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  1. buzzbomb

    A Bit Of Interactive Bank Chat

    I had an offer to go paint stripes on the humbugs at the candy shop, but at my age can't see giving up my career as a whisky taster.
  2. buzzbomb

    thought of the day ?

    Sure enough, the link to the terms is a dead end, but the gist of the rules is there in the post.
  3. buzzbomb

    A Bit Of Interactive Bank Chat

    Thanks, I'm really enjoying it. I only got a few runs out of my batteries so have to take care of that later.
  4. buzzbomb

    A Bit Of Interactive Bank Chat

    We're out at the river and each caught a few in the 12 - 14 lb range and Rob just got this 25-8. We're netting for each other so glory all around.
  5. buzzbomb

    May catch reports................

  6. buzzbomb

    May catch reports................

    Again, well done the catchers, some lovely fish there!
  7. One of the best and most productive carpers on the old Carp Angler's Group (Big Carphuna) was from Lowell, Mass. I have no idea if he's still around or not though.
  8. I buy some tackle from the UK and have it sent to Canada, and that can be tough for larger items. I had a pair of reels sent by Royal Mail and with the boxes and schematics they were over the limit for cheaper postage (a big difference), so I had a choice of getting that paper and cardboard or the spare spools. I opted for the spools, of course. I bought a nice new Nash scale off tackle trader from a pub owner who had taken it against a bar bill..... edit: I just remembered, I had them mail it to Tommy Boy in Prenton and hoped and prayed he wouldn't sell and drink it before their holiday over here.
  9. buzzbomb

    Pc woes... Creators Fall update

    In a few days the new Ubuntu OS for Linux should be coming out, so here's your chance to get a system that's user-friendly, not to mention free. You could call whoever's upgrading your computer and ask if they can in throw it in, or if you can find someone with the install disc do it yourself when it comes back. If the new system isn't released on time he may have the current 64 bit install disc, (which is what I have on all of mine).
  10. buzzbomb

    April catch reports.............

    Well done the catchers!
  11. buzzbomb

    Help with chum

    Welcome to the forum. R6 (Geoff) from the Spokane area used to go fish the Snake in Idaho with a friend, and I think they did ok. Let us know how it goes out there.
  12. buzzbomb

    Considering New Rods

    It was a cheap shot, he started out casting leads and driving around from lake to lake selling them (as I understand) and coinciding with a boom in UK carping made a business out of it.
  13. buzzbomb

    Considering New Rods

    TnCarper don't spread it around, but to get an extra 20' - 25' just get a bottle of White-Out correction fluid and a very fine brush and paint a tiny DF on your rod down where the test curve is.
  14. buzzbomb

    Considering New Rods

    What B.C. said. I found that every time I tweaked my gear, (filling the spool almost to the rim, wetting the spool of line before casting, switching from #15 to #12) I gained a little distance and using a 3oz lead could usually hit my spot at around 100 yds. Buying a 3 lb rod or 2 didn't really buy me any more distance (neither did a 13' rod), but my casting with bags or stringers is so pitiful I wanted to try them anyway.