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  1. The comment said earlier about its not the tackle that catches the fish, it’s the angler, sums up my thoughts exactly, yes, that expensive rod and pricey reel loaded with quality line may enable us to cast to the horizon but so what !. Fishing to your means and within your budget makes for a happy and contented angler. Too many people think they must have the latest gear to make them a better fisherman. It makes you wonder how many have got into serious debt just to earn bragging points with their mates. If you can afford it then well and good, if you can’t then be happy with your lot and re
  2. totally agree with you on this one, never understood why people need to flatter themselves
  3. being as quite as possible, rods back with tips not overhanging the water, crouched down watching the water cloud over your bait in the margin, realising your holding your breath as you watch the tail fins of a couple of good size carp break surface as they gorge themselves near your carefully prepared trap, eyes watering from not blinking the cramp in your legs is almost unbearable but you dare not move, hand hovering over the rod................then jumping out of your skin as Captain Noddy and his mate come and stand a foot from the bank and shout "ALL RIGHT MATE...ANY LUCK"?
  4. Tried that...................though the `Holy Water` was 5% by volume Thinking about it, I did catch 1 fish , the very first time i took the mat. Went catfishing and the blokes either side of me had cats to well in the 20`s.............Me ?? the `kitten` that must have been holding onto the giant halibut through suction power alone must have weighed a whole 6 oz. Looking back with hindsight I should have plucked up the courage to place it with pride in the centre of the mat and scream "YES !! the mat has been christened" It could`nt have been worse than seeing than seeing the smirk
  5. hard lake ??? its been loads of places.... even took it to a runs water where toddlers with their dads were catching !!!!!
  6. Has anyone brought an item of new tackle and watched their catch rate suddenly plummet ? The offending item is an unhooking mat. Brought the damn thing last year and have had the worst fishing of my life, I know there could be numerous reasons, bad angling and impatience being two of them but I swear the thing is jinxed. It’s got to the point now even my mates believe and are threatening to burn the mat as the jinx is spreading by association. The only time I caught is when I took my old mat instead. Anyone had similar experiences ?? Do you think an exorcism is in order?? ha
  7. Hmnn....just imagine what he thought if he walked into your swim at that precise moment
  8. Correct me if I'm wrong here, but with florocarbon working on the same refractive index as/or similar to water, floro`s would only work as a sinking line under water and not as a surface line where the fish would be `looking up` and see the same shadow cast as a normal line. As i said i could be wrong, just got me thinking a bit and apologies for going off track a little bit
  9. Take it as a compliment as it was meant , if sniffing keep nets is your thing, then ok, everyone to their own, but bream...............Now thats the strange bit 5 kids!!! Take it you have no TV then Just think of the expense when they all decide to take up fishing with dad
  10. From being frightening you've gone to downright strange
  11. you would be a very frightening person to go fishing with
  12. aye up youngster......30-40 old ?..............70-80's old, not 30-40!!! C'mon mods delete his post for ageism Next time i see a whippersnapper fishing, its across his lines with the marker...............one up for the slipper brigade
  13. why dont you count it as a pb If you were fishing for Tench by design or not, surely a pb is a pb. Also if you did manage to break the record would you not claim it? In that line of thinking we should have 2 record lists; 1 by intent and 1 by accident i agree a targeted species/fish is more forefilling than an accidental catch but when lady luck shines grasp it with both hands. If you went to a lake you thought only contained carp to say 6lb and set up lighter gear to fish but managed to hook and land the 30lb unknown, would you still not claim it as a pb?
  14. Bet them mozzies would love to get their stinger into that lovely soft skin
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