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  1. I got a set of the soniks and think they are a very good reel the clutch is good as is the line lay will just have to wait to see if they stand the test of time
  2. I have used the patshull park base mix with Indian spice and black pepper oil and salmon oil and had some good results with it was just thinking is there anything I can add to it to make it better like csl or liquid krill and so on or powders like glm and so on cheers for any help
  3. Was also thinking about there 50/50 spicy red fish and bird food
  4. Hi was thinking of giving the 50/50 spicy red fish a go my self how does it compare to the patshull park mix as I have used that before and can you use it all year round
  5. Have a look at active bait solutions £5.50 a kilo and a top bait
  6. could someone please send me the link as well
  7. I use a size 5 esp stiff rigger and can easly get the 20lb mouth trap through the eye three times.
  8. another vote for the tfg comfort zone bedchair don't think it can be beatin for the price.
  9. Hello has angbody got the angling intelligence mk2 rods as i'm thinking of getting a set any feedback would be welcome.
  10. I am going to start making my own baits and have come up with this mix can you let me know if you think it will work or is there anything i should add or take away.This is for a 6 egg mix. patshull park base robin red 50 grams betaine complex 10 grams indian spice 1ml black pepper oil 6 drops n-butyric acid 0.5ml salmon oil 15ml Any feedback would be helpfull.
  11. when have you got your holiday booked for. Might see you up there because i fish it about every two weeks
  12. I joined woodlakes about a month and a half ago. Have only fished the champion lake which has weed nearly everywhere but if you can find the clear spots there is some cracking fish in there to be had.
  13. Had a look around woodlakes today and think this may be the new water i'm looking for has anybody fish there before.
  14. I am looking for a new lake to fish this year near lakenheath with a good head of 20 pound fish in it. I'm willing to pay around £250 for the year and would like it to be around half an hour from lakenheath was maybe thinking about woodlakes near Downham market or kingfisher in Thetford or is there any more worth a go. Any info would be welcome.
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