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  1. Yesterday's news contained an item that could mean trouble for our fish in this major river system . It didn't specify which part of the river a local photographer found them in, but I take it to mean they're coming. Maybe not this year, or next year, but eventually. Edit: After finding the story online, I see she was near Indian Head. By highway maybe 45 miles from me, but as the river flows it could be 70. We shouldn't be surprised; every creature from fish to the larger mammals will go where they are able, and their ranges change. https://regina.ctvnews.ca/mobile/video?clipId=1911960
  2. Atmospheric pressure plays a part, but only a part is what fishing will be like. There are so many factors in play from temp to feed to disturbances both natural and un-natural as well as the solunar tables, not to mention what the angler is doing, that it's just another thing to consider, or not. I've seen days when every single thing was indicating no fish, but the baitfish they love to eat were shoaling up against a point and they did everything but crawl onto the beach to get at them. Likewise there will be perfect days when you know they're there and you should be catching like they're for free, and you do everything right and still can't buy a bite.
  3. Welcome to the forum. You'll find your catfishing skills will see you in good stead, probably downsizing line and hooks a little and learning to tie hair rigs with a knotless knot and mounting your bait on the hair (not an absolute necessity but it helps) and you'll be good to go. There are home made ways to rig tools for everything in carp fishing; bending the right sort of wire to make baiting needles, all sorts of things for bite alarms, etc. We always push for anglers to use a carp safe net (either a real carp net or one of the big rubber ones won't peel scales off) and a padded unhooking mat of some sort. The more you catch the more you'll get into it, and the more you get into it the more kit you'll want. If you can't find something using the search function here just ask and someone will try to help.
  4. buzzbomb

    January catch reports

    And a good time was had by all; well done the catchers!
  5. The Ultimate 2.25 lb rods I got about 15 years ago were part of a cheap kit and probably not intended to work too hard (the reels didn't last). All fiberglass (not a shred of graphite) and because of our 1 rod rule I used the same rod most of the time. I wouldn't be surprised if it tested at 1.75 lb or less now, but for the close river swims where I never have to cast more than 10 to 25 yds I still like to use it. I suspect graphite rods aren't going to soften up to the same degree.
  6. They should; carp have receptors that allow them to sense any potential food source. When I first tried fishing with home-made boilies our wild carp were hitting them right away, and those were very crude boilies. Throw a few handfuls of boiled field corn out around where you'll put your hook bait to help draw them in. Welcome to the forum.
  7. Spam bot gearing up maybe. If not for them I would never have met Irina or gotten such a deal on this fabulous display kitchen.
  8. Yes; I couldn't find one in realtree. [Thank you, thank you, I'm here all week]
  9. Due to unseasonally warm weather, it will be awhile until we start fishing this winter (it takes 10" of ice before we can drive on the lake). I usually take a thermos of coffee and sometimes a small flask of whiskey.
  10. I only gave it a half-hearted try, so no need to respond. 😀
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