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  1. I see Bluebell Lakes has closed finally, still watching out for some local syndicates to do the right thing though.
  2. and the rest, I bet I've got over a grand in hooks and leads alone, it is truly frightening how much money is in my tackle boxes and a high percentage will never be used! Wouldn't surprise me if a lot of us have £2000 plus in tackle box bits alone
  3. I put the fish in the flotation sling still in the net. I'll remove the hook or cut the line and then slip the net out from under it, lift the fish to the mat in the sling. Weigh, photo and return. IMO that's the best I can do, certainly better than lifting out in the net if a good fish. I've also lost a good fish pre-photos whilst retaining in the net, much to my dismay - a cracker to boot, so I deffo prefer the sling after that experience!!!
  4. Cheers when coupled with the rod voted best in it's price range I should have no excuses for not hitting the mark!
  5. Shimano Ultegra XTD Spod Reel £109.99 from Poingdestres - free delivery. Can't have a new rod without a new reel - what was I thinking - nodddy!
  6. You can't put a price on Carpyness! I'd pay the extra all day 👍😄
  7. Like most people's my kit is a mix from most companies: Harrison rods and nets Shimano Reels AVID - shelters - brolley and pram hood Cotswold Aquarius - rod sling Carp Porter - Barrow and food bag Trakker - Rucksack, unhooking mat and retention slings Terminal tackle and bits and bobs - ESP, Korda, Gardner, AVID, Fox, Ridgemonkey, Canon, Reuben, Delkim IGLOO - cool boxes, various sizes
  8. IMO you may as well buy a retainer, it's a weigh sling anyway.
  9. I've treated myself to a new spod rod, hopefully it'll help put more fish on the bank and look carpy! Long overdue upgrade Tackle Box - CF-X Black Edition Spod 12ft 4.5lb (50mm) Hopefully be putting it through it's paces at the weekend - cant wait -
  10. There's also a few in Sandmartin, one being an uncaught mirror!
  11. Epic mate what a place/challenge. I'll be doing a bit on Bluebell this year but I'm gonna have a few looks round the mighty St Ives throughout the year with a mind on joining next winter. What's not to like! 👍
  12. You might well see me down there, it's well on the radar! Good luck 👍
  13. True mate, you've got some incredible looking lakes for sure, very jealous indeed!
  14. It is truly epic mate - what a place! If only more lakes were like that. 👍
  15. That little lake top left looks absolutely banging, I remember seeing it for the first time on a map and just had to drive down to check it out, I walked round and took pics, there was some fishing going on at the time but I think officially it had been stopped. Features galore, what a lake, would have loved to have fished it proper, some lumps in back then apparently.
  16. kevtaylor


    I think the cog lead is good in theory, but I'd go for in-line drop-off instead coz they are still picking up the lead heavy end first and you don't have any extra parts attached that wouldn't be necessary.
  17. I was gonna go Bluebell Lakes Good luck fella hope you bag a whacker wherever you go 👍
  18. Pressure is due to reach 976 on Saturday morning and I cant go!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get out there guys and girls, I'm not jealous at all you understand 👍
  19. Great stuff - just have to be mindful of where they are collected. On my old syndi lake the mole hills were near the perimeter fencing which is weed treated so they were unusable.
  20. and there's me thinking this was a thread about alarms not what items you can and cannot forget - this is better! I couldn't stay if I forgot my lighter, what couldn't you do without on the bank - do tell!
  21. Yet anyone without ATTs could stay and enjoy their session as usual, not sure what point your trying to make here?
  22. Its not an arguement I dont care what alarms people choose. An alarm with no speakers just seems silly to me, when guys are travelling 2-3 hours to get to the syndi they seem perplexed when they haven't bought their receiver and have to go home. Just an observation 👍
  23. You'd have thought they would have started at that point hey. Forget the remote and have to pack up and go home - which I've seen someone have to do - stupid idea IMO
  24. No you could fix all of those leaders now IF we can deffo understand one another. You need to pull the little tag end about 2 mil further out of the splice so your tag end is a little longer than it is now. Then with scissors cut the tag end as close to the exit hole as you can - be careful. Then pull the leader tight again from end to end and the tiny cut off tag should vanish inside the leader. Just do one see what happens might not work quite as well because you've really tightened down already but I think it will work ok. I'm using the Avid stuff at the mo but would use others 👍
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