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  1. There you go, tape your coins up inside the envelope so it doesn't jingle.
  2. I don't have a real fishing catapult but my old Wrist-Rocket can fire single boilies out to the weed line, and that's at least 90 yards, maybe 100. I've had it since the '70s and had to change the surgical tubing when it got brittle and broke. They're available almost everywhere for $10 or less. With a fishing 'pult you get a pouch that's made to hold bait so you can shoot corn short distances, but as mentioned a throwing stick works as well. I just checked the Big Carp Tackle catalogue and they have a pretty good selection of both. The throwing sticks look like something that might be fun to try and replicate in the shop; I've had some success launching corn out of a 4' length of pvc pipe to carpet the bed of a river.
  3. Good luck!
  4. That's too bad; I've had a few break on me but so far been lucky and had enough clearance to avoid damage.
  5. Welcome to the forum. I'm sorry I missed your post 7 years ago, but you've obviously figured things out! You never know, there may be someone in your neck of the woods that could use the help and will respond now. It's good of you to offer. (you have to imagine a thumbs-up emoticon, forum upgrade) Big Carphuna came from Lowell, that's who I think of when I think of big Mass. carp and it sounds like you have some real torpedoes as well.
  6. Welcome to the forum. Sonik have a pretty good reputation, so I think you'll be ok. I have a cheap 3lb 12' rod that's fibreglass, not a shred of graphite in it, and it's a barge pole, but my nice graphite 3 lb rods have lots of play in the tip, so it doesn't kill any of the fun and is a bit forgiving when they bolt at the capture. If you have to deal with tight spaces, overhanging bushes etc a 10' is good, and I found when catfishing from a boat 10' is about the longest I can manage.
  7. Fox hunters here generally use a flat-shooting high-powered rifle, camouflaged clothing or blinds, and usually use a call, either a recording or a wooden call that mimics the sound of a screaming rabblt. I had an Olt brand Speckled Goose call that would just wail if I blew into it backwards, and I called coyotes right up to the front of my trailer at the lake while I sat at the kitchen table.
  8. Work, on this, the holiest of working days, and my back and knee are killing me, so I have to take lots of breaks.
  9. What's that in human years? Happy Birthday CM.
  10. I liked Tapatalk after I got used to it. Accessing the site on mobile isn't quite as nice, and on mobile there's an extra button to push, menu - activity - all activity vs just opening it up and hitting timeline on Tapatalk. I didn't like Tapatalk at first, but that changed, and in a little time this format will get better, and we will learn to use it better. I probably won't be using my phone to check in as much, I just posted a picture of my December knife wound using my phone, and ran into a pop-up minefield, which is very rare on my phone, (extremely rare). I'm sure that will get fixed right away.
  11. Had to try the picture thing on mobile, it may not be better, but it's as good as on Tapatalk.
  12. You've been away? Tapatalk is no more with us.
  13. They have a presidential election in May, and if Trump makes Rouhani look bad, someone with a less charitable view of the west could replace him. Mostafa Mir-Salim is the one I have my eye on, former head of the national police, and hard-line conservative.
  14. Rugby Union begat Canadian football which begat American football. Edit: Looks a LOT like rugby at this point, unusual!