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  1. dont know probably just look around what do you live in vernon
  2. The only problem is in summer is that there are many people swimmin around the carp docks so they scare em. Also everybody hates carp around here and never fishes for em usually kill em. There spooked easily but arent afraid to come close in for the corn. If you come you should go on one of the docks and just dump some corn a little off the edge. And watch em come my friend.
  3. The lake is huge 1,500 feet deep at max and lots of Space to grow. Must be atleast a few 80's swimmin around here because i've just seen some woppers. Try corn its your best be just plain old canned corn.
  4. hmmmm might be good We got a canal runnin through Okanogan lake throught to another big lake skaha try in there if you go its called Okanogan River goin there this sunday beuties there but not as big as in other spots.
  5. when later like fall and winter if so thats not a great time to be fishin for carp here around late april through to the middle of September is prime time carpin around here. If you need i can tell you where some great spots are.
  6. This I would have to say is the best place for Carp fishin in Canada. I have seen 50 even 60 pounders swimmin around here even hooked em but my line snapped. I usually catch my fish by seeing them. In this lake they swim close by. I have a tactic that seems to work really well. I take some corn or bread chuck it out and wait. And not to long later I see some big babys swimmin up. My average catch is usually 10lbs. But the 20 pounders are still hooked quite a lot. Just went on Wednesday and caught a six and a 10 pounder. Anyway I'll be posting some picks of my latest catches soon. Nice to meet
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