got goose bumps! and I just had to reel in, grab some bits and run over there to see this incredible beast in the flesh and congratulate the big man! What an achievement, what a year, what a stunning UK BANGER, and what a lovely fella to catch it - truly deserved, very well done mate - inspiring!
  10. I am a fan of ESP Syncro XT, I found that to be supple and strong, I'd recommend that no doubt. Then in recent years syndicate rule changes forced me onto a thicker line, so went with Diawa Sensor in 20lb then the next year in 18lb and was fairly happy with it. Subsequent batches of the same stuff behaved differently some how, more twist in use and a pig to get on in the first place. My mate has only ever used Sensor as well but he was having the same problems. I cant explain it so I cannot say anything bad about the line itself, maybe we were contributing or causing the issue. Anyway for this year I've chosen Fox Exocet in 16lb because I've seen some good reviews and there is a chance I may need to fish further out than normal or at least have the opportunity to do that. Whilst I've not used it yet first impression is that it is the limpest line I have ever seen hanging off the spool, my friend and I were both shocked by how good it looks and feels, fingers crossed it's a good-un. Will give feedback when possible.
  11. LOL my first alarm, from way back when I was float fishing but had a ledger rod out for carp with a a trusty Bitech Viper giving me constant false bleeps, if you had light enough bobbins/monkey climber it became quite musical and played tunes ALL DAY! It's safe to say I had no concept of adjusting the sensitivity - thank god Fox came out with the Micron 👍
  12. I should add as Ian says how often do you actually need shorter rods for stalking in the edge? I did 4 years on a stalking water with my 12's there wasn't a problem in any swim ever, I'd go back now with my 12.5 footers. I got the 10's for short session general fishing, barbel, pike and carp - but I will leave one in the car from now on just in case I do find that one off spot under the trees and there's a few whackers down there.
  13. My mate really struggled with 12 footers under a tree on Parco, but did land fish to 66lb. What we needed were 9 or 10 footers in 3lb, I don't go along with this lighter test curve thinking tbh 3's are not stiff at all. Since then I got a set of 10's which I think will be OK in that tight situation, could and maybe should have got 9's but we'll see. 6's are tiny I cant really see a need for them and we were in a really tight spot, I'd trade any gains from that for the advantages of a bit more length if that makes sense.
  14. I see Bluebell Lakes has closed finally, still watching out for some local syndicates to do the right thing though.
  15. and the rest, I bet I've got over a grand in hooks and leads alone, it is truly frightening how much money is in my tackle boxes and a high percentage will never be used! Wouldn't surprise me if a lot of us have £2000 plus in tackle box bits alone
  16. I put the fish in the flotation sling still in the net. I'll remove the hook or cut the line and then slip the net out from under it, lift the fish to the mat in the sling. Weigh, photo and return. IMO that's the best I can do, certainly better than lifting out in the net if a good fish. I've also lost a good fish pre-photos whilst retaining in the net, much to my dismay - a cracker to boot, so I deffo prefer the sling after that experience!!!
  17. Cheers when coupled with the rod voted best in it's price range I should have no excuses for not hitting the mark!
  18. Shimano Ultegra XTD Spod Reel £109.99 from Poingdestres - free delivery. Can't have a new rod without a new reel - what was I thinking - nodddy!
  19. You can't put a price on Carpyness! I'd pay the extra all day 👍😄
  20. Like most people's my kit is a mix from most companies: Harrison rods and nets Shimano Reels AVID - shelters - brolley and pram hood Cotswold Aquarius - rod sling Carp Porter - Barrow and food bag Trakker - Rucksack, unhooking mat and retention slings Terminal tackle and bits and bobs - ESP, Korda, Gardner, AVID, Fox, Ridgemonkey, Canon, Reuben, Delkim IGLOO - cool boxes, various sizes
  21. IMO you may as well buy a retainer, it's a weigh sling anyway.
  22. I've treated myself to a new spod rod, hopefully it'll help put more fish on the bank and look carpy! Long overdue upgrade Tackle Box - CF-X Black Edition Spod 12ft 4.5lb (50mm) Hopefully be putting it through it's paces at the weekend - cant wait -
  23. There's also a few in Sandmartin, one being an uncaught mirror!
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