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  1. Hi David, Good to hear from you. I can understand your disappointment. However, baits go out of fashion even though they remain great carp captors. That is the only reason we were forced to drop the Whisky. Sorry. Kind regards, Kevin Nash So it seems they will no not release the whisky boilie again. Petition is in order then guys!!!
  2. Just E-Mailed Nash Baits, so hoping for a reply. I will let you all know if i get one.
  3. That sounds like a good idea. There is a "contact us" page on there website, so i'm going to drop them an E-mail. Hopefully enough of us will ask for them back and they do something about it!!!
  4. Cheers guys, its a shame they have stopped making them, like mentioned they were a great bait. i wonder how they would fair today if they were re-released again.
  5. Hi guys Does anyone know if you still can buy Nash Whiskey Boilies? I have search hi and low for them and get the impression they are no longer available. I have managed to get some Air Ball pop up's in the said flavour but I can't seem to find the Whiskey Dip for them. Is this also no longer available? They are are great bait and i had some good catches with them when I used them a few years back. (I love them smell of them myself)
  6. i never used to really think about it, until my last session on todber manor. i use to pretty much always use a size 8 for all my fishing. i wasn't getting any action what's so ever, so i whittled down my boilies and moved on to a size 10 hook. this seemed to do the job and managed to get two out. on the flip side of the coin i did lose two at the net? was this down to the hook being to small? i don't know. however it turned a blank in to getting some fish.
  7. they are few and far between mate, well done.
  8. I claimed for some bite alarms I run over in my garage (idiot) and the insurance company wanted proof of ownership. All I had was a photo of myself holding a fish with my rod pod in the back-ground. You couldn't even make out the make of the alarms but the insurance company was happy enough with that and paid out.
  9. i can see why you have used the rubber over the swivel. you have attached a quick release clip under there and the rubber is to prevent the hook link getting worked around the in-turned portion of the clip. i used to do the same bud, but now use a bit of silicone instead. this doesn't hinder the movement of the swivel. just another option for you. good luck at sandhurst.
  10. splicing needle is handy. and just to reiterate, a good pair of pliers to cut out the awkward hooks. they are a must!!!!
  11. cheers for the advice guys. i ordered one and got it today in the post. it seems the business. hopefully i get to use it at the end of the month on linear.
  12. cheers guys. i will leave them hanging for a few days then, hopefully the wife can handle the towels stinking in the airing cupboard!!!
  13. if you are going to use boiling water bud, put the maggots in cold water first and add the boiling water a little at a time. this will prevent you scalding them bud. good luck.
  14. with that length of time they are still good to put a baiting needle through?
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