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  1. Nice fish! Great job, was that a recent catch? On a hair rig or right to a hook?
  2. Gary- Approximately how much sugar do you put in? Thanks for the recipe, I'll definately give it a try!
  3. What type of bait would you like to make? I have a few recipes for boilies and doughballs.
  4. I have that problem too so don't feel like you're alone on this one. I usually fish sweet corn threaded on a hook with a slip rig like you use or I fish with a split shot or two about 6 inches from my hook. In general I find I have the best hook up to bite ratio if I hold my rod rather than resting on a stick. For example I went fishing with a couple of friends yesterday and we had our rods resting on sticks. We had four bites and missed all of them. My buddy had a light hit when it was resting on the stick but was able to pick it up. He had a light take again and was able to set the hook imme
  5. How do you have it rigged? Are you using a hair rig?
  6. Jashaw, I am more of a river carper so the other guys can give you tips on lakes better than I could. I just don't have that much experience. I usually use my belly boat and bass fish in lakes. As far as rivers, its pretty cut and dry: find any spot that is slow or slower near fast water. I have had the best luck with back bays, lagoons, slow river bends, and long slow pools that have some depth and some structure to them. Wingdams are always good also. Small areas that you would think to be insignificant have been some of my best big carp spots. For example, there is a 30 foot diameter hole
  7. Are you fishing in a river system or lake/pond?
  8. Threaded on a hook like sweetcorn or on a hair rig? Ever tried canned? Is one better than the other?
  9. I used to do it quite a bit but as I have fished for carp more and more, I have started to use heavier line for the safety of the fish. The area I fish in is very snaggy with lots of logs and sticks. I was just losing too many fish and it bumms me out when a fish has a hook and 12 inches of mono swimming around after a breakoff. I would love to find a nice clear sandy area and have a ball with the ultralight. I live near Lake Michigan and its possible there in some areas. There are alot of razor sharp zebra mussels though. Thanks for bringing up the idea, it is a blast!
  10. Thanks, I'll let you know if I have any luck.
  11. Am heading out to Oakbrook near Chicago at the end of this month on business and was wondering where to find some good carp waters close by. Any ideas Chicagoland people?
  12. I use my standard Cabelas cheapie 6 weight rod/reel combo and it has been fine. I have noticed that the lighter colored floating lines are better. I had hot orange for a while, and yes, they could definately see it. I agree that nymphs and wooly [censored]s are best. I have had the most luck fishing when they are mudding. Plop it gently right in the middle. Sight casting is a blast too but they are very very spokky. Have fun! If I had to do it all over again I would by an 8 weight
  13. I started experimenting with making hair rigs for boilies last year and started with monofilament, usually 8 lb test. After I did some research it seems like alot of people are using braided lines because it feels softer in the fish's mouths resulting in a higher hook up ratio. Has anyone found this to be true? If so, what brand, pound test and diameter, and importantly color (USA brands) have you had luck with? I have been using Stren super braid 80 lb, (20 lb diameter) lo-vis green. I think the type I'm using now is too heavy because my catch ratio went way down. I fish in Rivers mostly and
  14. Just ordered some flavorings for boilies at the "boilie shop" out of New Jersey. They are a US company and I have had great customer service in the past from them and the products are great. I want to expand my horizons and make my own boilies this year. Does anyone have a good all purpose base mix recipe to make boilies and how many eggs I'd need? You don't have to give out your Uncle Herbert's secret recipe, just the basics. I do have access to Semolina, wheat germ, etc. Thanks everyone!
  15. Any good health store should have these items. I have had the best luck with a local "health" supermarket that has all the items you had mentioned. Good luck.
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