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  1. Hi all I am more of a match fisherman but have the odd overnighter throughout the year, I currently use a nufish 50 inch brolly. i have seen the the JRC defender brolley wrap system. are these system universal and any good? are these quick to use? are they anything else worth looking at? many thanks Steve
  2. anyone fished it for roach and bream lately,just thinking of giving it a go, just wondering what areas on there are fishing at the moment,
  3. just wondering if anyone uses the rig morole hydrolink for there rigs, i have made some rigs up with it but have not had the chance to use it, just wondered what everyone views of the stuff, catchnotalot,
  4. thats a shame, i was thinking of giving it ago tommorrow,
  5. does anyone know how well ardleigh res and wicks lane lake is fishing in essex, i am just generally fishing for bream and tench, catchnotalot
  6. just read in the news about a guy who had his gear whilst he was asleep in his bivvy at melton lakes, woodbridge,suffolk, the lakes have gone right down hill lately there, your not even safe when your fishing, there some real a!*eholes out there
  7. had a 14lb carp using a fly rod, floating line and superglued dog biscut, bass as well bloody good fight
  8. fishing melton,suffolk the other night, for a quick session, i was shocked at the amount of bait being humped into the lake by everyone, the guy to my left was whizzing his bait boat back and forward for most of the night, didn,t relise the lake was a boating lake , and the guy on my right got right on my chimes he must of spodded most of the evening until it got dark, and then at first light he was out there for a couple hours again, i asked him how much bait he had got through but he wouldn,t tell me, this can,t be good for the fish and the lakes water quality. i thought fishing was a relaxing sport, the great thing was they didn,t catch and i did,had a nice tench and a 12lb carp using pellet and bolie pva bags casting to where i saw fish roll.
  9. can anyone out there got any advice on making anti tangle rigs for carp, i worry that when i whack out a cast that my bait and rig is sitting on the lake bed in a tangle not being very effective. went fishing at the weekend in suffolk, packed everywhere, is there any decent waters, help
  10. has anyone ever fished for carp at alton water. i have been hearing rumours that some decent carp have been caught out of there over the last for weeks. just woundering its a nice looking water. catchnotalot
  11. i heard about the tackle thefts down at barham, i just can,t believe its getting bad on the fishing banks you would think of all the places you would be safe whilst fishing. been fishing barham for years not the most prettys of places but i have always liked fishing there, there is something about the place, anyway good luck to anyone who wants to try a nick my gear, they won,t just have me to answer to but two unhappy dogs has anyone fished barham lately,just wonder how its fishing,
  12. does anyone know what happening to the lakes behind the sugar beet factory, ipswich, i used to fish them alot a few years ago and do well with the carp and tench in there and had some nice fish out of there, just wondered what happened to them as they were quite nice lakes,scorchy
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