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  1. Welcome to the forum. I'd go back to what was working before. The wheel doesn't always need reinventing, and the best catchers aren't always doing what everyone else is.
  2. Any bait manufacturer had to take a hit over the past 18 months, as would their suppliers of ingredients. It was suggested up-thread that this could be seasonal, but if it's a significant price drop (and sustained) it might be a desperate move to keep their suppliers afloat. Without the companies producing the ingredients, there is no boilie business, so a strategic sacrifice. If dropping bait prices brings fishermen back to their product then it's a win.
  3. I hope you all make speedy and full recoveries!
  4. Yes those are lake trout. There are lots of big pike in La Ronge as well. The times I've fished there all I caught was pike. I texted him and asked what they were using but no answer yet. That downrigger outfit behind him looks like it's in use so I wouldn't be surprised if they're running their lures down deep some distance behind a cannon ball. Average depth of the lake is 48' according to Wiki. They could be using big jigs or flashers or spoons or crankbaits; I'll post when I find out. Edit; they were using 8 lb cannon balls to sink their line down between 50' and 100', depending on where they were catching, and using big spoons.
  5. And I'm just a bit jealous, but all glad for him. He and a friend went up to Lac La Ronge for a few full days and apparently caught like bandits. I know they did on the first day anyway, but don't have the full report. I would love to catch a lake trout like these. He said he didn't have a picture of the big one.
  6. Mug fish was in use 20 and more years ago, not where I am though. Unless one has noticeable damage or peculiar markings you'd never know. You could easily fish a lifetime and not see the same fish twice.
  7. I was going to say "Spod the granny out of it", but some times that's what's needed.
  8. Touch more belly on that one; nice dark fish.
  9. Got my 2nd shot of Astra Zeneca this morning. The wait time at the drive through was only 1 hour halfway through physio so they let me go early. I had been considering getting Phizer for my 2nd shot, but the window for getting an early appointment for that passed a few days ago so I opted for expediency. Soon after entering the fair grounds I checked the website and wait time was 1/2 hr, and they were spot on.
  10. That's a pretty fish. It's nice to get one when you've suffered a bit for it.
  11. I got hit by a rental car; it Hertz.
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