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  1. Brilliant help guys,thanks for the info.there isnt any cray fish of poisson chat so they dont need to be to hard.It will be mainline baits im using and i have plenty of air dry bags,is it just a case of drying them out them glugging them up before use? thanks Jamie
  2. Hi guys Im looking for some advice on frozen boilies,Ive used them for short spells only, im going to france for 2 weeks in september and would like to take my own freezer baits, if i air dry them will they last the 2 weeks or close to it?there is no freezer on site. Any help is appreciated Jamie
  3. Hi ppl Due to current financial climate,our 4 man inclusive trip to france is now a 2 man trip,so weve decided to go for 2 weeks and fish a larger water,does anyone know of any decent larger waters in france (15-100 acres) any help is appreciated. jamie
  4. HI all Im looking for a good french carp fishery that can accomodate 4 anglers on an exclusive booking,we are thinking of going august/september,a runs water with the odd chance of a biggy would be nice! any help is appreciated thanks Jamie
  5. bring on july,it cant come quick enough
  6. thats a fair point swampie lol
  7. take the wife with you mate,Kim the owner will make sure she doesnt get bored!they are very helpfull.
  8. thanks Bernie,ive already decided to book it,have heard only good things
  9. hi ppl Has anyone fished the stumps swim at rushes lake? any info is appreciated cheers
  10. i think you could be right about the female species gap ,the things you have to do to get a weeks fishing in france,thanks for your help mate
  11. hi ppl Does anyone have any info about a decent french carp water,that has some amenities that will keep the wife happy,tough call i know,any help is appreciated . cheers Jamie
  12. Hi ppl Does anyone have any info about booking a swim at rainbow lake?,i know its a busy place but im struggling to find a way to book it,any help would be appreciated. Thanks Jamie
  13. Hi ppl Im looking for a good carp venue abroad for the june to august period,im looking for somewhere warm to keep the missus happy,south of france,spain,bulgaria?does anyone have any ideas? many thanks Jamie
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