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  1. If it's allowed I wouldn't worry about it. Have fun and good luck!
  2. Who was it had his pic posted in a speedo a long long time ago? Lines must be drawn and standards must be met. Coops?
  3. I think a 6lb carp can swallow a boilie the size of a golf ball.
  4. Rockin' Ronnie Hawkins has kicked the bucket at 87.
  5. I caught one like that once while drifting for walleye. It was a colossal pain; unable to remove the hooks while the carp of about 13 - 15lbs was alongside, then thrashed around in the net on the bottom of the boat when landed, getting those trebles extremely tangled in the mesh. A lot of people in North America don't realise carp target the same baitfish and crayfish our more popular species do.
  6. When I was training hunting retrievers I heard and read a lot of advice from people who cared more about getting the Ch for Champion designation in their dogs' pedigrees than they did about their dogs. The breeder I worked for kept his dogs in kennels, but when you have 6 or 8 large hunting dogs they aren't usually house pets. When we sold one that was going to be a family pet as well as a working dog, or if we had one that wasn't going to make a retriever (for whatever reason) and they were given away as a companion dog, we always felt good about that.
  7. I've forgotten a few things that shut down the session. Once during a bad West Nile Virus season just as I got to the swim I realised I'd forgot my insect repellent and drove straight back.
  8. I have some good rods, but the clapped-out low test fiberglass rods I bought 20 years ago stay in the arsenal likewise the Ultimate (same brand) alarms. I'll use a Delkim if I'm on the main lake and it's windy so I can squelch wave noise, but I really like those cheap Ultimates, and those soft 1.75 rods (or whatever they are) are perfect for close work on the river.
  9. The BB tag on the forum board is odd. The post by Sue Sutcliff is in the format I see blog posts in. That's sort of a parallel forum that pops up containing discussions and ads that often seem disconnected from fishing. I don't remember any gallery pics coming from that quarter before. I usually glance at the blog posts then ignore them. Maybe Nick will have some idea why your initials appear on her post.
  10. I've put all those things (barring aloe, yeast, peanut oil, coconut milk and peanut butter) in groundbait, but I have used peanut butter and coconut milk and curry powder in boilies. Ground star anise or 5 Spice Powder is good too. One thing I don't see mentioned is chilies, and I like a hot element so Sriracha sauce or chili-garlic sauce (sambal oelek) would be easy to incorporate. I have sesame oil and on the strength of Nick recommending peanut oil wouldn't hesitate to try it in a dip or glug. As far as I'm concerned the sky's the limit; go through the fridge and try to find something a carp won't eat, and good luck. People have aloe vera growing like trees in pots in their houses so I'd just strip it out of a fresh plant and blend it in. The mad scientist angle is one of the things I like about it. I read that carp follow ducks and geese waiting for them to poop, so I went to the park and collected goose poop (the old couple out for their early morning walk were horrified) and made boilies with it. Oh it was terrible, labeled the jar with a skull. A week or so later I was fishing on the river and they weren't biting, but I noticed some geese swimming by. Took out those boilies and caught immediately then caught like a bandit all night, but I swear I'll never do that again. For what it's worth Saskcarp was a few miles away at the dam and he caught just as well on different bait, so it may have just been the time. My cooking groundbait mantra is something salty (the fish sauce carries enough for me), something sweet (molasses), something hot (anything from hot sauce to chili powder, don't care), and something fruity like drink crystals or outdated soft drinks I got from the bar, juice or even old Red Bull. We've soaked corn for hookbaits in oconut extract or liqorice extract and dyed it red, rubbed 5 Spice Powder on boilies, and corn, pieces of pool noodle and foam ear plugs.
  11. Well done the catchers, and, er, grandparents!
  12. I've been wondering where you'd gone, welcome back. Still have chickens?
  13. Affordable housing, job creation, mental health supports, addiction treatment all work to reduce crime, and those things are enabled by all levels of government. Who you vote in as mayor or city counselor counts just like Crown ministers or party leaders. Having a say in who represents you is the beautiful thing about democracy (just like carp.com 😉). A quick scan of the world news drives the point home.
  14. Thanks for the reminder, I have to go plug in my block heater for a few hours if I want to go anywhere today; it's -35 this morning. Naturally, if you need a new battery every place is closed for New Year's.... Happy New Year everyone!
  15. That will probably prove to be a total construct of the press over the past 3 years, never supported by any proof. The second biggest royal scandal imo is untrained corgis soiling palaces and staff having to clean it up; could hardly believe that one.
  16. Nothing to gain, and the witnesses that would be relevant for the only possible charge would be hard to find.
  17. I've bought used rods from expats in the US and Canada (usually a pair for the price of 1 bargain rod), bought US market Shimano rods (didn't need the 13 footer), a cheap mail order 3 rod set of Ultimates (never heard the word graphite) and a few others. We have a 1 rod rule here but I like having lots. 😃 Some of the used ones are pretty soft, some aren't, but there is only one of the cheapies I don't like. Even one of the two 2.25lb fiberglass Ultimates I still have which is very well worn after 20 years is still fun to use in the close quarters river swims, as is an old worn out Spirit I bought from an expat in Chicago (broke a guide insert in the other one). The reels that came in that Ultimate kit were burned out catching big fish (as was the Mitchell with the alarm built into the spool; yay warranty!) so I'm not as compromising about reels.
  18. I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and not paying too dearly for eating and drinking too much. I don't think I'm done eating and drinking just yet.
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