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  1. If you are fishing the same lake for a long time and you have a good base mix that is beneficial to the fish and you feed the lake on a regular basis you can get them on any smell.I only use a smell as an association.My base mix is more important to me
  2. simple things matt that we dont think about makes a big diffrence
  3. Just got back from a french trip were i was fishing in a bay at around 70yards on the opposit bank and my headlight was not strong enough to see at night so i went to my car and cut out a reflector from my hi vis vest and placed it in a bush in line with my baited bay.Now as soon as my light shone over i could see the marker as clear as someone shining a light back.Clip up aim for the light and hey presto bang on every time.I have now made bank sticks with reflectors on.Cheep and very efective try it
  4. Was working out how much gas i got through last year and it cost £££££££££ so i was wondering how i could save as i allways have the kettle on as i love a cup of tea.I have now started taking a flask and fill it up with hot water as most of the time i end up boiling the same water more than once.It works try it and save some of your well earned cash
  5. i did have them years ago when they first came out and had no prob with them.then i sold them and got some eos alarms and did not like them so went back to mmxr and nothing but problems in the rain.Mine do spend alot of time on the bank as i do alot of seven day trips but never the less you dont exspect this from something that is made to stand all weathers.i did get some lights from the 99p shop for my garden last year and they are still going.Come on it cant be that hard to make them weather proof.After having this prob with the mmxr i done a search and found this is common and not only with
  6. Hi all just a tip if you have alarms that play up when they get wet as i did with my fox mmxr alarms and ended up with getting new ones and guess what yep same prob with one of them.So took myself to halfords and got a tin of damp start opend up the alarms and gave them a good spray and hey presto prob solved.I done this months ago and all is well with the alarms working as they are ment to.I am just telling you what i did and it worked a treat but i cant take any resposability if it dont work for you but its worth a try if you are going to get shot of them only becouse of damp.Hope this can h
  7. Just got back from genesis and what a trip.We went for two weeks as its something i have always wanted to do in my 30 years of fishing.Done loads of 7 and 10 days before but never 14.It all started well the first day or so and then the heavens opend up and the water levels came rushing up and we needed to move the bivies up to higher ground.We was fishing in swim 5 mostly to the far bank where i promptly walked around and placed my reflective breakdown vest as a night time reflector.The bottom of the lake is clean and snag free with the only snags found are tree roots in places around the marg
  8. god you sound just like me and not just in what you say but also in what you do and what you have used.
  9. small kd rig works well with maize or corn .More so when balanced
  10. cell has put loads on the bank and is a great bait if you want to jump on the wagon.I like to be out on my own and beileve if you have a good food source bait and enough go in regular you will have plenty on the mat.I wonder how long it will last as on one of my waters its slowly dropping of and we have some baits (not commercial) out fishing it so adding something different to it is the way to go :
  11. premier great bait co.A good mate of mine works for them hes just made up up a cracking bait He is sorting one out for france for me in october (he dont know it yet ha ha )i did not think will take long for prem bait to pop up.
  12. Hi halfman halfcap I take it you are new to carp fishing and you you are in the right place to progress in this sport.If you want to go with something like corn your best bet is to try maize as it stays on your hook better and is cheep to buy and you can have some fun soaking it in some flavours.Welcome to the forum
  13. Yes i totally agree with you but i am trying to find out what is popular at the moment.I will be out on my own as i normally buy from germany as i have hade alot of success with them.Not saying that we dont have good baits in the uk as we all know we do but i have a contact out there .I am just a bit indecisive as what way im going this time around.looking for a bit of inspiration
  14. Think it more curiousity rather than a question .Just not sure what way i want to go. I think its a age prob.Yes i have been a member for over six years and been making baits for over twenty But it still intrigues me as to what everyone else is up to
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