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  1. What happened at Lac De Saule?
  2. Recomendations are difficult because what is one mans meat is another mans poison, it depends on what you are looking for. Right now been fishing lac de saule in champagne region 10 acre water carp to over 60lb. Medium difficulty water but its the guys that run the place that make this place for me. Let us know how you get on at Lac Lucie, as I said its a good few years ago that I was there and maybe he has got the place sorted. But the party that was on there when we were there did get hammered by the pasties even when they were using 20+mm boilies. Tight lines.
  3. I fished kingfisher few years back, but I know lac lucie was full of pasties and I mean full of pasties. I would check what the current situation is. The big lake was not so bad took a few thirties but for me there are better places for the money. Hope this is of use.
  4. You can't confuse silure with poissons, even small silure are just miniture versions of their big brothers. But thanks for the translation, who would have thought that 'poisson chat' meant 'catfish' Back to the original post: Every boilie I have ever tried has resulted in picking up poissons they are complete pains in the bum. Netting is fine as is stops your hook bait from being nawed away but it doesn't stop them showing an interest and trust me during the night the constant bite indications will drive you up the wall. There is no miracle boilie in my opinion 'rosehip' included
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