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  1. must be skate, excuse him though i expect his neck is hurting him from all the weight of all the teams above them and looking up the table all the time. cant wait for us to beat them when they come to ours.
  2. theres a cuppla cancellations going At what cost and when? I want them. Please. Ian One place from Sunday 14th to Friday 19th November All 4 places from Sunday 13th to Friday 18th February 2011 Anybody interested should call Les this weekend on his mobile 07723 300 927
  3. thankyou stan for such an enjoyable read, it seems to me you have your life pretty much sorted, enjoy it
  4. well done and lets hope your dog brings you more luck in the future. always good to start the year off with a 20
  5. theres no need for back leads either, just put a bit of putty a few feet up your line and use a decent sinking flurocarbon.
  6. 12 to 18 inches???? you should try fishing a lake that has it to the surface, 6-8 foot zigs will work great if you get them at the right depth, use an adjustable zig so that you can very the depth from the bank rather then keep reeling in and casting. bits of black foam work well and also the sponge from a packet of hooks
  7. dont do this, slack lines WILL catch you more fish, decent bait, simple rigs, on the fish and keep everything nice and slack and pinned down and you will catch
  8. jim is actually a really nice fella when you get to know him, he takes a lot of crap from people and in the past used to bite back. he has now calmed down a lot and is no where near as bad as you hear. a lot of the stories are made up or exagerated a lot. i havent been on a tuition with him as i dont need to but would recommend going on one, already this year he has caught an unbelieveable amount of carp, i think it is upto about 40/50 already and they are all nice fish from hard waters. ill take my toungue out of his arse now
  9. im off to wembley hopefully as well, still trying to sort tickets but its looking bad at the mo. well you know what i look like (check the carp catch report) so come say hi
  10. here check this thread: http://www.carp.com/carp-forum/viewtopic.php?t=45231
  11. ive been baiting up a couple spots on nutsey lake with some hemp and a few extra bits the carp love and i went down there the afternoon before my session then arrived at the lake at 7am and fished my chosen hookbait on a very light running rig on top of the bait i put in yesterday, just plopped it in the margin spot and stayed very quiet and under 4 hours later i had this on the mat, 25.4lb of stunning hard fighting nutsey carp shes held down low as it was a quick but brutal fight as i was close to some snags and needed to keep her out, she was still a bit excited on the mat so i kept her low just in case, not the best photos but in my book the safety of the fish is more important then a good photo
  12. i fished nutsey last week and had a couple other anglers on it but that was mid week and unusually quiet, weekends it always has at least 4 anglers on it and thats more then enough for such a small lake. when the weather warms up more its gonna be rammed as usual. embley have been slowly putting on weight but they did have an algae bloom last summer and a few have died
  13. nice pic, are you portugese or british who have emigrated?
  14. sometimes even though life can seem very cruel at times there are the good times and memorable times. sorry to hear about your friend and that nasty merciless C, just maybe there was someone looking down on him that day, not god as such but the carp god
  15. im concerned as to if the surrounding farmland that is next to the dyke that you are using to fill it from uses any chemicals on their crops or is it used for grazing?
  16. nice pics but they make me dizzy, im not a fan of heights at all
  17. excuse my ignorance but is this warmwell as in the holiday place with the lodges in weymouth? if so i stayed in one of those lodges in september and had a look around the lakes, i think the speciman lake was the one with a lodge on the island. its nothing more then a muddy puddle and dont think there would be anything of any size swimming in there.
  18. i havent done a night session for about 3 months now maybe longer and havent done aq day session since november. come february i shall be fishing a local club lake very very hard before my ticket runs out in april. hopefully i shall have the 50 out
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