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  1. Due to unseasonally warm weather, it will be awhile until we start fishing this winter (it takes 10" of ice before we can drive on the lake). I usually take a thermos of coffee and sometimes a small flask of whiskey.
  2. I only gave it a half-hearted try, so no need to respond. 😀
  3. That anglers' intuition is something those who don't fish, don't know about. How many of us have had a feeling something is up and got ready before getting any indication of a bite? Instinct can't be denied, good luck elmoputney.
  4. I quit drinking for good. I'm drinking for evil now.
  5. http://www.thehob.co.uk/northerner.asp
  6. I'm content to soak and cook my maize because I'll use it on the hair as well as for ground bait. However, a carp is not a pipe bomb. Huge schools of carp feed on grains, pulses, and legumes spilled into the water where they load freighters at ports on the Great Lakes. Guides on the St Lawrence knife open huge sacks of maize on the transoms of their boats and let it go straight into the river. These are the places tourists come to try and catch their 50. Maybe they wait until it softens up a bit before eating it, but if they can crush clams and zebra mussels, they can probably crush corn. Even if raw isn't a danger, I think the cooked bait is worth the effort for the attractant value of released scent/flavour.
  7. Good fishing and a good write-up as well! Looks like there are even some of the woolies in that pic over by the fence.
  8. Scott Osmond (Big Carphuna on the old CAG) was catching some remarkable carp in New England while freelining about 10 years ago. I wouldn't discount it.
  9. My condolences to yonny and emmcee, support to itsgrimupnorth.
  10. In the van somewhere is an 18L pail, heavy duty bin liners, a toilet seat, toilet paper, and a shovel, (just in case there's no place to put it).
  11. buzzbomb

    August catches

    Well done all the catchers!
  12. I've been using my poor old chair for 15 years now, but can't bring myself to throw it out. Considerable sentimental value.
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