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  1. cheers mates for your opinion.
  2. do bigger baits often meen bigger fish. tell me your views plz.
  3. Do you go fishing for neww pb's or just for fun or maybe just for the wildlife and nature of it. please tell me what you do because we all have diffrent things to say.
  4. I am going for a session of fishin on the weekend and i have heard of great success with maggots. i am going to try them out. what is your opinion
  5. thanks that has boosted my confidance alot i hope you are right!
  6. I have heard that a few rainy days are heading for the uk and i was wondering if there is point of fishing in them. will i catch in the poor conditions or not. please tell me your point of view, i would like to hear it.
  7. What are sticks Could someone be kind to tell me
  8. so rubber baits are raited pretty high in fishing then cheers all.
  9. I just bought some plastic pop up sweetcorn and my veiw before i used it was 'that will not work' but i thought i would give it a go. my first time fishing with this bait i had nothing and i thought 'i new it wouldn't work. I went again and gave the plastic bait 1 more chance. After bringing the total weight to 67 pounds i was estonished how well it prooved itself. So long story short do you use plastic baits nd what are your results
  10. My effective baits are halibut pellets and sweetcorn. at all the lakes i have fished with these baits i have created very good hot spots. Also what i do after i have caught a fish in the area i will chuck a little bait in to get them going again unless the fight was very disturbing for the area i shall cast into a prepared swim for the fish to get confident in the hot spot again. DO NOT OVER BAIT AN AREA!
  11. I was in my local bait shop the other day and i needed to bye a PVA product and i was struck with a choice of bags or mesh tubeing. i bought the tubeing in the end but did i choose right. WHAT IS YOUR VIEW ?
  12. my best bait combo at the moment is, simple halibut pellets and sweetcorn. this caght me a total weight of 67 pounds of fish just a few days ago which i think is enough to go by.
  13. What is your fav floating bait for free lining??? My Fav is pop ups with a size 8 hook
  14. carpscales


    imhaveing trouble but i think its just the time of year but i shall keep trying and never give up!!!
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