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  1. Welcome to the forum.
  2. Welcome to the forum, let me check my phone and I'll hook you up.... it's changed - call Wacker Baits at 224-357-8563. It looks like it's changed ownership but the former guy and his son were fishing with the local carpers and the new owners can likely connect you. If they can give you his number he knows all the who and where, he and his son and some of their friends fish in the world carp championships.
  3. If it gets frantic tip the rods next door butts-up and rod tips in the water on the bottom and play the fish over them. We have a 1 rod rule where I am but occasionally banksticks are within a length of each other, and pods are helpfull sometimes, and in either case ditching the adjacent rods usually averts trouble. The nights when it was sorting out tangles time after time between all these mad fish are what I call the good old days now.
  4. Useph, nice guy and had a good looking girlfriend.
  5. Welcome to the forum.
  6. Lately at work (where I am now) I set up my little computer and a set of speakers and stream radio from up north, Missinipi Broadcasting Company. The playlist can go anywhere, and they feature reporting in Cree, Dene, and Michif as well as English.
  7. The money spent on arms world-wide in 1 day could probably defeat illiteracy, a week's worth might cure cancer, a few months might end starvation.
  8. Russians slaughtered a whole village in Afghanistan with nerve gas, they're still deflecting that one and blaming communism. In the reserves in the 70's I trained on how to set the fuses on chemical shells, including nerve gas, how to set anti-personnel mines, fired white phosphorous (WP not usually allowed because it set too many fires), and WP as a standard secondary charge in anti-tank shells. The gas and the mines aren't used as much, but the major powers still won't sign the land mine treaty and everybody has a secret stash of anthrax or something "just in case".. By definition most of modern warfare is against the Geneva Convention, and since there is no world "policeman" because the UN has no teeth to do anything without being vetoed the rules don't mean much on the ground. Extra-judicial killing is the big one, drone executions, carpet bombing, shelling and bombing of residential neighbourhoods, all exempt from any redress because there is no law. All the UN can do is say they believe war crimes may be happening in whatever conflict, and one side will support it, and the other will veto any resolution.
  9. Welcome to the forum, we just let Northern Monkeys in automatically, and don't bother with the usual hazing.
  10. Well done, you have some nice ones there.
  11. Russia brokered the deal to make sure Assad destroyed his stockpile of chemical weapons (which they freely admitted having) in 2013. If he retained any from those stores there is no reason Russia would even have to know. The doctors there are familiar with chlorine gas because it's used most often in attacks by Syrian troops, and isn't subject to the same schedule of regulations as nerve agents, but nerve gas shows up when they can't take rebel strongholds. Putin can't be seen to be giving in to an ultimatum, despite the stranglehold United Russia party has on power, and if Assad is removed it will have to look like it was all Putin's idea and accomplishment, so Rex Tillerson going to Russia and talking to Lavrov isn't negotiation, it's Russia telling the US to back up or get spanked, hard. They aren't going to have any common ground on Syria, Iraq, Iran, Crimea, Ukraine, or anything else.
  12. What a load of tripe. Most of NATO is American, ships, planes, tanks, men, and they don't work for the UN, they work for NATO. Assad has been proved to have used chemical weapons on several occasions, usually when rebel forces are entrenched in their own neighbourhoods or villages, which is why the civillian casualties are so high. If half the people in Syria support Assad, he has no compunctions about killing every man woman and child that comprises the other half, and his record of torturing opponents should be enough to have him locked away for life. I'd like to see a leader emerge who is acceptable to Assad's supporters but who will give all Syrians a voice, and continue the fight against ISIS with international partners. Canada doesn't want Assad's wife back.
  13. Welcome to the forum.