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  1. I'm considering buying a couple of short rods but for stalking ONLY. I'd never use those for my general fishing IMO 12 to 13ft rods are better for casting, playing and getting them out of weedbeds. One member on my previous syndicate bought the Scopes for fashion purposes only. He said to me he massively regretted it because he was hopelessly under gunned for the water and he lost fish because of them, weeded up - no backbone no length.
  2. Struggling to recall this and I think I've watched all things Hearn ten times over, is this the little winter syndi lake where he had a fish called the Little Grey?
  3. Maybe the fish were entering the baited area from left to right so they picked up the left rod first. When that rod wasn't put back then the middle and right rods came into play. You'd think all have an equal chance but it depends on what I've said above. If they pick up bait from the left side they are chewing that whilst passing the middle and right rods, probably why people talk about a spot within a spot. What you could have done is move the right rod over to the far left possibly giving you more quick takes. Just a theory 👍
  4. Washed out baits are something I will use only on very tricky waters where they've seen it all before, and it has worked well for me. To me there are 2 clear advantages, it looks like its been in the swim for much longer than it has, therefore safer than fresh looking bait, and its softer and easier to eat. My baits are always fast breakdown anyway so I don't usually worry about this, after an hour they look like they've been in for a full day or more, but if I was using a harder bait I would really consider soaking/glugging before the session. Again depends on the venue and perceived difficulty. If it's silty I would always pre-glug the baits so they cannot suck in foul smells.
  5. More often than not more anglers means less areas for them to hide away from the lines and you all have a chance of catching as they move about the lake with no sanctuary. Maybe having two baited areas could mean that the fish bounce to your other spot after catching off the other and via versa - instead of them moving into someone else's water after your first bite of the day. Fish almost always retreat from angling pressure so you could be better off this way - good luck
  6. kevtaylor

    June Catches

    Ditto what these guys say - Best I've used so far, 3 spools used and no issues, great stuff 👍
  7. Love that - The Toxic Maggot, sounds like the contents of my underpants! and a banging idea 👍
  8. LOL - I used snail meat out the cans, stuffed it into a real shell with a cork ball in. Took forever, the shells are so fragile, anyway it looked banging, I had found the holy grail No bites not a sniff - useless!!! As Yonny says maggots and worms lol
  9. Yeah it is (Hi-S Tree Creeper) 6ft 3lb - considerably cheaper than the Nash things 👍
  10. You could get the Freespirit Creeper for half the price - no brainer surely?
  11. kevtaylor

    May catches

    Lovely common - mad shape! Well done mate 👍
  12. lol - many times I've swerved on the road when I'm driving past water, its impossible/rude not to look.
  13. You can fly there, they'll pick you up, rent you the kit and do you a food package. The service and showers etc have improved a lot since last year - they are getting there slowly but surely.
  14. It isn't that bad mate - easier 2nd time for us, saved easy 2+ hours on the Austria to Italy leg with 2 inexpensive tolls, rest of the journey is toll free. Coming back we left at 10am ish and got back home at about 5am the following day, drove slower - no speeding, no dramas, lucky by not missing our train back. First trip it was 24 hours +and we got a speeding ticket You can always stop halfway or something, but we got a B&B 1 mile from the lake. I'd go again 2moz 👍 maybe we should look at a lake booking in the future
  15. Few of my purchases for the week long session abroad, where being comfy is on the agenda: Cooking table with storage to keep flies off your food Bivvy table - better and cheaper than a fishing one Bluetooth speaker for your holiday playlist Coolbox - stored 20k of boilies and my food and drink
  16. Someone had to pull him up on it lol - Tel is THE Angling God, full stop.
  17. My mates got the black lightweight JAG pod with all the extras, very expensive but very light and looks sick!!! I'd never buy Stainless - crazy heavy, not even suitable for fishing if were honest.
  18. Wow Leonard you've really stuck your head out there - cussing the legend that is Terry Hearn Happens to be my angling hero, always will be. I wont put my rod butts on the ground or on bricks, dirty Torrix are not carpy one bit!!! 😊
  19. Yes mate very lucky indeed, looking back he cannot believe he fell for it. Swerve of the year!
  20. My mate nearly paid 8k for a session on Lake Sumbar, he only dropped out because this fella added an additional 2k to his invoice, above the agreed price without warning. An amazing piece of luck on his part to swerve this fraud. By the sound of it this guy will be a dead man, had the kicking of a lifetime and now fled to China or wherever, his family have already had nasty visitors so he better come home and face the music.
  21. Well done Nick - best wishes to your friend Dave, wishing him a speedy recovery.
  22. Trust me its the same stove with a Trakker badge on £55 quid ish. Yes I bought it in a rush as no choice at the time but massive error on my part, could have got 2 bullin's for the money - not impressed by Trakker ripping us off massively!!!
  23. From what I've been told a few of the features are very useful, but I've not looked it up for myself, but check this out, you can take the sensitivity down to like -1 as you would in a storm, however if you were snag fishing you'd still want plenty if beeps to get your attention so you'd turn the beeps up, you can't achieve that with the older ones. Also adjustments by remote instead of having to go outside when it's [censored]ing down 👍
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