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  1. I've been wondering where you'd gone, welcome back. Still have chickens?
  2. Affordable housing, job creation, mental health supports, addiction treatment all work to reduce crime, and those things are enabled by all levels of government. Who you vote in as mayor or city counselor counts just like Crown ministers or party leaders. Having a say in who represents you is the beautiful thing about democracy (just like carp.com 😉). A quick scan of the world news drives the point home.
  3. Thanks for the reminder, I have to go plug in my block heater for a few hours if I want to go anywhere today; it's -35 this morning. Naturally, if you need a new battery every place is closed for New Year's.... Happy New Year everyone!
  4. That will probably prove to be a total construct of the press over the past 3 years, never supported by any proof. The second biggest royal scandal imo is untrained corgis soiling palaces and staff having to clean it up; could hardly believe that one.
  5. Nothing to gain, and the witnesses that would be relevant for the only possible charge would be hard to find.
  6. I've bought used rods from expats in the US and Canada (usually a pair for the price of 1 bargain rod), bought US market Shimano rods (didn't need the 13 footer), a cheap mail order 3 rod set of Ultimates (never heard the word graphite) and a few others. We have a 1 rod rule here but I like having lots. 😃 Some of the used ones are pretty soft, some aren't, but there is only one of the cheapies I don't like. Even one of the two 2.25lb fiberglass Ultimates I still have which is very well worn after 20 years is still fun to use in the close quarters river swims, as is an old worn out Spirit I bought from an expat in Chicago (broke a guide insert in the other one). The reels that came in that Ultimate kit were burned out catching big fish (as was the Mitchell with the alarm built into the spool; yay warranty!) so I'm not as compromising about reels.
  7. I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and not paying too dearly for eating and drinking too much. I don't think I'm done eating and drinking just yet.
  8. I bought a horking big Boker Plus V-42 knife (was just delivered yesterday), but it's applications for fishing may be limited. My Christmas present to myself. I was thinking of getting a Fairbairn-Sykes for some time, then the day after Remembrance Day decided on this reproduction of an American adaptation of the F-S. I might take it fishing, you never know.
  9. I saw this on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/premiuminternet/comments/q36bwy/the_way_this_guy_casts_his_line/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3
  10. buzzbomb

    Dogs and fishing

    My condolences emmcee; it is incredibly hard but it was the last favour you could do for her.
  11. Not my pb, but a real good looking fish from long ago. I wheeled him in 100 yds, and he took 1 look at me and went straight back out about 90, so I got to do it all over again. I suppose this one was memorable too, because it was just nasty out, cold and windy and we only got 1 bite, but I got the fish.
  12. I like the way this group treats one of my old Canned Heat favourites.
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