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  1. yeah yeah, its usualll weedy through the summer months so im told by friends.... the fish do like to travel in shoals, islands always seem to hold resident fish.....and yeah the bay ,the whole side along the wall and down by the bird sanctury up just before the island...
  2. You need to be aware a area of the lake is also out of bounds.... yes its a syndi ,but i d call it more a limited number season ticket only run by the estate.... you will definately not get ppl casting over ya ...i have friends currrently fishing it and not heard a bad word said about it....yes ppl have struggled on there...yes theres some interesting fish...and the walk from the carp park can be a bit of a killer...i personally have not fished it since the 90s...thought about going back , but i have been there and done my time....plus im enjoying my time on a lovely estate lake in leiceste
  3. yes, i used minamino a lot in the early nineties...used to get it from the local chemist...very good additive
  4. i have been using it for a while now,and having a steady run of fish on it..i know a few lads who are fishing it on there waters and they too are doing well on it....
  5. yep defoe a syndi on weston...my mate has just got in this yr..
  6. hi do you know if this carrys a shelf life date.. cheers
  7. how does everyone transport and store there boilies abroad..is the best method air dryin? and how do you go about it, is it just a case of hangin your bait up in air dryin bags out of direct sun or what..what would you do for the best
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