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  1. Delkim TXI Plus

    I wonder if they command a better price in the UK or North America, I have a couple of big zip-locks full.
  2. Thought for the day.

    Anyone who thinks onions are the only vegetables that make you cry has never been hit in the face with a turnip.
  3. Salt water carp

    There was a man, @Chesapeakebaycarper on the old Carp Anglers Group that caught them as they were retreating from the tides into the estuaries, in jolly olde New England. I think all that forum history has been rubbed out now. As I remember he used to get some good ones.
  4. What are you listening to?

    I was watching this and thought of Newmarket, has he been around?
  5. Secret Sneaky Guesting Venues and Clubs Criticism

    I think giving CM a phoney ban while he was asleep would have been hilarious.
  6. Secret Sneaky Guesting Venues and Clubs Criticism

    Oh come on, just pin it. I just read the last couple of pages and nearly spit my coffee. Or stash it in offline posts and I can still go back and read it again and again.
  7. How much to chum?

    I think it can be different for different rivers depending on size, current, structure, how many fish, etc. I use one of the big blue enamel canners and fill just under half full with corn, then add water and additives to about 1" below the top, soak 24 hours or at least overnight then bring to a good boil, turn down to medium and let it bubble for 1 hour. (At that point you should be just able to break it with your fingers, so it will string up on a hair rig easily or fit onto a hook.) That's going to make about 3/4 of an 18L pail. If you're fishing close enough to the bank you can throw some out with a scoop or several other methods including a piece of 1.5" abs pipe with a plug in it if you have any laying around, or you can buy or make a spod to throw it out. The slingshot works, but won't get a lot out. It's good for putting boilies out, and pretty accurate too. Sometimes I'll put some in when I arrive and put the rest in a few spots when I leave, to prepare it for the next time, and sometimes I'll make a pail last 2 or 3 trips. Judging from the success you've had so far I don't think you have to put much in. I'd try to guess how far upstream to throw the bait so it hits the bottom around your hookbait and spreads down from there.
  8. How much to chum?

    He'll be fine. When you start looking stuff up on the internet the results can be literally all over the map. With pack and a pick-up the only thing that allows the hook to be drawn in is a bead; pack and a puff uses a piece of breakfast cereal to provide the buoyancy. It's an odd system, but it works down south. I don't know if Kwoui is using the knotless knot or using anything for hookbait, but he's onto fish in a spot where nobody else is after them and should do well.
  9. How much to chum?

    And they still didn't get it right, your pack-bait isn't groundbait; they don't use pack in England (pack and a puff is a US paylaker system) so it's confusing. When you soak and cook your corn and toss that out, you'll be putting in groundbait, (pre-baiting or campaigning are good words here). If you're fishing in the St Lawrence or one of the tributaries and already getting into fish you could be making everyone here jealous in short order. Find some kind of padded unhooking mat with a smooth surface and a big net so they don't take any damage while visiting land, and make sure you're tackled up with a safe rig that won't leave a fish trailing anything but the rig itself if the line breaks (a running rig or sliding sinker is what I use). Keep us posted.
  10. How much to chum?

    Kwoui, where in Canada are you?
  11. I think you can just mix your pack so it doesn't break down as fast, and maybe try one of the method cages with little holes in it so you don't lose it all right away. https://www.bigcarptackle.com/tackle/leads/method-feeders?SID=qro05ivjqfvr5g602td0aqbse3 If you have a pill bottle and a drill you could make one pretty easily. My thinking on current is that having a cone of bait and scent dispersing down-river from your pack or feeder is a good thing because there may be cautious fish picking up loose particles drifting down, and then working their way upstream to your hookbait.
  12. Help for my young carper son, Matthew

    It's historic because it is the only thread I have ever pinned.
  13. View from your bivvy door.

    Dayvid and nigelwoodock; Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight, I wish I may, I wish I might, oh hell it's just a satellite.
  14. Glug.

    Heard of a dyslexic Yorkshireman wore a cat-flap. I like the old Last of the Summer Wine.
  15. Thought for the day.

    I got electric clippers dirt cheap and get the financial officer/front desk guy at work to cut my hair every few months. I just keep them in my locker and don't look homeless like I used to.