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  1. 3 nights down a packed Bluebell Lakes, 1 swim change and lots of head scratching I finally got it right with 4 fish on the last morning after moving a rod to an area of fizzing the night before.
  2. Taking my son perch fishing on Pitsford Monday - obviously been buying more lures oh and rods, reels....., cant wait to give these Westin Crank Baits a try (plugs to us oldies)
  3. Like it- I'm with you on most of that - as for the human part, well if I ate McDonalds now it would be out quicker than it went in - but that's not always been the case, hence my chicken and veg comments on another thread, so my body knows or just cant take the richness - problems due to age lol If baits are everywhere and fish eat them all then yes I can relate to what you're saying - how would they know which one was good for them and which gave them the squits so to speak. I hear all the my bait is best this and that, it's a minefield, I was with Premier using Aminos for maybe 30 years and no complaints whatsoever - caught everywhere and would continue to do so forever no doubt. Since leaving a syndicate I've been on Bluebell, targeting ideally Kingfisher if I can get on, arguably one of the most pressured waters in the country. Lots of evidence of uneaten bait and lots of comments backing that up, so for me I've had to think - is what I'm using as attractive as the best baits that have gone in there? - so I switched to xxx because I like the GLM content, because of that it's not a cheap bait to put together. I have also looked at smaller companies such as Asylum with the same thinking in mind, but opted for CCMoore as they seem to do great liquids too and I can get everything from one place with some confidence. If however I was fishing a highly stocked venue such as Drayton Res, a real runs water, I am certain those thoughts wouldn't enter my head, any bait would do and better bait would probably give zero advantage, where volume would. 👍
  4. OK Rich, well I don't know anyone who uses or bigs up Nash or Mainline except someone who gets it free or is paid to say so. What I hear is cheap contents, effective liquid attractors. Like you say carp eat any old rubbish but that doesn't mean other baits aren't better for the fish and will be recognised as such long term. I read up about bait contents not listening to who shouts loudest, mass production is never as good as your smaller producers who worry about quality not saturating the market. I would pay double what I pay if I believed it gave me a real advantage. You asked why is there cheap deals on - IMO the answer is partly because it can be, whereas expensive to produce bait cannot be. 👍
  5. Fair play mate stick to what you like - however baits you can get in a shop are never as good as smaller outfits in terms in expensive additives. Look at Asylum Baits for example - using only the best of the best ingredients. I'd rather pay for bait contents than packaging 👍
  6. Exactly - good deal that, gotta say I've gone on XXX this year having been on Premier for many many years, just for a change really. Well the GLM content is very noticeable - that's not a cheap bait to put together for sure, seems proper quality to me.
  7. Pretty sure you could get 10k of CCMoore or Premier Baits boilies for a little less than that normally and the quality difference I would of thought is huge.
  8. Yes I believe it would be possible. Obviously better to do it all yourself blah blah blah but you have your reasons. Look at Korda and Fox they immediately come to mind. Also the new Korda basic range worth a look for anyone starting out wanting to tie their own.
  9. I don't think any decent branded bait would be counter productive they are all good enough to catch fish and have some beneficial ingredients, expensive baits just have more.
  10. Blimey 7 nights is more than enough for me - 4 nights too many if I'm honest 😁
  11. Yeah it's a shame if some venues go, no doubt about that - fingers crossed things pick up for those businesses 👍 UK scene will settle down once furlough ends in Sept and there have been some new waters crop up which will also ease the numbers on the waters I fish, so it's looking good. Not sure what you mean about less East Europeans stealing fish, not something I have experienced, Otters are the big threat here. If I ever fish abroad again and I have nothing on the horizon - it would be flying to Italy, now that does appeal, maybe in a few years 😎
  12. I would have thought they would be good enough for your situation, they have nothing to compare them to anyway. However, if boilies were commonly used I would then be looking for the best I can afford not the cheapest. Good luck
  13. I'd like to think that it won't take too long for the EU to notice an enormous reduction in income from UK holiday makers, sure a small minority are straight back on it but the amount of adverts tells it's own tale. They say the customer is always right so I expect them to crack first and lessen restrictions. As for UK syndicates the problem started way before Brexit - far more carp anglers these days and the great videos we all enjoy just highlight all the waters that proper carp anglers have been wanting to fish for years, now known to every-man and his dog - I spoke to a guy on Swan, Bluebell who only started fishing that year after watching the vids, wrong on all levels, whilst I was polite I was shocked, stunned, horrified.
  14. Think we'll see a good few French venues being sold due to the lack of UK custom in 2020/21 and moving into 2022. Never seen so many desperate adverts, whilst UK fisheries thrive move then ever before. Might be a few bargains to be had - watch this space!
  15. No idea but you can have orders delivered from UK companies OR European ones. Sticky deliver to Italy I've seen it arrive
  16. Nice mate, I've always loved watching the float, who doesn't and they don't spook from a vertical line - seen lots of evidence of that. If I was on the right type of water I would give it a go straight away, always have a couple of floats in the tackle box but my waters are gravel pits that mostly have shallow margins, gradually getting deeper and often have surface weed to 10-20 yards out. Give me a farm pond, float and centrepin and I would be well happy 👍
  17. Oh and only if it's a wholemeal pitta lol - sad times, can't forget that bit 🤣
  18. Yes I do use a coated braid for most of my bottom bait ledgering. I can see why you would just incorporate one of your made up rigs for convenience, but equally I can't see why you couldn't just go mono straight through. I'm sure it wouldn't matter either way tbh. Just the old school images in my head of float setups coming through I guess 🤷‍♂️👍
  19. Yeah that works for me, but obviously with chicken and veg in lol
  20. Give it a lot more years and you'll be having grilled chicken and steamed veg on the bank, how I miss the extra fat on a bacon roll days 🤣👍
  21. Yeah it is - the obvious change is overall temp warming (global), not that it feels like it this year. The busy day tickets see more pressure when conditions are low pressure, last trip I had boilies washing into my bank so too much is going in big time, could the general warming effect the water quality with so much un-eaten bait (pollution) in the lake? Saying that what you said about the fish showing less in favorable conditions is true to my recent experiences, does low pressure affect oxygen levels?
  22. I wouldn't use a hook link, I would go mono straight through and just tie the hook on knotless style. What makes you want a hooklink as per legering is it needed for some reason?
  23. I caught well in December in low pressure conditions, but that's winter. Thinking about this summer I think I've had the best results on normal days such as 13 takes in an overnighter, but the times I've gone because the conditions were bang on i.e. low pressure systems - I've blanked whilst thinking this is gonna be the one. I don't keep a diary but think you could be onto something here - I mean I should always catch lol
  24. My friends face when he had a knock off a perch was a picture, he was shaking, perfect for non anglers to get a feel for it. 🤣
  25. Thanks Ian - had 3 quick goes this week all in different locations, had a small pike and perch, then 2 perch and last night 3 zander. All great fun hoping to get down again tonight it's addictive, got another area to try! 😂👍
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