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  1. It has been a while since i lived and fished in the uk, but i have to know are their many waters banning bollies? This just sounds mental, why dont they just ban fishing for carp or maybe carpfish with out hooks!
  2. Thanks gareth thats enough to set me on the road. If its ok with you i might PM you at a latter date if i have some questions i think you can answer for me. Thanks again Dave
  3. hi gareth Thats funny it was actully your article that first got me intressted in fishing the orient. You guys seemed to have a good trip and some nice fish. Not many people have written about this lake though so its quite hard finding info on it or more importantly their experiances. It sounds a nice place. Though its much bigger the fishing is similar to my local lake here in sweden which is a little over 200Ha we are also using boats to bait up and place baits at extreme range. I have a map of the night fishing zones would you be able to suggest which areas are better and where the area called bivvy city or bivvy central (not sure of the name) is located Cheers Dave
  4. Hi I was wondering if anyone had fished the orient in france as iam planning to make a trip there at the end of the summer. I have managed to get a map of the leagl night fishing zones for the 3 lakes but, it would be great if someone new a little more about the swims cheers Dave
  5. Hi all when i ferment my maize, dose anyone know what would happen if i were to add yeast. Just i know people use yeast in their boillie mix. Could this help or would i end up making some dodgie moonshine Cheers Dave
  6. Cheers guys Is the atrraction of tiger nuts that strong?. If you were fishing for two or three days how often would you top up the swim with freebis even if you were not catching? what is a reasonable amount and how often? The more you get into it the more quetions there are. Dave
  7. Cheers mate Im looking forward to giving them a go. By the way i just read something intresting on the net about tiger nuts in fact not being a nut at all and are actualy a tubber similar to a potatoe. they come from africa and are also called Chufa or Earth Almond. Makes me wonder about nut bans on waters. Anyways waffeling again Cheers
  8. Growler juice is made by Solar if im right in thinking. Is this very similar to theslime that is produced when making the nuts.
  9. Hi all Thinking of using tiger nuts for the first time. Just before i start, would like to say that im not planning to use huge amounts and that i'll give them a good soak for a day or two and boil for 30 mins to an hour. So it all safe as houses on that front. What i want to know is, if any one knows how i can use the nuts and the slime in a PVA bag. Can i use an oil to help protect the pva or have one of you good fellas got a trick they would like to share. I just like the idea of slimey, sweet nuts, sounds carpy to me. Thanks Dave
  10. you could do what i do and have a look at the diffrent bait companies web sites. they have recipies on them.They give you a feel for how much of what you can get away with adding and the you can just give them a bit of a tweak to personlise them. Have a look at nutra baits or DD baits. im using the DDbaits kiwi recipe but with a little betaine added. Dave
  11. Hi mate An emulsifier is for using in your bait in cold water it helps to release the additives that dont work as well in cold conditions such as gylcerine based flavours and oils. I just nicked this off the nutrabaits web site: Hope that helps. As for the book. Have'nt got a clue, but if you find it. I'd love a copy Cheers Dave
  12. Just bought a spool of 20lb korda hybrid this morning. Looks very sexy. But in the instructions it says to steam a figure of eight knot before you tighten it. Is this essential and would i have to do this with other knots. also says to remove the coating for a knotless knot, but then how do you go about making a D rig. you think the braid is stiff enough to produce the D?
  13. Cheers neil Im gonig to give lead core and the wighted rig tubbing ago ans see what works for me. Jay Im in the south of sweden. If you want to come over always happy to help another britt and the fishing places here are just stunning even if there are'nt so many carp, but it worth it when you get one. you can mail me on dave1r3@hotmail.com. No worries
  14. Diffrent time zone mate, but it was still early. Those night shifts dont sound good, but it gets the cash in. Used to do them my self. I think that i will just have a play around with diffrent set ups on each rod and see what the results are like. The lake i will fish this year I have never fished before. Its one of the better lakes in sweden for carp, but its big and their is some deep silt. Nothing like back home, its got to be 2-3 miles long, but there are big carp in their, though nobody really knows who big the population is, but i found out that they were first stocked back in the eairly 50s. So their old and i guess wise. I just got to find out how cunning I'll have to be. Cheers for the advice and i would agree with you about the rig tubbing its gotta help Dave
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