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  1. Thought for the day.

    If I met a lion in the garden, it would be a good opportunity to find out if human urine does the trick, as well.
  2. Pc woes... Creators Fall update

    In a few days the new Ubuntu OS for Linux should be coming out, so here's your chance to get a system that's user-friendly, not to mention free. You could call whoever's upgrading your computer and ask if they can in throw it in, or if you can find someone with the install disc do it yourself when it comes back. If the new system isn't released on time he may have the current 64 bit install disc, (which is what I have on all of mine).
  3. April catch reports.............

    Well done the catchers!
  4. Help with chum

    Welcome to the forum. R6 (Geoff) from the Spokane area used to go fish the Snake in Idaho with a friend, and I think they did ok. Let us know how it goes out there.
  5. Thought for the day.

    This has been a test of your obscenity filter. All operations may now resume.
  6. Thought for the day.

    The Korda vibrating unhooking mat that relaxes the fish has been released several times on Apr 1.
  7. Considering New Rods

    It was a cheap shot, he started out casting leads and driving around from lake to lake selling them (as I understand) and coinciding with a boom in UK carping made a business out of it.
  8. Considering New Rods

    TnCarper don't spread it around, but to get an extra 20' - 25' just get a bottle of White-Out correction fluid and a very fine brush and paint a tiny DF on your rod down where the test curve is.
  9. Considering New Rods

    What B.C. said. I found that every time I tweaked my gear, (filling the spool almost to the rim, wetting the spool of line before casting, switching from #15 to #12) I gained a little distance and using a 3oz lead could usually hit my spot at around 100 yds. Buying a 3 lb rod or 2 didn't really buy me any more distance (neither did a 13' rod), but my casting with bags or stringers is so pitiful I wanted to try them anyway.
  10. Cherry Carp (ex solar)

    That B-100 Grub is a ringer for my go-to carp hook: Tiemco 2457 large pupa hook in #6.
  11. Thought for the day.

    I've had bites from pike and they always get inflamed, not sure what's on their teeth but it's dirty. A little hydrogen peroxide or something and it gets better. Those pictures, however, are off the wall completely. The loss of tissue seems like a flesh-eating thing, and the swelling and splitting, bad colour remind me of gangrene. Ouchthathurt might have an informed opinion if he's ever seen anything like it. I'm going to make corned beef hash with fried eggs on top for breakfast now that my appetite's stimulated.
  12. Thought for the day.

  13. Welcome to the forum.
  14. Thought for the day.

    If you hooked it you'd never get a look at it anyway.