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  1. World record common carp found dead The current world record common carp has been found dead recently at French fishery Etang la Saussaie. In april the huge common broke the world record with a weight of 100lb 8oz. Many records were broken last year, and many famous carp have died just recently unfortunately. Last year we wrote about the well known German common carp Mary breaking the world record common carp. That record was broken in April 2013 with the capture of another giant from French fishery Etang la Saussaie with a new world record common carp weight of 100lb 8oz. This fis now has been found dead just three months after breaking the world record. The sad thing is that last month, in June, former world record common carp Mary from Germany was found dead as well.
  2. I'm assuming "pack & puff" is ready made puff pastry Can't say that I know what the other two are though No no pack and puff is packbait (method mix) usually oats and cream style corn plus flavoring, and for a hookbait puffed corn cereal (not corn pops) usually flavored with Lorann's Cinnamon Oil or some sort of Hot Sauce. Some folks pack the packbait around the hookbait, but in a river situation you need a little heavier weight so the packbait is packed around the lead. Kinda dicey what the difference is between packbait and method mix. My definition is packbait goes around the hookbait and method Mix goes around the lead. Sweet feed is a pelletized horse/livestock feed. Range Cubes are large pellets (like broomstick diameter) that are usually used as a supplemental cattle feed. This is for the river. These baits are called method mixes. There are different from pack baits in that they stay together longer at a time. Making them a little better to use at the river then the pack baits are but I still use them myself. The pack baits that is. I will give you about three baits to use at the rivers on here and as I get more I will update the site. So I hope that this helps some of y’all out and helps you to get that big fish of a lifetime. So here they are! Method Mix One of my favorite summer mixes is 2/3 cottonseed meal 1/3 quick oats and cream corn to right consistency. Don't make it too wet but it packs really well and holds fish in the area really well. I dust the top with turmeric which is a really strong spicy attractant that you can get at an Indian market or a grocery store in the spice section. Cottonseed meal just seems to be one of those forgotten additives that is a seriously good attractor of carp and buffalo. Last summer I did extremely well on it. The mix is 1 large can of quaker old fashioned oats, 1 small can of quick 5 minute grits, 2 cans of cream corn and about 1/2 can of lake water. 1 large can(2.5lbs) of oats, 2 cans of cream corn, and 2-4 cap fulls of hutchinson flavor. Mix the oats with one can of cream corn well, then dump half of the second can into your mix and drop the flavor in to the other half of the corn still in the can. Stir it and mix it with the rest then mix everything well. Drop the top on it and leave it to soak the liquid up for 10 or 15 minutes, maybe adding a small amount of lake water if it soaks up too much. Most of the cause of that is that the oats were pressurized more when they were rolled and take a bit more liquid to soak up. Try that and if it doesn't work, mix in half a pound of regular breadcrumb with the same mix or just chuck them. also method mix and pack bait are not the same, a method mix is made to stay out longer and break down slower, while a pack bait is designed to break faster. i know its confusing but once you learn its not bad at all. a simple method mix is 1 large can of old fashiond oats, 1 can quick grits 2 cans cream corn 3/4 can of water add whatever flavoring you want, i like a hole bottle of chilli powder. let sit for 5-10 minutes untill sticky but not to wet. then mold it around a weight nice and firm and let it fly. If I get the chance to do any fishing I am going bsck to old faithful. Seems my different concautions ive been trying these past several months weren't producing as well as I had in the past. Never hurts to experiment as long as you learned a thing or two. Simply put 1 large bin old fashion oats 1 small bin of instant grits 1 4oz container of chili powder A splash of lake water for a little moisture. This makes one batch about 1/3 of a 5 gallon bucket. I tried adding cream corn and all different stuff but this simple basic recipe has always worked best for me. This is my own mix based off of Richard Somerville's fantastic cracked corn method: -one 5 gallon bucket -1/4 of a 50lb bag of cracked corn(12.5lbs) -two 42oz tubs of old fashioned oats -one cup of sugar -one gallon of boiling water(store bought spring water as it has no chemicals) SHORT VERSION: Mix the oats and corn. Boil the water with salt and sugar. Pour the boiling water over the dry. Mix it up and seal the bucket. LONG VERSION: 1.)Mix the oats and cracked corn together in the bucket and set it aside(optionally, you can add other dry stuff to this if you want like milk powder at a rate of 1 cup per tub of oats). 2.)Combine the salt and sugar in a pot and boil the gallon of water(optionally, you can add flavors of your choice to the water right as it comes to a boil) 3.)Pour the boiling water in the bucket of dry ingredients. Try to pour it over all of the oats and corn. 4.)With a big spoon mix it all up and seal the bucket. You are done! You can use it as soon as it cools off. This mix is perfect for preparing it the night before. You just pour, mix and go to bed. It can get a littler wetter on the bottom and a little dry on the top but once you mix it all up it will be perfect. If it does go dry you can add creamed corn until it binds or you can add more milk replacer to get it stickier. Note: this mix will make one FULL bucket of method/pack for around $10.
  3. American Carp Gear you might be able to get them from him he is good and has a lot of stuff. it is on line so you should be able to fine it easy take cure and hope that it help some . pc
  4. I copy this from a website that i'm om hope that it helps you some. PC All you really need to start fishing for carp is small hooks (#6 is good) and several cans of whole-kernel sweet corn. Circle hooks and octopus circle hooks seem to work best with sweet corn, but any hook should be effective. I usually use a free-sliding egg sinker as a weight, with a tiny split shot about 12 inches above my hook--sort of like a Carolina rig. When you first get to your spot, chum the area with a few big handfuls of corn. Throw it out as far as you can (which can be tough if you're facing the wind, easier if it's at your back). Don't worry too much if you can't get it very far from the bank; feeding carp are very happy to come near shore. Once you've chummed, thread a few good, fat kernels onto your hook. I like to push the hook point through the bottom of the kernel (where it was cut from the cob) and out the top. I usually prefer three or four kernels, just enough to cover the hook. Some like to thread it up the line; both are effective. Make sure to leave your hook point exposed. Cast into the area you've chummed, or just beyond it. If you have more then one pole, you can put them all in the same area, or chum several spots; try one near shore, one a little further out, etc. Unless you are going to leave your bail open or your reel on free-spool, make SURE your rods are well secured. Even a small, 2- to 3-pound carp has absolutely no trouble yanking a rod into the water in the blink of an eye. My last trip out I had three carp on; each of them hit so hard that my poles completely doubled over and the fish started screaming off drag before I could even lift the pole to set the hook. Needless to say, if I hadn't weighed the poles down with a heavy tackle bag, they would have been gone before I touched them. You also want to make sure your drag is set well--about half your line test. If you have 8-pound-test line, fill a gallon milk jug (which weighs about eight pounds when full) about halfway and hook it onto your pole. Then set your drag so that when you lift up your pole, the weight pulls out just enough line to keep the half-full jug on the floor. You don't have to be that technical about it, but you do need to keep your drag set correctly. Carp have soft mouths, so even if you are only getting small fish, you're likely to pull the hook right out if you try to horse them. Plus, you never know when you'll hook a big carp that can easily snap your line. Besides, the whole reason I fish for carp is the fight. You want to hear that drag scream, right? I know I do. Anyway... Continue to chum your "swim" now and then with a few more handfuls of corn. If you start getting a pod of fish in, you want to keep enough chum out there to keep them feeding, but not to fill them up. Dough bait is also good for carp. Dough bait is fairly self explanatory, but there are many kinds. One of the simplest and sometimes most effective dough baits for carp is a Wheaties ball. Take a handful of Wheaties cereal and crush it in your hands; get it wet with some lake water and knead it together until it's a good dough. Be careful with your consistency. You want to make sure the dough bait is firm enough to stay on the hook, but soft enough that you are able to easily set the hook through the dough into the fish's mouth when it runs. Roll the dough into a ball around the hook. If you can manage to roll the dough around the shaft of the hook and leave the point exposed, that sometimes helps with hook ups. Another good carp bait is an old-fashioned night crawler, but of course with those you're likely to hook just about anything in the lake. Bring a net, a scale, and a camera! It is best to weigh a carp while it's in the net; subtract the weight of the empty net to get the weight of the fish. The net supports the fish and you don't have to poke a huge hole in its mouth. Plus, as heavy as carp are, the scale is likely to rip out of their soft mouths anyway. Hope that helps, and let us know how you do. Good luck!
  5. buzzbomb we just get on what they call the wall. it has all the jars and jackpots in it at the lake. it cost 35.00 to fish that. we don't fish the duby for it cost to mush now to get in. you have to win to much to get your money back and if every one is winning its hard to do. if you get a bad draw then you are out to so there is a lot to think about. that is way we just fish the wall. PC
  6. On this day Friday 3 2013 my son and I went carp fishing at Ed’s Lake in China Grove, North Carolina. We just fish what they call the wall. That is the jugs and jackpots and one that they call the floating jug and season fish off. So we went and got setup and started to fish and were getting our reels in the water. Then there was a man that was to end up fishing on the other side of my son and that stop him from fishing were he waited to. I started to get some bites and then one took it up and I got him. It was a catfish. Got baited back up and one took off with my end one a gene and I got him this time a smell carp. Then my son got a couple on my reels and that was the way that it was for the night. He only got one fish off his reels. But we fish broth sets like we were catching fish with them all you know. Then we double up on my reels and I got one in about 12 lbs. When I was reeling it in I look at my son for he call me. I could not get to him but he had a hog. It was on my reel but his bait he has got two PB on my reels now and I would not have it no other way. Anyway he had a buffalo that went 36 lbs. and 8 oz. what a fish it was. That went on the season fish off so now I just have to get my times in I hope. I had a 19 on it I feel better now with the 36.8 on it. He also won a 100.00 with the fish that’s 2 jackpots this year so far. It was a 300.00 dollar fish up to today and Ed changes the jackpots. We got around 12 carp on my reels and the one buffalo I say. We got out of the house for free you can’t beat that can you. Now I have got to get a buffalo myself I have never got one of them. All in all a great night fishing! PC
  7. my son take me fishing now. he 36 years old sir. but we have a great time and it stll like he was a kid when i use to take him when he was just a boy.
  8. On this day the 12 April 2013 we went fishing at Ed’s Lake. We got there in the morning and it was cool. We got set up and the bait made and the reels in the water. My son started it off whit one about 12lbs and I thought that it was going to be a great day for us broth. Well I got 4 fish all day and my son well he got 12 or 13 fish all day. He got me good I tell you he did and that one hurt a little. We got fish up to about 15 lbs so it was a good day. If I say so myself even if I did get beat by my son so bad. It got up to around 82 on this day.
  9. we can't use floating baits were we fish at. wish that we could but they won't let us use them. the other day would hve been the day for it . to the other guy out there i will try and catch a fish for you. we are just getting in the warm days our selfs it been cold here to. so i know were you coming from sir. PC
  10. On this day April 9, 2013 I went fishing and it was around 80 3 deg. The fish were on top of the water getting sun and that was all that they were worrier with that day. I did get 6 or seven on grits the whole day lone. They went from around 9lbs to about 13 lbs. all in all it was fun just the same and I got sunburn that’s not fun.
  11. I want to think all of yall for the help. how do you make the oat doughball sir. and thanks for the help.
  12. Does anyone know how to make them? I have a idea on it but was just wanting to know if anyone out here has mass with them. I would like to know more about them. I need to come up with some that will last an hour or so in the water. that will give off a lot of flavor. PC
  13. In the winter use Chow, Bread and grits and you should catch fish. there are some baits on here if you look around for them. hope that this helps. PC JustCarp'N
  14. I go 10 mins from the house to get them up to 10 to 20 lbs. one lke stock them close to me. the other lake has good eating size cats in it. thanks for thr help sir.
  15. we have a lot of catfish in our lakes they will get the nightcrawlers don't won't to catch a lot of them you know. any kind of other bait sir?
  16. any one of yall ever got any buffalo!? if so what is the best way to catch these fish. do you hook them on a jeck are do you let them run with the bait.? one of the lakes that i will be fishing a little this year has put some of these fish in. I have never fish for buffalo! before. it is all new to me. some of them went up to 50lbs i woukld really like to get one of them you know. and what bait dob you use is it diffenent form carp bait. if so how? thanks for your help Justcarpn paul collins
  17. you can use any of them sir. I was talkin about flavoring but you can use the real thing if you want to.
  18. Rum Niblet Corn You take a can of Green Giant Niblet Corn and pour the juice out of it. Then you take some Rum flavoring and pour in the corn and let set a little while. You take a little corn and throw it in the water at the bank all around you. Take two or three kernels and put them on your hooks. Put them out in the lake were you throw the corn at. We use to get a lot of fish this way years ago fishing I tell you that we did. It was a good way to get big fish when they would not bite. Anytime at that for me. We just did were that the other fishermen would not see us do it you know. We could it was all right at the lakes too, it was just one of those things that we did. This was fishing in the old days and it was justcarpn at its best i tell you that it was.
  19. Could he not just use a rubber mat that you use to walk in the house? As long as he kelp it wet.
  20. PEACH MANGO 8 cups millet 2 cups wheat bran 2 cups flour 16oz corn syrup 1oz red peach flavoring r&w 1 pack of Peach Jell-O 4 packs Peach Mango Kool-Aid Put all but millet, wheat bran and flour in blow and stir well. Let set an hour stirring every 15 minutes for that hour. Then mix millet, wheat bran and flour real well in bucket. Pour the wet stuff over it stirring as you do so and mixing till you see no more flour in it. Lay it out on wax paper and let air dry for a few hours and then put in bucket and put lid on it air tight let set over night and go fishing the next day.
  21. I like Karo the best for that is what it was made with to start. I think that it has a better feel to the bait when it is done and set up all the way to. Well I got a lot of fish with it too and not so bad over the years. Karo been good to me. ps (clear)
  22. Asian Carp Aren’t the Only Invasive Carp in Illinois Waters by Outdoor Hub Reporters on March 20, 2012 submitted by: Agnieszka Spieszny species: Carp location(s): Illinois Hennepin and Hopper Lakes in Illinois have been closed to all public sport fishing while The Wetlands Initiative (TWI) and the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (DNR) renew their effort to remove invasive common carp from the lakes. The two agencies announced their initiative in a joint statement today. DNR fisheries biologists identified a large number of common carp in the lakes located 40 miles north of Peoria along the Illinois River in a survey conducted last year. TWI ecologists and others observed that vegetation in the lake was decreasing. “Once the carp reach a tipping point, they begin to take over,” said Paul Botts, TWI’s executive director. “We could see the vegetation vanishing before our eyes.” TWI is a non-profit organization that manages the Sue and Wes Dixon Waterfowl Refuge at Hennepin & Hopper Lakes. TWI has been restoring the 2,700-acre site from row crops to diverse native ecosystems since 2001. In 2009, TWI partially drained the lake and applied fish toxicant rotenone to remove the common carp until a healthy marsh habitat returned. Carp among other native and sport fish were restocked and native flora and fauna returned. But by the summer of 2011, ecologists could see the vegetation was decreasing. The next removal efforts will directly address what remains of the drain tile system which carp were using for shelter from the toxicants during the 2009/2010 removal effort. “We aren’t going to repeat the same draw down steps,” Botts said. “Rather, we are going to do something more sophisticated: we are dividing the remnant drainage ditches into segments to create smaller wetland cells that can be drained independently. This will allow us to drain each cell completely and make it easier to locate and disable every last drain tile line.” Photo: Tim Creque here the lihk http://www.outdoorhub.com/news/asian-carp-arent-the-only-invasive-carp-in-illinois-waters/?utm_source=iContact&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Outdoor%20Hub&utm_content=Saturday+Morning+Outdoors%2C+March+24th
  23. Banana Millet 8 cups millet 2 cups wheat bran 2 cups flour 16oz corn syrup 2oz butternut flavoring 2 box banana cream jell-o 4oz honey Put all but millet, wheat bran and flour in blow and stir well. Let set an hour stirring every 15 minutes for that hour. Then mix millet, wheat bran and flour real well in bucket. Pour the wet stuff over it stirring as you do so and mixing till you see no more flour in it. Lay it out on wax paper and let air dry for a few hours and then put in bucket and put lid on it air tight let set over night and go fishing the next day.
  24. i like the way that it comes in a box or a bag and you just mix it together you know. no fuss with it. justcarpn
  25. Grape Millet 8 cups millet 2 cups wheat bran 2 cups flour 16oz corn syrup 2oz butternut flavoring 1 pack of grape Jell-O 4 packs grape Kool-Aid 4oz honey Put all but millet, wheat bran and flour in blow and stir well. Let set an hour stirring every 15 minutes for that hour. Then mix millet, wheat bran and flour real well in bucket. Pour the wet stuff over it stirring as you do so and mixing till you see no more flour in it. Lay it out on wax paper and let air dry for a few hours and then put in bucket and put lid on it air tight let set over night and go fishing the next day.
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