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  1. Hi jack...take some ant powder to put around ur bivvy. Not been to dream lakes but went crete lakes last year.
  2. Guess what? I am back!!! Well I see the owner of Weeley was im the Angling times last week for rushing around on his quad bike warning people that the EA had just turned up and that if you did not have a fishing licence, you had better pack up quick or you will get fined!! I have always had a rod licence and I think the owner of the lakes should be fined for warning people!! I must admit to trying a 48 hr session at weeley a few months back with a friend......The fist night I had a 4 lb common and a bream from the preditor lake and my mate had a 6 lb common. There must have been 10 other fishermen on the lake that weekend and nobody had a big fish out. The owner still tells you that there are over 45 carp all bigger than 15lb in the lake, oh that last weekend someone had a 31 lb catfish and a 28lb mirror out? But after talking to two blokes fishing there....They said that they where there the weekend before and they did not see any big fish come out??? I do know the lakes have suffered from many fish deaths this year and that he was shut down by the EA for a few weeks! A Big Hi to all the carp.com crew...lov ya all Keep up the good work! Spicy
  3. I would have to say honestly dont worry about it to much, just move home! join a lake and buy a good bivvy then you can fish all the time. You wont even have to pay council tax living at a lake, Dont what ever you do get a girlfriend and if your mates dont go fishing then they aint real mates anyway. My wife gives me stick about going fishing but it's proberly because I do an overnighter about 3-4 times a month and get to go on the odd weekend here and there. Live's hard and the older you get the harder it gets, so enjoy it why you can. Spicy
  4. Hi steve and welcome to the forum, oh you are going to be in trouble dude, just wait for the first person to start on about this thread has been done before....blar,blar,blar! And comments like why dont people search the threads for topic's. Dont get me wrong I honestly dont care and am not moaning...But just you wait. By the way I always seem to have a tin or two of sweet corn in my bait box. Or maybe because I have said something about it already...just maybe, nobody will say anything and you will notice on the sly that your thread gets moved to a different section. All the best m8 Spicy
  5. Danny Fairbrass, I just really cant stand the guy for some reason? Spicy
  6. Oh my god You guys need to get out the house more, perhaps try taking up fishing or something? Spicy
  7. I have heard from 2 different people now that the new lake at weeley has got to be drained because proper planning was not applied for Has anyone else heard this? Anyone can see when they drive past the lake it is much higher than the road. The banks are only made from clay and dirt, just wait till the summer when they dry out and then it pours down on dry clay Does anyone know if you have to have a licence to stock a lake with catfish? Spicy
  8. Well the farmer seems to be spending some cash on a new lake!! I wonder if he is going to put any new fish into it? He will proberly net the other lakes and swap a few fish over to the new one which looks the same as the last lake he dug...feature less the same depth all the way across and no pegs to fish from? BORING Spicy
  9. To be honest there is not to much to pick from, unless you join a club. I joint CAPS last year and will renew my membership this year, also want to join AAA this year. Rayne lodge, which is close to Braintree is OK for a day ticket water. PM me if you want to go to a CAPS water for the day I could sign you in on a guests ticket for a day for a fiver. Spicy
  10. I have had more carp on fruit and more bream on fish meal unfortunatley there has been more bream than carp Spicy
  11. Well done!! I am glad someones catching from there. I know I put the place down, but I have never blanked so many times over and over again and also spoken to so many other people that have done the same. There just is not as many fish in the lake as the farmer says there is. Spicy
  12. My wife used to moan when I went fishing for the 18 hours and she would say "when do I get to have time on my own?” So last month I took her with me for a night and a day and my Nan looked after the kids...Now she wants to go fishing for the night on our fifth wedding anniversary Now i want to know when do I get time on my own again? Spicy
  13. Well I did it again, I did a 18 hour session at weeley! What is wrong with me? I did not blank in the preditor lake.....I caught a duck at 3am on a double boilie rig off the bottom right in the middle of the lake! There must have been about 100 ducks on the water first thing in the morning. I also caught a small rat in my boilie bucket the place is over run with them and I have never seen any rat poison boxes about. The grass around the lake was about a foot high and about 6 inch's high where you have your bivvy, it made finding a dropped bait needle almost impossible in the dark. I did have a very intresting chat with an old boy that was fishing there and he told me about how much time he has spent fishing the lake in the last 12 months, he is sure that there are only about 10 - 12 carp in the lake that are over 15lb. He aslo said that his friend had been asked by the farmer when he was fishing the old lake next to the road/bridge that if he caught the 30lb'er to give him a ring so he could move it to the preditor lake I thought you had to get a permit to move fish from one lake to another? My last grumble is the amount of rubbish that was everywhere, this is why there are so many rats. Even where I was fishing, there where tin cans in the water Oh and no loo roll in the toilet Spicy
  14. Welcome to the forum. I have never fished a river for carp, but it is something that I have been giving some thought lately. I am from essex and will be wanting to give it a try very soon. There are a few rivers in my Syndicate (CAPS) Any good tips? Spicy
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