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  1. With a hard bottom and small item feeding I'd go with a short rig, whereas if in weed or soft silt I'd go with a lot longer. I guess I'm reminding you to let the spot and baiting decide the rig approach not what everyone else is using. You have to think they are slowly hoovering up small bits of food passing over your spot so a standard 8 - 12 inch rig will get spat nearly every time, whereas a 3 inch will nail them much more often. A spread of boilies would point towards a longer rig. Mix it up on your rods, experiment and learn what works for you. 👍
  2. Line aligner not necessary for a curve shank, but not a bad idea, try it. With any aligner watch you're not closing up the gape too much. Before you decide on rig length or too much - what are you fishing over and what's the baiting application?
  3. Don't be too quick to dismiss your short rig idea, I witnessed a proper haul from a tricky water with the guy using 2 inch rigs - un-coated braid. 2 x 40's, several 30's and a few 20's later there was no doubt that they were not too short to catch fish - maybe it was the edge over everyone else doing very similar things. Keep thinking outside the box fella- if you do the same as everyone expect to catch the same. We have a habit of copying what the others are doing even if they are doing badly or just ticking over with the odd fish. 👍
  4. Thanks everyone - lots of food for thought - appreciated 👍
  5. IMO ditch the fox bead and ring contraption and go with a hybrid lead clip or something different. I've personally used them, they do not offer hardly any bolt effect before they pull apart and become running. If they come apart on the cast you have a tangle right there. Speaking from experience they cost me fish, when bites where hard to come by. Also once used a few times they soften and come apart even easier - no good for bolt effect carping IMO
  6. Cheers mate - the bait comes off on the take no probs (premier), I'd say the hook hold was probably good, the line went eventually - not good. If the management had bought me the boat when I requested it, I wouldnt be asking the question but I obviously cannot rely on them so may well have to slacken off as part of the process. Thanks for the info - I'm looking at wide gapes with maximum beak - I'm told Fox are good, not tried Kranks yet.
  7. Thanks smufter that's brilliant - looks like I'll be giving them a go. I'd probably choose the beaked point over straight - any thoughts on that?
  8. Great thanks I'm just looking at these. Would be good to get some opinions from anyone who's used them. 👍
  9. Can anyone recommend barbless hooks that stay in well? I'm starting on a very weedy lake with a barbless rule. Lost a fish in heavy weed on sunday morning 1st overnighter and I feel like I need a pretty special hook for this situation, the stakes are high and I may well need to slackened off to get the fish moving again, so I want a beak point or better if such a hook exists. I'm going down the bottom bait route, so a curve shank or wide gape style hook that I can fish blowback with a ring or silicon. Sized 4 Any recommendations welcome - thanks 👍
  10. There is a knack to getting the back leads out further, as Yonny says to the drop-off. I clip them on, then lift the rod higher and higher gradually (vertical) to get the lead slowly moving out along the surface, maybe 5 rod lengths, then lower it down to the bottom, you can probably achieve up to 5 lengths (a guess). You don't want back leads under the rod tips if the water depth drops a few rod lengths out, it would achieve nothing good.
  11. I'm not talking about their brand new ones here, just the txi's by the way. People have said that fox and delkim have dropped in standard overall since their early models, I cant say if that's true but my 20+ year old fox mx's work like new and the plastic back then was more robust, they never missed a beat and literally took on all conditions no prob whatsoever. Make of that what you will. Take your time and look at all the options - I guess its function over fashion at the end of the day, mine were banging in my head - just not lived upto the hype.
  12. I bought Delks after years of wanting some over my old Fox's, they were the dream alarm in my head. I've had problems with rain and damp in the air making them not work at all, this has since been fixed by buying the screw on back plates. All 3 packed up all day in Italy because of the foggy air, well annoying, took prob 8 hours with the backs off and battery out to dry them in the sun! One just seems dodgy always has, should have sent that back tbh. Whilst I still like them to a degree, I am disappointed and wish I'd have upgraded to the best Fox alarms instead - but then again people say only the old fox ones were any good. Truth is I'm stuck with Delks now so tuff titty for me 👎
  13. If you're unsure whether the bleeps are liners or pick-ups change your rigs over to something that will tell you if you've been done, such as a multi-rig or blow back with silicon down the hook shank. Reel in after an occurrence you look at the hook end - if your been done you'll see straight away, if everything is normal it wasn't a pick-up, so a liner or trailer. Just a thought 👍
  14. I'll be trigger - let's go for a pint Rodney 👍
  15. Well that was aimed at someone in particular - I.e not you, just someone who argues the toss no matter what's said. 👍
  16. What I was really saying is that different rods have different attributes and will be better for some situations than others, and that going for shorter rods as an all rounders is a mistake IMO, that was my only real point. On accuracy it's just an opinion like yours is - I believe a 12ft will be more accurate than a shorter rod - certainly for me, or we could go for roach poles and drop the rig exactly where we want it - so yeah the longer the better if we're gonna get silly with it. Taxi for Taylor he's done.............👍
  17. That makes no sense, must be how you've written it. What I can tell you is that the difference in accuracy from my old rods to new was noticeable from the very first cast, a quality rod in any length will make a difference as the rod snaps back into position quicker. Give me a 9ft rod and a 12ft and I believe that I would be consistently more accurate with the longer one, probably only marginally granted.
  18. In my mind a bigger casting arc has more controlled direction, I cant explain further, seems obvious
  19. Great - and if you were used to a 12 - 13ft rod you'd probably find yourself being even more accurate 👍
  20. I'd love a couple of 6's, 9's, 10,s and maybe 13's coz they all have a place. I used my 12's for stalking and didn't really struggle or think at the time if only they were shorter, I had never seen anyone using shorter rods back then. I have however since seen situations where the 6's or 9's were needed in at least 3lb or higher TC for stalking out of trees and such like and wish I had some. My mate stalked a 66lb mirror from under a tree on hols and to say a shorter rod would have come in handy is an understatement, what a struggle, we asked everywhere for a 9ft rod and no joy. Theres deffo a market for shorter rod sets, but I'd question anyone buying them as a fashion or thinking they are the normal all rounder.
  21. Good one Nige, however I am more accurate with a normal claw type hammer, which again proves that in most situations the middle sized or 12ft rod is best/more versatile. That being said, all hammers/rods have their place in the tool box/rod bag for a given job/angling situation. I'm here till sunday!
  22. My 12.6 Torrix TE's are players rods and they can cast long and accurate that's for sure. Does 12.6 ft make any detrimental effect on playing and netting fish NO imo. On weedy waters (nearly all waters I fish) the 12ft or more length helps extract them from the weed beds. I want short stalking rods just for under trees where you cant lift the rod upright coz it's too long. I dont understand why you think a shorter rod casts more accurately, I'd argue the opposite is true
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