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  1. Got my 2nd shot of Astra Zeneca this morning. The wait time at the drive through was only 1 hour halfway through physio so they let me go early. I had been considering getting Phizer for my 2nd shot, but the window for getting an early appointment for that passed a few days ago so I opted for expediency. Soon after entering the fair grounds I checked the website and wait time was 1/2 hr, and they were spot on.
  2. Nice walleye! Some of the others in your other post don't have the white tip on the tail. Are they Zander or cross'bred with Zander? In eastern Canada they have a Sauger-Walleye cross (Saug-eye) that looks similar.
  3. That's a pretty fish. It's nice to get one when you've suffered a bit for it.
  4. I got hit by a rental car; it Hertz.
  5. I've played and landed housecats on a Mr Twister rubber worm and 6 lb test Trilene, and it's great sport.
  6. Some of us have the 6 pack, and some of us have the keg. 😳
  7. I know a woman who was absolutely incredulous when I wouldn't go over to her house on a day off. She said "Do you mean to tell me you'd rather go carp fishing than spend time with me? Carp fishing in the rain?!"
  8. I was retrieving ducks in a flooded gravel pit one evening, found a sudden drop and filled my chestwaders. I was able to regain footing and get a bit of the way back but couldn't go up the grade to shore. Shouted to my hunting partner who took about 10 minutes to find a fallen tree long enough to reach me so I could grab it and walk out. Drove back in the Gipsy 40 miles in the dark naked wrapped in a blanket. A life preserver and rope would have been handy.
  9. After my dad had the mitral valve from a pig transplanted to his heart, and shortly after got a pacemaker, he used to remark that they'd done a valve job and installed an electronic ignition.
  10. Thanks everyone, I'm in. My friend and carping buddy Rob came and got me and took me home. He did everything, spent time after work for days moving all my clutter so I can navigate with the walker, picked up all the mobility aids, handicapped parking permit,brought me food once when the hospital food was incredibly vile, and done tons of other stuff, too much to list, then spent all afternoon today shifting things around so they're in the right place, and we had a few beer too, in celebration. There's groceries tomorrow, and probably more. I've had big tendon tears before but this is worst
  11. I'm happy because I'm being discharged from hospital today. I tore off the entire quadriceps tendon in my right knee at work last Friday morning so today is 1 week since surgery, and I've been riding the hydromorphone train ever since. As in the last line from the Little Golden Book, The Bears' Picnic; "Travelling is fun, but it's always nice to be home again."
  12. I was kicked out of the United Church of Canada for awhile for hammering the smart mouth kid in front of me in the back of the head with my Bible in confirmation class when I was 14. I hit him so hard he got a nosebleed, and the elder who was standing in front of us teaching the class was his father. Red card. They made me go back and finish about 2 weeks later.
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