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  1. Nice fish!
  2. Perhaps there is a trade-off between toxicity and nutrition, and they'll be able to eat a bit of something nasty if necessary to gain what benefit it offers. Deer can browse on a wide variety of plants, some of which are poisonous, but they know not to over-indulge so they'll eat a bit of leafy spurge, (for instance), if better browse isn't available without any ill effects. Still doesn't offer any reason to use tobacco, unless maybe it was the last bait on earth? I've seen a picture of a pike caught on a cigar butt, (also on a falsie from a brassiere) but they'll hit anything if they're angry. CM, do you mean TSP, what you use to wash walls prior to painting?
  3. Welcome to the forum.
  4. If they were reserved for the upper classes numbers would be kept down, and I suppose our notion of monks being charitable and feeding the poor may not apply to the bond between a monk and his fresh fish in the Dark Ages . It's a big thing to forget for a thousand years, but we take information for granted now.. The story of monks either selectively breeding scale-less carp or importing those bred with few or no scales to make them easier to clean is the one I've heard. These fellows seem to have narrowed it down a bit, and even have unearthed a 15th century photograph as proof.
  5. Not true that it contains fish (though the exact ingredients are supposedly secret), true that some spray it on lures. I don't do it, in the belief that fish don't like petroleum but I suppose those that do, do it in the belief that it's masking properties are beneficial. When I smoked I still caught fish, even ice fishing when I didn't rinse my hands. I would rather add essence of nightcrawler or crayfish to a lure, if anything, or one of the commercial glugs if carping. I wouldn't add tobacco.
  6. The Compleat Angler was published in 1653, so if we allow 100 years and a bit as per Mr Walton's writing, the mid 1500's would be the period of introduction. You may remember that I told you, Gesner says, there are no Pikes of Spain; and doubtless, there was a time, about a hundred or a few more years ago, when there were no Carps in England, as may seem to be affirmed by S. Richard Baker, in whose Chronicle you may find these Verses. Hops and Turkies, Carps and Beer Came into England all in a year Doubtless there are other records but this is the only one I know of.
  7. These guys are playing our bar on Wednesday - I won't go but it looks like fun. I have to be prepared in case it's a bear to clean up the next day.
  8. Welcome to the forum.
  9. I'm so pure my snow hasn't even been driven. Welcome to the forum.
  10. Wow, that is a beauty!
  11. Well done!
  12. Stay active and you get statistics, they aren't all good. We don't have any perfect people but we love 'em all.
  13. Big fat nightcrawler is what any fish are usually easiest to catch on in Canada and they cost a small fortune. Your best earthworm from the garden, (pictured below the nightcrawler in the hand), is the 2nd best.
  14. Welcome to the forum, full marks for determination!
  15. Thunderbirds Are Go!