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  1. buzzbomb


    When he dropped out of sight for awhile I emailed her to ask if he was ok, and she got right back to me, said she'd just talked to him and he was fine. She seemed nice, from long distance anyway. After he got the use of his legs back and struck up a relationship with his therapist, he said the high point of his recovery was being chosen to bear the standard of his old regiment in fancy dress uniform in a parade. I can't find the pic of the parade and the black forum is gone so big luck unless someone else has it?
  2. buzzbomb


    For a few weeks or a month before he had his stroke he became very hyper, almost manic. I can date this because North Korea shelled Yeonpyeong Island on Nov 23, 2010 while he was living in Hong Kong, and a day or 2 later he saw a repeat of the news item and thought they were doing it again and a war was starting. He was on the black forum and terrified. Not long after that he had the stroke, lost everything then moved back to England and began his recovery. https://www.carp.com/topic/5982-hong-kong-carp-angling/?do=findComment&comment=76577
  3. A general rule of thumb for lure fishing is bright day - bright lure, dark day - dark lure. When it's sunny exploit the flash of metallic surfaces and bright colours and when overcast go darker so they can more easily home in on the sillouette.
  4. buzzbomb

    September catch results..........................

    Well done all catchers, all fishers, and all wishers. It's nice to see this sort of excitement.
  5. buzzbomb

    Quick introduction..

    Welcome to the forum.
  6. buzzbomb

    Rod Help

    I remember this coming up on the old CAG forum, and the consensus was that honestveek is right. Iirc there are a couple of ways that sanding the spigot could ruin the rod (either making it loose or seating it flush and never getting it apart again) and nothing to gain.
  7. Welcome to the forum. The US based forums seem to have either withered or changed to concentrate on specific methods (ie: fly fishing) so give the scattergun approach a try. https://www.google.com/search?client=ubuntu&hs=4WW&channel=fs&ei=smt9W9-4A-2x0PEP8LW20Aw&q=carp++fishing+new+jersey&oq=carp++fishing+new+jersey&gs_l=psy-ab.3..0j0i22i30k1l4.4078.9520.0.9813.
  8. buzzbomb

    Giving it a bash

    It was not long after checking on my phone and learning they'd beaten Wycombe so he was a happy boy.😀
  9. buzzbomb

    Giving it a bash

    10 minutes after I took my rod out and started packing up Rob got his 21.... good for him! I may come back tomorrow.
  10. buzzbomb

    Giving it a bash

    21 lb. to Saskcarp. He's dedicating it to the Bristol Rovers.
  11. Nothing on the beach yet but someone just strolled by and said a big one has just been caught up around the bend, which is encouraging
  12. buzzbomb

    bigger baits!

    I know someone who has absolutely ruled using huge donkey chokers, but a 10 lb carp can still suck in a boilie the size of a golf ball.
  13. ...and/or also lost what could be a once in a lifetime fish through a brain fart or not being alert enough. John Alden Knight is credited with starting the solunar thing [(I've bought the booklet his family still publishes)at least I think they still do] but market hunters and fishermen had long known that the juxtaposition of sun and moon affects game and fish. I've seen it work perfectly on cue and not work at all. There are quite a few factors involved in why and when fish bite, and the solunar table is just one of them. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solunar_theory